Chapter 4 - Lunar Awakening

The clear and cold voice, the cold and detached expression, was no longer the weak and cowardly one. When Yue Feng Qing said those words, his aura was extremely strong.

Ling Yu, who was at the side, was completely stunned by her actions. Her small mouth opened slightly as she stared at her in disbelief, completely not expecting that the trash who she could bully the most in the past would suddenly become so strong and fierce, as if he was a completely different person.

Even Ling Wei, who had always been a scheming individual, could not help but be stunned for a moment.

But she reacted very quickly, smiling as she took a step forward, and gently said to her: "Cousin princess, you truly wronged us sisters. In Ling Family, you are heavily favored by grandfather, how could we sisters dare to bully you? As for the matter of you going to the Misty Forest, according to what his third sister said, you were the one who secretly followed them, what does that have to do with us? And now you say that we are deliberately provoking you, that is a huge accusation! "" You ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? you ? "

After Ling Wei said this, Ling Yu also reacted, her small face raised up, and she immediately shouted: "That's right! Even if you go to Grandpa, this matter has nothing to do with us, so don't you dare use this opportunity to wrongly accuse us! "

Wrong on them?

Heh, this Ling Wei sure isn't easy to deal with.

With just a few words, the situation was immediately reversed.

However, she was not as weak as the original owner.

The light in his eyes suddenly turned cold. Yue Feng Qing reprimanded him coldly, "Is that so? Did I wrongly accuse you? "

As she spoke, her gaze swept across Ling Yu's face like a sharp blade and coldly snorted, "Even if I had voluntarily followed along, I would have been missing for an entire three days and three nights. You people who clearly knew that I had disappeared from the Misty Forest, but when you returned, you did not tell the Grandpa where I disappeared from. "

If I were to tell the Grandpa that I was following you all because I heard from your mouths that a trusted aide of the Imperial Consort Hua died beside him, and that this trusted aide might hold onto the secrets of the Imperial Consort Hua, that's why I followed him. However, after I followed him, I did not discover any trusted aides, and was instead trapped inside with no way out.

As she spoke, her eyes became colder and colder.

Beneath the stairs, Ling Yu was completely helpless. Her previous overbearing aura had instantly collapsed, she bit her lower lip and looked towards Ling Wei, begging for help.

On the other hand, Ling Wei, after hearing her logical analysis, frowned, suddenly raised her gaze, and muttered to her: "Who exactly are you?" The woman in front of him, was definitely not Yue Feng Qing!

Ignoring the doubt in Ling Wei's eyes, Yue Feng Qing sneered and snorted: "I'm Yue Feng Qing, your cousin, the Seventh Princess of the Dragon Nation, I'm as good as dead!"

It was unknown if it was because of her calmness that made him lose all confidence, but Ling Wei frowned, looking at her with a serious expression for a moment, before immediately biting his lips and denying: "No, impossible! The real Yue Feng Qing, doesn't have a brain that can deduce cases like this, say, who exactly are you, pretending to be Yue Feng Qing and sneaking into my Ling Family, what do you want? "

Since Yue Feng Qing was too lazy to bother with them, he indifferently glanced at them: "I've already made my decision. If you dare to harm me again, next time, I won't be merciful!"

After saying that, he no longer paid any attention to the shocked and incredulous Ling Yu and Ling Wei behind him. Yue Feng Qing lifted his leg and went back into his room, casually closing the door, and separating the two of them outside.

After returning to her room, she washed up. Then, tired from both body and mind, she immediately ran to her bed and wrapped herself in a blanket to rest.

However, just as he fell asleep, he was awoken by a person's low laughter.

If this voice was used to be heard in the past, she would definitely find it pleasant to listen to. But now, when she was tired, it became extremely annoying!

Therefore, she suddenly sat up, angrily roaring at the source of the voice. "What are you laughing for!? It's so noisy! "

Suddenly, the laughter stopped for a second. Then, an even louder and more intense laughter filled her ears.

Damn it, this person was so detestable that it made one's blood boil!

Gritting her teeth, she raised her head. She wanted to see which bastard was challenging her patience!

His cold eyes swept over them.

However ? The handsome face in front of him was growing larger rapidly ? What was going on?

"Interesting! I never thought that the candidate I would be looking for this time would be so interesting.

As his handsome face slowly withdrew, he laughed to the point where his peach blossom eyes trembled.

Only after the handsome face had moved to a normal distance did Yue Feng Qing realize that the environment she was currently in, was not the original owner's room.

Frowning, she immediately realized what the owner of the handsome face had just said.


I don't understand!

Seemingly seeing the confusion in her eyes, that handsome face smiled frivolously as he sat down beside her without any hesitation and said softly: "My name is Ni, the moon ring's artifact spirit. Since the spiritual energy in your body has reached the standard to open the moon ring, you have the right to be one of its potential owners.

Moon ring?

A relic left behind by the original owner's mother?

However, what the hell was a candidate?

The original owner's memories didn't have any detailed information about the Moon Ring, so she could only shrug her shoulders and spread out her hands, "I don't understand at all!"

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