Chapter 8 - Genius of the Year

"Spiritual energy." Seeing that she was really only asking about cultivation, Ling Yue became serious only when he saw her, "The key to determining a person's Inherent Skill is not only how strong they are when sensing their stellar force, but also their mental strength. A person's mental strength will determine their future achievements."

When it came to information on cultivation, the normally taciturn Ling Yue immediately became lively, and from him, Yue Feng Qing gained a more detailed understanding on the hierarchy of Wudang Continent.

In the Wudang Continent, there are a total of seven ranks: Yellow Ranked, Profound Ranked, Earth Scale, Sky-rank, Star Spirit, Star King, and Star Emperor.

And each great stage was further divided into nine levels, for example, a first level yellow rank Star arcanists.

In the Wudang Continent, there was only one Star Emperor that was said to be a rarely seen expert. It was said that there was only one in the entire continent and that after that Star Emperor broke through, he mysteriously disappeared from the Misty Forest and was never heard of again.

Since then, no one has been able to break through to the Star King Realm. It could be seen that the cultivation in Star arcanists was extremely difficult and slow.

And during cultivation, the stellar force that every person could sense were divided into five different types. The most common were the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

In addition, there were also some of the more special attributes, such as wind, thunder, and ice.

The mutated attributes were clearly much stronger than the normal attributes. However, the mutated attributes could not be compared to the other five attributes in terms of strength or suppression.

As for the normal five elements, they could be used to increase or suppress each other.

For example, if a fire attribute Star arcanists was at the same level as a water attribute Star arcanists, then they would be completely suppressed by a water attribute Star arcanists. On the other hand, if a fire attribute Star arcanists were to meet a metal attribute Star arcanists, then they would firmly suppress a metal attribute Star arcanists.

Other than that, if the wood element and the fire element were combined, the wood element Star arcanists would gain a boost to the fire element Star arcanists and increase the battle power of the fire attribute Star arcanists.

And all of this was based on the principle of how the five elements worked against each other.

Gold gave birth to water, water gave birth to wood, wood gave birth to fire, fire gave birth to earth, and earth gave birth to gold.

Gold to wood, wood to earth, earth to water, water to fire, fire to metal.

After learning more about cultivation from Ling Yue, Yue Feng Qing became even more confused.

The stellar force that she sensed, according to the words, seemed to be called the yin power, but she didn't hear any description of it from Ling Yue's mouth. What was going on?

Carrying these questions, she once again asked Ling Yue: "Other than the five elements and variant attributes, are there any other Star Force Attributes?"

"Other attributes?" Ling Yue frowned suspiciously, after looking at her for a while, her eyes suddenly lit up, and unexpectedly gave her a smile, "Oh, I almost forgot, there are other attributes, but those are just rumors."

"Oh? What kind of rumors are they talking about? "

Upon hearing that there were other attributes, Yue Feng Qing immediately became spirited and asked.

"It is said that in the legends, other than these attributes, there are also three types of primary star representative stellar force s, what represents the sun and the moon is the yin power, and what represents the magic star is the Dark. The powers of these three primary stars are extremely powerful and mysterious, and it is said that when the main star's stellar force appeared on any continent, the entire continent would be turned upside down. Of course, this is only a legend, for hundreds of thousands of years, there has never been a primary star's power appearing in Wudang Continent!"

When Ling Yue said till here, she could not help but look forward to it.

And at this time, Yue Feng Qing was completely stunned.

No matter what, she would never have thought that the original owner, who was a trash body that could not even detect stellar force s, would actually be able to sense one of the main stars, the yin power, after her soul had entered this body!

This group of people from the Ling Family, including the emperor of the Tung Xiang, would never have imagined that the person who was treated as trash, would actually be a peerless genius that was hard to come by in a thousand years!

In his chest, a wave of ecstasy erupted.

However, before she could even express her joy, a warning came from the opposite direction in her mind: "Girl, don't be too proud too early. The fact that you have the power of the main star must not be leaked out, otherwise, with your current ability and situation, it will only make your death faster!"

The fact that the one who had always been frivolous suddenly warned her in such a serious manner was enough to prove that he was very serious when he said these words.

However, even if he didn't remind her, she wouldn't reveal the fact that she had the power of the primary star in her body too early.

After all, she was not even a Star arcanists yet, and in the entire Ling Family, or even the entire Tung Xiang, there were quite a few people who wanted her dead!

Once those people found out that she had the power of the main star in her body, they would probably kill her quickly!

Continuously calming his elated state of mind, Yue Feng Qing let out a long exhale, then asked Ling Yue a few questions about condensing star cycle, and then left in a hurry.

After returning to her room, she began to follow the method Ling Yue told her to attempt to form the star cycle.

However, she had only made it through the first round and she had easily condensed the star cycle. It was not like what Ling Yue had said, how difficult it was, which made her speechless.

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