Chapter 9 - Collaboration with the Imperial Consort Hua

"Ha!" Your talent for cultivation is countless steps higher than that foolish brat's. Therefore, condensing a star cycle does not give you any pressure. "

The reverse voice answered her doubts in her mind.

But Yue Feng Qing just rolled his eyes in annoyance and snorted, "Really? Since you understand so much, why don't you just teach me how to refine star cycle? "

"It's not that I don't want to teach you, but your current physical condition isn't suitable for cultivation."

At the same time, a white light flashed in front of her eyes, and in the next second, her spiritual force was brought to the inner space of the Moon Ring.

He raised his eyebrows at her, "If you don't remove the poison from your body, you will start to cultivate. In the future, this poison will become more and more difficult to cure, and the higher your cultivation realm is, the more difficult it is to cure the poison. It might even endanger your life!"

"From what you're saying, you seem to know what poison it is?"

Suspicion flashed past Yue Feng Qing's eyes as he looked in the direction of the enemies.

As expected, after he heard what she said, he immediately chuckled and said happily, "Not only is your talent high, but your brain is also very useful."

"That's right. I know what poison it is, but I don't know the exact method to cure it. I only vaguely remember that the main ingredient for it is called ?" "purple boll fruit, however, this thing is not easy to find. I used my Spirit Power to search the surrounding 100 miles, and in the end, I only found one in the Chi Yu Mountain behind the city."

Hearing Ni's words, Yue Feng Qing's eyes suddenly lit up.

She just happened to understand the characteristics of the poison in her body, so she listed out the herbs needed to temporarily suppress it for the guards to look for. With this main ingredient in hand, she could concoct it for herself.

Surprise flashed across her eyes, and she immediately rushed forward, "Are you sure there are purple boll fruit on Chi Yu Mountain? "Then what does it look like?"

"I'll send you the image." With a smile that wasn't a smile, she lightly tapped her forehead with her slender finger.

In the next second, the image of the purple boll fruit appeared in her mind along with some of its characteristics.

The purple boll fruit's nature was Yang, and it contained a large amount of burning qi, if picked in the day, it would be easily eaten by the burning qi, and in the end, it could even be poisoned.

In order to pick it, it was best to wear ice-silk gloves, which would only work at midnight when the yin energy was at its richest.

As for the method of picking it, it was quite special as well. One needed to prepare a cold jade bottle beforehand. Once it was removed, one must prick its skin with a silver needle and place the juice inside the cold jade bottle to preserve.

After carefully memorizing the points that he had to pay attention to when harvesting the purple boll fruit, Yue Feng Qing could not wait and went to Grandpa to ask for the Ice Silk Gloves and the cold jade bottles.

In the Wudang Continent, these two things were relatively common, and he believed that he would be able to find them in the treasury.

As she thought about it, she walked towards Ling Zhan's study.

In the end, not long after he left, he saw a wisp of emerald green clothes by the fake mountain not far away.

Logically speaking, all of the servants should be taking a nap at noon. Aside from the guards, no one should be here. Furthermore, they should be hiding behind a fake mountain!

Sneaking around was definitely not a good thing!

However, this had nothing to do with her.

Glancing at the green robes, Yue Feng Qing did not plan to meddle in this matter.

However, just as she was about to ignore this matter, Ling Wei's somewhat uneasy voice came from behind the fake mountain, "Imperial Concubine, she ? You don't blame me for being incompetent, do you? "

Imperial Concubine!


Damn it, could this Ling Wei be secretly connected to that Imperial Consort Hua?

Suspicious, Yue Feng Qing stopped his steps and continued forward, he secretly slowed down his breathing and leaned to listen to the conversation between Ling Wei and the mysterious man.

After Ling Wei asked a bit uneasily in a low voice, the person did not immediately answer her question. After being silent for a few seconds, she snorted coldly and said to her: "What do you think? If you can't even handle such a simple matter, what right do you have to compete with an equal wangfei? "

"No, I can!"

The moment he mentioned the words "Princess Pingping", Ling Wei suddenly became excited, and his voice unconsciously became louder.

"Oh? Now that that trash has returned to the Ling Family, he should already be wary of you. What other ways do you have to deal with him? " The mysterious person's tone seemed to be filled with ridicule, obviously, he was already starting to doubt Ling Wei's capabilities.

"There's no need for you to worry about that. Please report back to the imperial concubine, I will definitely help her deal with Yue Feng Qing, but I hope that the Empress will keep her promise and allow me, the Royal Concubine, to take care of Yue Feng Qing once things are done!"

"Alright, I will wait and see!"

At this point, the conversation between Ling Wei and the mysterious man had come to an end, and after the soft wind sound had passed, there were no longer any sounds coming from the fake mountain. Ling Wei seemed to be thinking about something, and did not come out from the fake mountain immediately.

Having clearly heard the conversation between the two, Yue Feng Qing's face was as calm as water. He shot a glance at Ling Wei who was behind the fake mountain, and the bottom of his eyes revealed a cold killing intent.

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