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C1 I Kiss Ⅰ

The gongs and drums roared and firecrackers roared together. The bustling streets of Qiuzhou were filled with a bustling crowd, opening up a wide path for the vast wedding procession.

A man that looked like a vat sat on a large horse. His chest was covered in red silk, and his face was flushed red.

"Have you heard? "This time, this new bride is a man, and she was even snatched by rich Meng!"

It was unknown who said that, but it caused a huge commotion in the crowd. From time to time, someone would point at the bridal sedan as if discussing why rich Meng wanted to steal a man to be his eighteenth concubine.

In the bridal sedan, a rather handsome man had his hands tied by a piece of red silk. He was even biting on a piece of red cloth. Even so, he was still unable to conceal the light emitted from his body.

If someone could see the man's face in the bridal sedan, they would definitely find it somewhat strange. Why was the face of the 'bride' who had been snatched away so calm?

Not far away, on top of the Qing Tong Mountain.

"Eldest Brother, I heard that today is the wedding day of Lord Meng!" A man with a small piece of ointment plastered on his face was respectfully speaking to the person sitting in the seat of honor.

When the drowsy person on the main seat heard this, he suddenly opened his eyes.

"What did you say?" Lord Meng is getting married again today? After robbing him so many times, he still dares to play this game. It seems like this old brat has been a bit dishonest recently! "

"Yeah, boss, I think so too!" Do you think we should … " As he spoke, the man squinted his eyes and smiled.

Although he was called 'Boss', the speaker was a woman. She immediately stood up and looked at the door not too far away. With a slight smile, she said in a somewhat pleased tone, "Scoundrel, tell us, raiders, I'm taking my brothers to the toothpick ceremony today!"

When he heard this, he immediately laughed and then ran out.

Before long, the courtyard was filled with people.

The woman slowly walked out, her hands on her waist as she looked at the people in front of her, nodding in satisfaction.

The toad walked over with a silver horse and stopped by the woman's side.

The woman patted the horse's mane. The horse rubbed against her hand like a spoiled child, causing the woman's smile to deepen.

She jumped onto her horse and said condescendingly to the people in the yard, "Brothers, let's go!"

If one were to talk about this Qingtong Mountain, it was originally an unknown barren mountain. It was unknown when this group of bandits had arrived, but they had taken over the mountain and even established a Qingfeng Stronghold. This was the reason why Qing Tong Mountain was famous from then on.

Originally, Qingfeng Stronghold was a bandit stronghold that specialized in robbing and robbing families.

However, a few years ago, after the old chief of the Qingfeng Stronghold passed away, not only did the Qingfeng Stronghold's members not disperse, they even embraced a little girl called Mu Yizi as the stronghold master.

Ever since this girl became the village chief, the members of Qingfeng Stronghold had actually started to 'abandon evil and take good'.

The residents of the vicinity of Qing Tong Mountain soon had a change in their attitude towards the Qingfeng Stronghold. They had even become one with them. If there was nothing else, they would just send them rice. It was an unprecedented harmony.

Returning to the main topic, Mu Yizi quickly brought the brothers from the Qingfeng Stronghold to rich Meng's mansion.

The time was neither too early nor too late. It just so happened that Meng Ziyun was holding the hand of the 'bride' to perform the ceremony.


The originally lively hall instantly quieted down as a result of his words.

Everyone looked towards the door in displeasure. They saw a little girl in men's clothing with a simple hairpin tied to her head. There was a simple red gemstone in the middle of her hair. She looked full of heroic spirit as she walked in.

The group of people couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air as they all regretted participating in rich Meng's wedding. They couldn't help but think to themselves: When did rich Meng's wedding day bring them here?

The crowd involuntarily took a step back, lowering their heads, afraid that they would meet eye to eye with that woman.

Lord Meng was stunned for a moment. Then, he forced an awkward smile on his face and cupped his hands in greeting.

"Oh, isn't this the Mu clan leader? Why would they suddenly visit? If I knew earlier, I should have sent my subordinates to welcome them! " Despite the smile on his face, a drop of cold sweat unconsciously appeared on his forehead. His right eyelid twitched as he sensed that there would be no good reason for Mu Youzi to come at this time.

Mu Yizi also gave him face as she raised her hand, glancing at the person who covered her head. Then, she quickly withdrew her gaze, smiled, and said to Master Meng, "Master Meng, you are too kind. Didn't you hear that Master Meng is having a wedding? Master Meng and I can be considered old acquaintances. I just don't know why we didn't receive Master Meng's invitation … "

Lord Meng felt goosebumps all over his back. He immediately smiled and stood in the direction of the bride, trying to block Mu Yizi's line of sight. Unfortunately, Mu Ziyi had come prepared, so it was impossible for him to not see through Monk Meng's little plan.

"Forget it, I'm afraid Master Meng was too busy with the wedding and neglected his subordinates, hence the invitation went missing." Since I have already come, let's also congratulate Master Meng on his wedding celebration! " Before Master Meng could say anything, Mu Yizi spoke up. With a slight raise of his brow, it was unknown what sort of thoughts he was hiding.

Master Meng wiped the sweat off his forehead. Hearing Mu Youzi's words, his heart unconsciously calmed down. At most, after the wedding banquet was over, they could just get someone to prepare some silver for Mu Yizi and send them away with some food and fish.

At this moment, no one dared to speak. Even the host didn't dare to make a sound. After all, he had hosted so many weddings before, but he had never encountered such a thing.

Mu Yizi glanced at the host who was stunned, then coughed: "Alright, let the wedding continue, just because we missed Master Meng's auspicious timing."

The host recovered his wits and said loudly: "The wedding will continue!"

Mu Yizi gave a look to the Mudskin, and the Mudskin immediately retreated to the side with the rest of the brothers.

Mu Yizi, who was standing in the middle of the crowd, had her hands folded across her chest. Her expression was incomparably calm, but her eyes were fixated on the person wearing a wedding dress with a red veil over her head. She seemed to be thinking about something.

Only when the host yelled "Husband and wife bow to one another" did Mu Yizi finally regain her senses.

His hands were clenched into fists under his arms, and his eyes were slightly narrowed. Mu Yizi's lips slightly curled up, like a small cheetah staring at its prey, her eyes filled with pride.

After the host finished shouting, the "bride" in the middle of the wedding hall did not move at all. This made Meng Li, who was standing to the side, feel rather embarrassed. However, due to there being too many guests present, he didn't dare to flare up. He hurriedly shot a glance at the nanny at the side.

The nanny immediately understood, she hurriedly stepped forward, grabbed the "bride" by the arm, and tried to smooth things over as she said, "Perhaps this is the first time the bride has gotten married, so she doesn't understand the rules. "Aiyo, my bride, it's time to turn around!"

None of the people present were fools. They had long heard that rich Meng's concubine this time was a man and were all waiting for the bridal ceremony to take place. Thus, they also joined in the commotion.

Even so, the man did not move. A hint of awkwardness appeared on the nanny's face as she tried to twist the person's body forcefully with her hands.

Mu Yizi's eyes revealed an even more complacent look, and the scum standing next to her couldn't help but shiver when he saw the expression on her face.

The Boss had brought his bros here today to offer a meal, but why was there no movement at all? Was he really going to let Lord Meng successfully marry this concubine back? According to their boss' style, he would definitely put some pressure on Lord Meng!

It wasn't until he saw his boss's expression that he finally felt relieved. This was their boss. However, at the same time, he couldn't help but feel sad for rich Meng. Every time his boss showed this kind of expression, there would definitely be people who would be in trouble.

As expected, Mu Yizi soon caught a glimpse of him.

Haozi took a step forward and scolded the nanny, "Open!"

Fear surfaced on the nanny's face. She hesitantly looked at rich Meng and shakily retreated to the side, lowering her head. She did not dare to look at rich Meng again.

The group of people all began to tremble. At this time, provoking the people of the Qingfeng Stronghold was not a good thing. Who would be willing to lose the lives of their entire family just for watching the show? At the same time, he hoped that Mu Youzi would be able to give Lord Meng Li a good beating! After all, Moneybag Meng was usually in Agarwood City, bullying the common people.

Mu Yizi walked up to the "bride" and raised her hand to take off the veil.

Seeing this, rich Meng could not care less as he hastily called out to stop him, "Clan Chief Mu!"

Hearing that, Mu Yizi raised her eyebrows, and looked towards Meng Zixiao, indicating for him to continue, but her hand still stayed in the air, a hint of displeasure in her eyes.

Lord Meng's back was instantly covered in cold sweat, but he had no choice but to continue because of his pride.

"Clan leader Mu, today is my wedding day. The bridal veil... It should be me, right? " Lord Meng smiled obsequiously, his heart hanging in his throat.

Mu Yizi thoughtfully retracted her hand. As she retracted her hand, Lord Meng's heart also relaxed.

However, just as rich Meng Meng was about to tell the master of ceremonies to skip this step, a wind from the palm blew past. rich Meng instinctively took a step back, leaving the onlookers' mouths wide open in shock.

On the contrary, the 'bride' who was standing next to rich Meng was still standing there motionlessly.

When everyone finally reacted, the red cap slowly fell to the ground.

Mu Yizi crossed her arms across her chest as she looked at the person in front of her with interest, trying to find a trace of fear or surprise on his face.

Their four eyes met, but that only made Mu Youzi's eyes flash with amazement.

She had considered that the person Lord Meng had snatched would definitely be a beauty, but she hadn't expected him to be such a peerless beauty.

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