Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C1 Beautiful men in arms
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C1 Beautiful men in arms
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C1 Beautiful men in arms

It was a scorching summer. Wangchuan Continent. Outside the Dawnshroud Mountain Range.

The setting sun's afterglow shone on the tree, casting a golden afterglow.

The cicadas chirped and the birds flew back into the forest.

A young girl in tattered clothing leaned against a tree trunk, gasping for breath. Three corpses lay at her feet!

After standing in place and taking a breather for a while, and calming himself down, the corner of Jun Lingyan's mouth revealed a bitter smile as well as shock.

This was not her body!

Where was this?

This question had just surfaced in her mind when a sharp pain suddenly came from her head! The pain caused her to cover her head as she squatted on the ground!

Fragments of memories exploded in her mind, causing her vision to turn dark and she fainted.

When she woke up again and sat up on the floor, her eyes were as confident and cold as ever.

From her fused memories, she found out that the continent she resided in was called Wangchuan Continent, and it was divided into five empires: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. They cultivated the five elements of spirit energy.

The grades were divided into seven ranks: Spirit Subduing, Spirit Subduing, Spirit Controlling, Spirit Fusion, Spirit Seat, and Spirit Lord. Each rank was divided into one to nine lotuses.

Without a doubt, this was a world where the strong were respected!

And she, was the only daughter of the Ye Clan's Northern Field General's Palace's King's Landing City, Jun Lingyan.

Her status should have been high and mighty! He looked down on all living things!

However, she was someone who was not acknowledged by the Divine Monarchs of the five elements Spirit Hall, someone who could not cultivate, someone who everyone despised!

She had a fianc? that everyone envied!

However, because of this marriage contract, she was bullied everywhere. He even lost his life!

When she had just woken up, she just happened to realize that she was in the critical moment of being bribed by Jun Ranchen, about to tear apart the person who was being bribed by her, and was about to destroy her innocence.

The moment she took over their bodies, she quickly took care of three of them!

Jun Lingyan closed her eyes, and muttered to the original owner of his body: Rest in peace! Since I have taken over your body, I will make these people who bully you, humiliate you, harm you, return it a thousand times, a hundred times, a thousand times!

Just as she was about to walk in the direction of the Jun residence, the sound of branches swaying and branches breaking suddenly rang out above her.

Jun Lingyan suddenly raised her head and saw a figure descend from the sky, smashing straight towards her.

"This is too unlucky!"

Jun Lingyan didn't have time to react at all, as she helplessly looked at the figure that smashed into him from above, getting closer and closer to him.

In the instant she was about to be smashed, the figure that landed in the air reached out his hands and wrapped them around her waist, flipped over, and placed himself under Jun Lingyan.

At this moment, a purplish-gold wheelchair pendant fell right behind the youth. It emitted a muffled sound as it fell to the side, causing a cloud of dust to rise into the air.

Jun Lingyan lifted her head, her gaze coming in contact with the youth's appearance, and was stunned!

The young man's face was as sharp as a knife, his eyes were tightly shut, his eyelashes were as long as a brush, his nose was straight, and his lips were tightly pursed.

When her gaze fell onto the youth's black lips, her face went pale.


Save, or not save?

Jun Lingyan's gaze flickered slightly. Remembering the youth rolling over while smashing down, thinking about Jun Ranchen who was always at home to target her, and then thinking about the chaos in the Jun Family, the corners of her lips formed a trace of a lowly, evil smile.

He placed his finger on the young man's pulse and cut a few meridians.

Her eyebrows were raised high as she looked at the impeccably enchanting youth in front of her with astonishment. Her smile became even more enigmatic.

The young man was suffering from two kinds of Absolute Poison, and the two kinds of extremely toxic poison were being highly fused!


"The program has been restarted successfully! Warning! Warning! Warning! Detected poison! Analyzing, please wait... Analysis completed. In the process of configuring the antidote... Tip: There are not enough materials to concoct the antidote! "Please supplement your materials!"

A familiar gentle male voice resounded in Jun Lingyan's mind. At the same time, a virtual screen appeared in front of her, and a series of scarlet red captions appeared on the screen!

"Eh ?"

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