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C10 Facial sage

The door was smashed open, and Ban Ruo hurriedly rushed into the room. Beside the bed, the sleeping Jun Lingyan could only let out a series of hysterical roars.

"Is this an earthquake or a massacre?!" So loud! " Jun Lingyan lifted the thin blanket, sat up, narrowed his eyes, and unhappily rolled his eyes at the anxious Ban Ruo.

After saying that, he wanted to fall back onto the bed, ready to go back to sleep.

"Miss! Stop sleeping! The news came from outside. The Emperor has ordered for you to be present at the palace! It must be because of what happened yesterday that they came to denounce him! Quickly get up and think of a way! "

"Think my ass!" Soldiers come and block, men come and go! What era is it now, to think that the emperor would want to see me! " After Jun Lingyan finished speaking, she completely threw herself back onto the bed and prepared to comfortably sleep!

After lying down for a while, she quivered and instantly regained consciousness. She hurriedly sat up.

"Emperor, you want to see me?"

"Hm!" It was said that the news had come from the palace! It shouldn't take long for them to arrive! " Ban Ruo nodded and replied.

Jun Lingyan squinted her eyes, the emperor's actions were indeed fast.

"Knock, knock, knock ?"

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

They turned to look at the open door.

"Senior Servant Liu, why are you here?"

The person who came was the personal maid, Liu mama, who was following by Ye Liuming's side.

"This servant pays her respects to Miss Ling Yan!" Liu mama blessed Jun Lingyan.

"Senior Servant Liu, there's no need to be so polite!" "Hurry, wake up!" When Senior Servant Liu stood up, Jun Lingyan asked, "Senior Liu, did you come this time for an order from your grandmother?"

Grandma Liu closed the door, carefully taking out a gold plate from her chest, holding it with both hands, she presented it to Jun Lingyan.

"Miss said that Miss Ling Yan might encounter difficulties entering the palace this time. This is the Jun Family's Gold Medallion of Immunity. If there is no other choice, Miss Ling Yan can request that Miss Ling Yan be spared death!"

Jun Lingyan was moved. It went without saying how precious the Life Bestowal Gold was, but Ye Liuming had bestowed it to her because he was afraid that she would be in trouble at the palace.

Jun Lingyan was also not an unreasonable person. She took the Gold Medallion of Life and Death from Senior Servant Liu and bore this feeling in her heart, "Help me thank Grandma!"

After he finished speaking, he gave Ban Ruo a meaningful glance.

Ban Ruo nodded, and smiled at Senior Servant Liu, "Senior Servant Liu, I will send you out!"

"In that case, this servant will not disturb Miss anymore!" As she spoke, Senior Servant Liu withdrew.

Just as she was about to leave, Ban Ruo took out the gold leaf she needed from the little treasury last night and handed it to Senior Servant Liu. "I'll have to trouble Senior Servant Liu to take care of Miss's matter! This is just a small matter, please accept it, Senior Servant Liu! "

"I can't accept this!"

After the two of them declined a few times, Senior Servant Liu accepted the gold leaf and left the small building.

By the time Ban Ruo returned, Jun Lingyan had already changed into a luxurious outfit.

Ban Ruo entered and helped Jun Lingyan dress up carefully.

Not long later. Eunuch Li's summons came through the door, and Jun Lingyan was summoned to the palace.

Lingyun sat on a palanquin, and the group of people headed towards the palace.

Imperial study.

In front of the dragon table, his gaze that was filled with pressure directly landed on Jun Lingyan who was kneeling down. With a dignified voice, he asked, "Jun Lingyan, do you know your crime?"

"This subject does not know!"

"Don't know? What an ignorant fool! To hook up with a man and abandon our royal marriage contract, and to not put the Royal Family's face in your heart and openly resist the imperial edict, you are truly guilty of an unpardonable crime! "

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