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C11 Oh no end!

Zhou Weiqing slapped the dragon's case so hard that it shook the heavens. "You actually dare to say that you don't know your crimes!"

Jun Lingyan lowered her head and curled her lips, her face full of disapproval.

Ye Mo looked at the kneeling, silent Jun Lingyan with a complicated expression.

If not for the existence of King's Landing City and Luo Feiyi in the Jun Family, he wouldn't need to be so apprehensive. He would have long since dissolved the marriage agreement between Ye Juecheng and Jun Lingyan, and would not have thrown all of the imperial family's face away for these dozen of years.

In the past, no matter how much Jun Lingyan loved beautiful men, she could only flowery words, but she still admired Ye Juecheng.

But this time, no matter what, Jun Lingyan had really gone too far. She actually brought the unfamiliar man home, and even brought Ye Jue to rest. Where can one put the royal family's face!

Most importantly, what could he use to tie up King's Landing City and Luo Feiyi!?

Thinking up to this point, the entire night felt stuffy.

"What is it? You have nothing to say now? Today, if you don't make things clear, then don't even think of taking a step out of the Imperial Palace! " Ye Wen coldly said to Jun Lingyan as he retracted her complicated expression.

"Your Majesty, your servant thinks that this is better for me and my prince!" Jun Lingyan laughed, she raised her head and looked at Ye Bian Zhou, "From now on, Your Highness no longer needs to be tired of this subject's reputation! And this subject's daughter can chase after her own feelings! "

"Nonsense!" A marriage contract was no joke! I firmly disagree! "

"But your majesty, don't forget that the Second Prince is infected with the willow syphilis, and this alone is enough for me to divorce him according to the rules!"

As Jun Lingyan's voice fell, Ye Bufan's cold and dignified gaze fell upon Jun Lingyan.

A terrifying pressure was emitted from Nightless's body, landing on Jun Lingyan causing her to bend her knees slightly, but she still held on, her head held high as she stubbornly stared at Nightless.

In the end, Night Walker retracted his gaze and his voice reached the outside of the hall, "Men, Xuan Jue Guan and Spirit Master Luo, come!"

The eunuchs who were listening outside hurriedly left upon receiving the orders.

Soon. Footsteps could be heard outside the door.


"Your Majesty!"

The Second Prince, Nightlord, and the Royal Mage, Luo Ziming, came together.

"Zi Ming!" I'll take the pulse for Jue Guan! " Nightfall turned around, but no emotion could be heard in his voice.

Luo Ziming accepted the order and after taking Ye Juecheng's pulse, his expression slightly changed. He withdrew his hand without leaving a trace, and at an angle that was difficult for anyone to detect, he rubbed his robe.

He raised his head to look at Ye Jue Zhou's back and then at Ye Jue Guan's expression. Just as he was at a loss as to what to say, Ye Mo spoke, "Tell me the truth."

"Your Majesty, this ?"


Luo Ziming clenched his teeth and decided to go all out. He closed his eyes and said, "The Second Prince ?" He, is infected by the flower willow! "

"Can it be cured?"

"No way!"

After hearing Luo Ziming's answer, Ye Wen's body swayed, and if he didn't hold on to the Dragon Throne in time, he would have already fallen to the ground.

Jun Lingyan watched the scene with a smile. All of this was part of her plan. When he had first met Ye Juecheng and received the letter of rest, she had set up this trap for him, to completely separate her from her royal daughter-in-law.

After witnessing this scene, everyone present knew that Ye Juecheng was finished!

"Impossible!" The lifeless Ye Juecheng roared out hysterically, "This is absolutely impossible! How can I get infected by such a disease!? This, is impossible! "

Luo Ziming lowered his eyes, hiding the look of contemplation in his eyes.

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