Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C12 His majesty's halo!
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C12 His majesty's halo!
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C12 His majesty's halo!

Normally, women who went in and out of the palace palaces would be strictly interrogated. It was impossible for them to get infected by such an illness, and even if Ye Jue Guan secretly ate his food, he wouldn't get infected by such an evil disease.

The only possibility was that Ye Juecheng had eaten something secretly and was infected with this taboo disease.

Under Ye Jue Guan's desperate and worried shouts, the scene turned silent.

Just then, Jun Lingyan spoke out with a smile, "Your Majesty, in that case, this subject's daughter and the Second Prince are really unsuitable! I believe that this subject's parents will not agree to it either! "

"You! It's all your fault! I will kill you! " Ye Jue Guan was attracted by Jun Lingyan's words and she took a step forward to Jun Lingyan's side. She grabbed her neck with her hands.

Jun Lingyan expressionlessly looked back at Ye Jue Guan, as if the one who had difficulty breathing was not her.

"Enough!" Ye Wu Chen smacked the Dragon Throne until it rumbled loudly. He turned around and looked at Ye Jue Guan with eyes filled with disappointment. "Just a small matter like that has caused you to lose control. You have disappointed me greatly!"

As soon as Ye Juecheng finished speaking, Ye Juecheng loosened his grip on Jun Lingyan's neck and staggered two steps back with a dejected expression.

Jun Lingyan's feet touched the ground, she stood steadily and coughed twice, with a smile hanging on her lips.

"Zi Ming!" It has been several hundred years since the hospital began to study this disease, right? Even now, we still haven't found any results. As the head of the Supreme Hospital, the burden on you is really heavy! " As Nightbreak Trickster spoke, he turned to Luo Ziming.

Luo Ziming could only smile wryly in his heart, knowing that Ye Mo was trying to make things difficult for him.

The flower willow was called a malady because of its obstinacy. Even spirit realm practitioners couldn't do anything about it!

Once infected with this disease, only death could cure one's illness unless one reached the spirit realm, merged into the dao, was cleansed by heaven and earth, and rebuilt their spirit bodies.

Or perhaps he could invite a spirit realm practitioner to speak his words and use his dao power to wash over his body and mind, expelling the ill effects.

But with the power of the Ye Dynasty, not to mention Spirit Seat level experts, there were only a few at the Spirit Integration level.

Hearing Luo Ziming's answer, Ye Mo's face showed dissatisfaction, and he was about to continue pressuring him.

Jun Lingyan, who was standing at the side, cut in with a smile, "Your Majesty, shouldn't the marriage between this subject's daughter and the Second Prince be concluded? Otherwise, once the news of the Second Prince's illness gets out, this will be a small matter. "

Nightedge narrowed his eyes, a dangerous light flickering in his eyes. "Are you threatening me?"

"I don't dare!" This subject is only speaking the truth. "

After Jun Lingyan's words fell, the imperial study once again became frighteningly silent.

After a long time, Flawless Reflection sighed, and looked at Ye Jue Guan. "Jue Guan, strong twisted melon, not sweet! This marriage, forget it! "

"Yes!" royal father! " Ye Juecheng immediately lowered his head. Even when he knew that his body was infected, his eyes still revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

He had finally gotten rid of Jun Lingyan, this annoying ugly woman!

"Thank you for your grace, your majesty!" Jun Lingyan bowed towards Ye Buzhou in satisfaction. Her objective for the day had finally been achieved, "This subject's daughter will be taking her leave!"

Jun Lingyan did not wait for anyone to respond after she finished speaking, she turned and walked out of the hall.

Just as Jun Lingyan was half a step out of the door, a wave of muffled sounds came from behind him, followed by two surprised exclamations.


"Your Majesty!"

"Master Zi Ming, please take a look for my father!"

Hearing movement behind him, Jun Lingyan stopped in her tracks and turned to look inside the hall.

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