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C13 Jun lingyan!

Ye Jue was half-kneeling on the ground, carrying Zhou Weiqing who was lying on the ground, as he walked towards the dragon throne. Behind him was Luo Ziming, who was tightly frowning.

Jun Lingyan frowned, she stopped her footsteps and walked in.

In front of the dragon throne, Luo Ziming waved his hand and shot out a green light that covered the sky.

Not long after, he retracted his hand, and his expression changed a few times. Finally, a sigh could be heard coming from his lips.

"Grandmaster Zi Ming, what's wrong?" Ye Jue Guan looked at Luo Ziming nervously.

"When His Majesty was young, he used a secret art and received a backlash. His life was severely overdrawn! "Right now, I'm afraid ?" Luo Ziming stopped speaking.

"Afraid of what?" Ye Jue Guan asked urgently.

Luo Ziming raised his head and looked at Ye Juecheng, replying word by word, "It will be difficult to survive through this winter."

When Ye Jue Guan heard this, his pupils shrank. He staggered backwards and bumped into the dragon table, letting out a muffled sound.

They heard footsteps behind them and turned to look.

Jun Lingyan walked back from the entrance of the palace to the front of the dragon table. She squeezed past Luo Ziming and placed her hand on Ye Wen's pulse.

"Jun Lingyan, what are you doing?" "If anything happens to my royal father, I will definitely let you die with me!"

Jun Lingyan swept her eyes across Ye Juecheng, "If you don't want him to die, then shut up!"

Ye Jue Guan wanted to retort to Jun Lingyan, but was stopped by Luo Zi Ming.

At that moment, Luo Ziming's eyes were fixed on Jun Lingyan, his expression revealing a rare excitement.

"Grandmaster Zi Ming, you ?"

"Invigorated Meridian!" This is the legendary meridian cutting technique! "

"My master once told me that before spirit cultivators appeared, the only thing that could save a life in this world was ancient medical techniques!"

"They can diagnose an illness just by relying on their ability to see, hear, ask, and cut. They can also rely on a few herbal medicines to live up to their expectations! However, with the development of the spirit cultivator, the inheritance of the ancient medicine slowly began to end! My master has sighed for this more than once! I never thought that I would actually see it today! "

Ye Jue Guan curled his lips in disapproval. This hand that was placed on a person's pulse was called Pulse Cutting Palm. It was also called an ancient medical technique. This was just too incredible!

After Jun Lingyan finished with her pulse, she squinted her eyes.

If she had the perfect function, complete storage, and even a strong cultivation base, she could easily deal with this situation! However, her Nirvana Power was now incomplete, and she had very little reserves left. Furthermore, her cultivation base was not left at all, which made things difficult for her in such a situation.

After muttering to herself for a while, Jun Lingyan took out a silver needle from the Nirvana Ring, and used it quickly.

"What are you doing?" This is a line... "Thrust!"

The moment he saw Jun Lingyan stabbing a silver needle into Ye Bainian's body, Ye Jue Guan jumped out again. However, she was stopped by Luo Zi Ming who frowned.

"Your Highness, this is acupuncture from the ancient medicine branch. Miss Ling Yan is treating His Majesty's illness!"

In the instant Ye Juecheng was imprisoned, Luo Ziming explained a few things and stared fixedly at Jun Lingyan's movements without blinking, as if he was afraid that he would miss out on a single detail.

Not long after he had finished casting the spell, Zhou Weiqing, who was lying still, suddenly sat up and spat out a mouthful of black blood.

The imprisoned Ye Juecheng had an anxious expression.

Luo Ziming looked at Jun Lingyan in shock.

What he had not said before was that the most important reason that obstructed the recovery of Nightbreak Trickster was that there was a blockage in his meridians that was difficult to open, causing him to be unable to make a duplicate of himself.

After Zhou Weiqing spat out this mouthful of blood, the bruises on his meridians suddenly disappeared.

With Ye Wu Chen's cultivation, he could at least live two more years by spitting out this mouthful of blood.

But because of the obstruction in her meridians, it made him rack her brain, he used up all the energy, and it was difficult to resolve, but Jun Lingyan just solved it with a few needles, the ancient medical techniques, was simply too mystical!

After Nightfall finished vomiting blood, Jun Lingyan quickly withdrew the silver needles that had pierced his body.

Standing in front of the desk, he took up a pen and wrote down a list.

"I should think of a way to gather these medicinal herbs!" It can last His Majesty for another ten years! " Jun Lingyan blew the ink dry and threw it to the frozen Ye Jue Guan.

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