Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C14 Back home the exciting moment!!!
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C14 Back home the exciting moment!!!
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C14 Back home the exciting moment!!!

After Ye Wen woke up, he looked at Jun Lingyan with a complicated expression, seeing half of her face that was filled with birthmarks.

Luo Ziming untied Ye Juecheng's body with a wave of his hand. Ye Juecheng immediately grabbed the paper and passed it to Luo Ziming, "Grandmaster Zi Ming, what do you think ?"

Luo Ziming received the paper, and apologetically smiled at Jun Lingyan. Only then did he seriously look at the prescription in his hand.

After reading the prescription, a hint of suspicion flashed across Luozi's eyes. The majority of the herbs on the list didn't have much to do with healing injuries, but poison was the main ingredient.

After giving Jun Lingyan a deep look, she passed the medicinal formula to Ye Juecheng with a smile, "No problem! Just take the medicine listed on the list and let Miss Ling Yan handle it! " Poison, the true face of Jun Lingyan!

Jun Lingyan replied Luo Ziming with a light smile.

Ye Jue Guan quickly went down to get the herbs from the medicine store.

Even though medical skills had already disappeared in this era, the cultivation and use of medicinal ingredients were much more glorious than before. This was because wood attributed cultivators needed the assistance of various types of medicinal ingredients.

Therefore, Jun Lingyan's list of ingredients and medicine cans were quickly obtained.

Jun Lingyan quickly sorted the medicinal ingredients.

During the process of Jun Lingyan picking and sorting the medicinal ingredients, some of them had suddenly disappeared after passing through her hands.

A system announcement came up in Jun Lingyan's mind.

"Extracting medicinal ingredient essence ?"

"Classification of medicinal ingredients ?"

"Potion brewing completed!"

After receiving the notification, Jun Lingyan placed the medicinal herbs into the medicine jar and poured the water. She started to boil the medicine.

The medicinal powder was thrown into the medicine container along with the medicinal herbs in the Nirvana Ring.

"After the fire boils, we will draw a salary. We will boil a small fire for an hour and consume it while it is hot!"

After igniting the firewood, Jun Lingyan stood up and instructed Ye Juecheng, who was at the side, as she looked towards Ye Bujue, "This subject still has matters to attend to, so I'll be returning to the Jun residence first! Your Majesty, rest well after you finish eating the medicine! "

After Jun Lingyan finished speaking, she left the palace without looking back.

Not long after exiting the palace, a Phoenix Carriage hurriedly passed by her side. The wind blew up the curtains, revealing a graceful, luxurious, and exquisite makeup on the Phoenix Chariot, as well as a woman whose appearance was somewhat similar to Jun Lingyan's.

The two hurriedly rubbed their shoulders.

"The empress has arrived!"

"Long live the empress! Long live the empress!"

Not long after, kowtowing and congratulatory greetings rang out from outside the imperial study.

All of these things had nothing to do with Jun Lingyan, who had just left the palace gate.

He rode on the Jun residence waiting outside the palace gate and headed towards it.

Halfway to the carriage, Jun Lingyan's eyes were closed, she gently exhaled, her hand caressing the ring, her lips curving up slightly.

The horse carriage brought Jun Lingyan who was half-way to the Jun residence.

He entered the Jun residence. Under the strange gazes of the servants, they returned to Soaring Mist Small Foundation.

"Miss! You're back? "How is it, has the emperor reprimanded you?" Ban Ruo went up to welcome him, and asked with concern. When her gaze touched the corner of Jun Lingyan's lips, she was stunned.

"I'm fine!" I'll go back to my room to rest first! During this time, do not let anyone disturb me! " Just as he was about to push open the door, at that moment, the door to the east wing opened. Yun Chenjing, who was sitting on a wheelchair, appeared at the door.

Jun Lingyan smiled and nodded towards Yun Chenjing before closing the door.

Just as she sat down on the chair, Jun Lingyan lightly touched the Nirvana Ring, and the screen appeared.

On the screen, a series of medicine appeared. These medicine were all Jun Lingyan obtained from the palace.

"I can smelt the Spirit Sealing Poison!" Would you like to smelt it? "

"Yes" and "No" appeared on the screen.

Jun Lingyan pursed her lips, and then pressed down on the "Yes" button.

"Melting successful!"

"Extracting medicine ?"

A vermillion pellet appeared in Jun Lingyan's right hand.

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