Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C15 Detoxification the true face of jun lingyan!
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C15 Detoxification the true face of jun lingyan!
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C15 Detoxification the true face of jun lingyan!

Jun Lingyan stared at the antidote for the Spirit Sealing Poison with a complicated expression.

The so-called Forsaken God, the so-called ugly, the so-called infatuated with the brain, in truth, was nothing more than the result of her body being poisoned by the Spirit Sealing Poison.

Staring at the antidote in her hand, she couldn't help but think that she had been poisoned; that the Jun Family's Matriarch had been poisoned; that even Yun Chenjing, whom she had met by chance, had been poisoned.

Thinking about that, Jun Lingyan shook her head and laughed bitterly.

After consuming the antidote to the Spirit Sealing Poison, the pill turned into a clear stream and spread throughout his entire body.

The ugly birthmark on her face, under the effects of the medicine, was like ink dyed in water, gradually fading away until it disappeared.

After a quarter-hour, the birthmark on her face completely vanished, and her skin returned to its smooth and fair state.

She slowly opened her eyes, and in the next instant, her expression changed as she clutched her stomach and rushed out of the room.

Under Ban Ruo's and Yun Chenjing's astonished gazes, who had just come out for a breath of fresh air, it carried a gust of wind and rushed towards the latrine.

After a long while, Jun Lingyan walked out of the toilet while holding onto the wall, towards the main bedroom.

Returning to his room, Jun Lingyan did not notice that the window to the east wing was open. Yun Chenjing sat on the wheelchair in front of the window and stared at her back without blinking, as he watched her enter the room and close the door.

Naturally, the face that she had recovered was also completely caught by him.

"I never thought that there would be such an interesting person in this small boundary of the Ye Dynasty!" Yun Chenjing closed the window softly and laughed softly.

"Miss, you ?" Ban Ruo who was cleaning the room turned around and looked at Jun Lingyan. She opened her eyes wide and stuttered as she pointed at her, as though she had seen a ghost.

"What's wrong?"

"Miss, your appearance ?" Heavens! God has eyes! The birthmark on your face is gone! "Great!" Ban Ruo rushed forward and hugged Jun Lingyan, jumping in excitement.

Hearing Ban Ruo's loud shout, Jun Lingyan frowned. It was only then that she realised that after consuming the detoxification pill, the poison had surged, and she did not have time to disguise herself.

Now was not the time to reveal her appearance. Since someone had tried to poison her, it was only natural that they had their own ulterior motives. Now that their appearance had been restored, it naturally attracted the attention of everyone.

In a situation like this where the enemy was hiding in the dark and he was in the light, attracting the enemy's attention and under the premise that she didn't have the strength to protect herself, just her medical skills alone wouldn't be enough to protect herself.

After thinking carefully, Jun Lingyan said to Ban Ruo in a serious tone, "Ban Ruo, about the matter of me recovering my appearance, do not let it be known to the public!"

With that, she took out a few silver needles from the ring and pierced them into her body. Her birthmark appeared on her face again.

Ban Ruo was not stupid either, after recovering the birthmark on Jun Lingyan's face, she was stunned, then realized, her expression became serious, "Miss, do you think that there might be someone in the residence ?"

At this point, she immediately shut up. If anyone in the house wanted to face Jun Lingyan directly, they would be someone from the second room.

"Alright, this matter shall end here. You're not allowed to bring it up again!" Jun Lingyan laughed and shook her head, "I'm a little hungry! After cooking something good, I will also send some food to Yun Chenjing! "

After Ban Ruo left, Jun Lingyan sat in front of the table, her finger lightly tapped on the table, as if she thought of something, and laughed.

After finishing their lunch, Jun Lingyan and her master walked towards the main courtyard that Ye Liuming was staying in.

"Miss, Miss Ling Yan has come to visit you!"

After Jun Lingyan and Yue Yang entered the main courtyard, Senior Servant Liu entered the room and reported the matter to the bedridden matriarch Ye Liuming.

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