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C16 Years!

"Good!" Good! Good! Quick, let them in! "

Jun Lingyan and Jun Lingyan entered the room.

"Grandmother! I've come to see you! " Jun Lingyan walked up quickly and held Ye Liuming's hand, laughing: "Grandma, are you better now?"

"Much better!" Ye Liuming lovingly patted the back of Jun Lingyan's hand, and gently smiled: "After entering the palace, did they make things difficult for you?"

"No!" "After I enter the palace ?" Jun Lingyan told the matriarch about what happened after he entered the palace. He skipped over the issue of stealing medicine to detoxify himself.

"Injuries to the origin laws?" Ye Liuming leaned on Senior Liu's pillow and squinted his eyes, "In the past thirty years, he has almost never fought, how could he have such an injury?"

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and her expression turned serious as she looked at Jun Lingyan, "Ling Yan, can you roughly deduce when he was injured?"

"Twenty years ago, the difference in time wouldn't have lasted more than one year!"

"Good!" What a ruthless royal family! " Ye Liuming sneered, then abruptly became silent again.

Senior Servant Liu revealed a thoughtful expression. Twenty years ago, wasn't that the year when Lin City's Young Master was heavily injured while he was out in the city? Back then, if it weren't for the assistance of Madam Feiyi in rescuing Young Master Lin Cheng, the odds would not have been good at all.

In the end, the two of them ended up together, and at that time, it was said to be a beautiful story.

From the looks of it, the person behind this was most likely someone from the royal family.

Jun Lingyan saw that the two old men were deep in thought and her eyes narrowed. It seemed that the Emperor was injured and had some sort of secret, which was related to the Jun Family.

"Grandma, I came to see you this time because I have something else that I want to tell you!" Jun Lingyan flung away the thoughts in her mind, and her expression became serious, "I hope that after Grandma finishes listening to what her grandson has to say, she will be beyond excited!"

Ye Liuming lovingly nodded, sensing the serious expression on Jun Lingyan's face. She knew that whatever she was saying would most likely have a huge impact.

Therefore, without waiting for Jun Lingyan to speak, she waved her hand and dismissed the servants that served him. Only Ban Ruo and Liu mama remained, and looked at Jun Lingyan with encouragement, "Tell me!"

"Grandmother, the reason why you stay in bed all year round is because you have been afflicted with a chronic poison called burial. The clinical symptoms were as follows: hot and dry all over at midnight, chest pain and difficulty falling asleep! "My body is gradually weakening."

Speaking till here, Jun Lingyan paused for a while, and continued, "I'm afraid that all these years, the reason Grandma was able to hold on, was because Granny's body had such a high level of profound spirit energy!"

When Jun Lingyan finished speaking, Ye Liuming and Liu mama's face filled with shock. They looked at each other and a light flashed across their eyes.

"Miss, is what you said true?" Liu mama took a step forward, her eyes staring straight at Jun Lingyan, her expression turning grim.

"Senior Servant Liu only needs to bring a bowl of water, I'll prove it to you!"

After Senior Servant Liu heard Jun Lingyan's words, she quickly took a bowl of water and placed it on the table in front of Jun Lingyan.

Jun Lingyan took the water and went over to Ye Liuming's body. She took out a silver needle and a bottle of medicine from the Nirvana Ring, poured the medicine into the water and apologized to Ye Liuming. The silver needle pierced into Ye Liuming's middle finger, and a drop of fresh red blood fell into the bowl.

As soon as the blood fell into the water, a sizzling sound was suddenly heard, followed by a white mist and a foul stench.

Senior Servant Liu's eyes widened as she looked in disbelief at the scene before her.

"If this goes on, once grandmother's spirit energy is exhausted, the consequences will be unimaginable!" Jun Lingyan had thought that the poison in Ye Liuming's body had already accumulated to a certain extent, but she still hadn't expected that the poison in her body would have reached such a terrifying level.

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