Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C17 Origin of poison!
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C17 Origin of poison!
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C17 Origin of poison!

For him to be able to endure till now due to the poison, it showed how powerful Ye Liuming's cultivation was.

"Then... What should he do? How about I invite the wood elementalist from my house to come over! " Senior Servant Liu was panicking.

On the other hand, Ye Liuming, who was the involved party, was smiling at Jun Lingyan. She did not look anxious at all, as though she was not the one who was suffering from the chronic poison, "Don't worry, since Ling Yan has been diagnosed, she will naturally be able to cure the poison!"

Ye Liuming's words made the corner of Jun Lingyan's mouth twitch. As expected, the older the better!

"Grandmother! I need to concoct Burial Poison, and I need some medicinal herbs! " Since she wanted to cure the poison, Jun Lingyan did not stand on ceremony with Ye Liuming and immediately opened her mouth.

"Hm!" Little Liu, take Ling Yan to the warehouse! " Ye Liuming first said to Senior Servant Liu, then patted Jun Lingyan's hand and smiled lovingly, "If there's anything you need, feel free to take it! "Go on!"

Liu mama led Jun Lingyan towards the Jun Family's warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, the corner of Senior Servant Liu's mouth twitched as she looked at Jun Lingyan, who was standing not far from her and picking the medicinal ingredients. Every time she touched the medicinal ingredients, they would disappear along with her.

In just a short period of time, less than half of the ingredients in the Jun Family's warehouse disappeared.

Although the matriarch had said that the herbs in the storage room were free for her to use, wasn't Miss Ling Yan being a little too impolite?

Under Senior Sister Liu's extremely speechless gaze, Jun Lingyan finally picked up some medicinal herbs and turned to walk back towards her. "I've chosen! We'll be troubling Senior Servant Liu then! "

"It doesn't matter! Miss, shall we return to the main courtyard now? " Liu mama looked at Jun Lingyan in inquiry, and asked nervously. If she stayed any longer, she was afraid that Jun Lingyan would move the entire warehouse away.

"Let's go!" Seeing Senior Servant Liu's strange reaction, Jun Lingyan could not help but laugh. She had only seen that in the storage room, there was a medicine that the Nirvana Ring did not contain.

Previously, Matriarch He had spoken up for her to take it, so she naturally wouldn't be polite. Now that she had obtained what she needed, she naturally wouldn't touch the medicinal herbs in the pharmacy.

When the two of them returned to the main courtyard, Liu mama brought Jun Lingyan into the small kitchen at the side of the main courtyard.

"Miss Ling Yan, this is my young lady's medicine cup that she makes medicine for!" Senior Servant Liu took out the medicine pot used to boil medicine from the kitchen utensil at the side and handed it over to Jun Lingyan.


"Warning!" "There's poison!"

When Jun Lingyan reached her hands out to take the medicine cup, the ancient Nirvana Ring's notification sound immediately resounded in her mind.

Without revealing any traces of herself, Jun Lingyan received the medicine cup, opened the lid, and asked casually: "Who delivered this medicine! "What medicinal ingredients do you usually boil?"

"Hmm? Is there a problem with this medicine cup? " All these years, she had followed Ye Liuming closely and experienced all kinds of framing within the palace. Naturally, she was extremely sensitive to these kinds of issues.

Seeing Senior Liu's reaction, Jun Lingyan smiled coldly, how could she know that there was a problem with the medicine, there was definitely a big problem!

"There's nothing wrong with separating this medicinal cup from the medicinal herbs that have been boiled in the medicinal cup!" Jun Lingyan said as she paused, "But, combining the two of them together and adding an additional scent of incense, that is the original medicine my grandmother used to poison my body."

Senior Servant Liu's pupils shrank, and quickly recovered her composure. She replied sincerely, "The medicine cup and the tonics that I made were all sent over by Second Madam! The sandalwood incense that Miss needs everyday is also being purchased by the Second Madam! "

Jun Lingyan raised her eyebrows, it seemed that the Jun residence was not as calm as it seemed!

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