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C18 Toxometer!

Jun Lingyan thought for a while, after cleaning the medicine cup, she placed the medicine she got from the storage room.

"Miss Ling Yan, should we change the medicine cup?" "After all, this medicinal cup has been brewed before ?" As Senior Servant Liu spoke to here, she didn't continue speaking, but the meaning behind her words was clear. After all, this was a medicine that had been used to concoct poisons. It wasn't good to concoct medicine again.

"Don't worry about it!" Jun Lingyan laughed, poured water, added fire, and began to boil.

As Jun Lingyan was brewing the antidote, Senior Servant Liu entered the room and reported everything Jun Lingyan said to the matriarch.

After a long while, Jun Lingyan came back to the inner room with the soup. Seeing Jun Lingyan come in, Liu mama stopped her words, "Grandmother, the medicine is ready!"

Liu mama took the medicine bowl, blew it to a suitable temperature, and fed it to Ye Liuming.

After he finished consuming the medicine, a dark green light filled with vitality was emitted from Ye Liuming's body.

Under the shining green light, Ye Liuming's wrinkled and sallow face became smooth and smooth. Her face became rosy and her white hair turned black.

The green light disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The various expressions on Ye Liuming's body returned to their original haggard state, as though she was about to leave in the next moment.

Under Jun Lingyan's surprised gaze, Ye Liuming smiled at her. Her smile contained a ruthless killing intent.

"Someone is scheming against me, scheming against the Jun Family. If I recover now, wouldn't that disappoint them? To actually dare to scheme against the Jun Family, naturally there will be a corresponding price to pay! "

When Jun Lingyan was discussing with Ye Liuming, on the third floor of the Spirit Realm, where the most flourishing street in the Night City was located, Ye Jue Guan and Jun Ranchen were sitting at a table, discussing things.

"Chen'er, for the sake of the two of us being together, Jun Lingyan has to die! Otherwise, even if you marry into the imperial family, others will definitely think of you as Jun Lingyan's substitute! "

Ye Jue Guan held Jun Ranchen's hand that was on the table, and looked at Jun Ranchen lovingly, and said gently.

Jun Ranchen bashfully laughed, looking at Ye Jue Guan with an even more gentle gaze, she gently nodded and responded.

Immediately after, an apologetic look appeared on his face, "Your Highness, the last time your plan failed, it was all Chen'er's fault! "However, rest assured Your Highness, Chen'er will not fail this time!"

"It's soon going to be the fifteenth of the seventh month, and the three year cycle of the five element Spirit Hall is going to open soon. If Jun Lingyan is not successful in gaining the favor of the Spirit Hall this time, she will be completely crippled! "Chen'er, do you understand what I mean?"

"But Your Highness, isn't she the person who cannot sense any spiritual energy and is not acknowledged by the gods? It would be great if we could just kill her. There doesn't seem to be much point in doing all of this! "

Ye Jue Guan narrowed his eyes, a ruthless look flashing across his eyes. At this moment, he could not help but think, Jun Lingyan's superb medical skills, was something even Luo Ziming could not match up to.

He still remembered the words his royal father had called him over to his side and told him when Jun Lingyan left the imperial study.

Since Jun Lingyan had such medical skills, could the Soul Sealing Poison that the imperial family placed on her still work on her? If he let her remove it, and she had hidden it for so long, would she be able to see the Jun Family's movements? And would she gain the approval of the Spirit Hall of the five elements and become a Spirit Master at the last moment?

And if the Jun Family knew that the Spirit Sealing Poison was administered by the royal family, would the King's Landing City rebel against the Ye Dynasty?

They didn't dare to take the risk and couldn't afford to take it either!

Therefore, he had to cripple Jun Lingyan.

"For the sake of our future, we cannot take the slightest risk!"

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