Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C19 Eavesdropping corner!
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C19 Eavesdropping corner!
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C19 Eavesdropping corner!

Ye Juecheng retrieved a white porcelain bottle from his chest and solemnly placed it into Jun Ranchen's hands, "This is trash spirit liquid, find a way to make her consume it!"

Jun Ranchen pondered for a long time, then pursed her lips and nodded, "Don't worry! Leave it to me! "

As he spoke, he tucked the bottle into his sleeve.

"When this is done, I will take you to the ice plains in a few days to see the snow you want to see the most!" Seeing that the porcelain bottles had been kept properly, Ye Jue Guan said to the depressed Jun Ranchen with a smile.

"Really?" Jun Ranchen suddenly raised her head, and stared at Ye Juecheng with sparkling eyes, her mood immediately becoming excited because of his words.

"Jun Wu Yi is lying!" Seeing Jun Ranchen's flushed red face from happiness, a small smirk and contempt quickly flashed across his eyes.

Saying that, he stood up and said to Jun Ranchen, "Alright, I still have matters to take care of, so I will be going back first! I'll be waiting for your good news! "

After he finished speaking, he opened the door to the elegant room in the restaurant and left.

Jun Ranchen looked at Ye Juecheng's leaving figure in a daze, her expression revealing a moment of confusion and unease.

At this moment, she couldn't help but ask herself, was she really going to harm Jun Lingyan's future for the sake of Ye Juecheng?

For him to stand against the entire Jun Family?

Soon, she shook her head and tossed away this ridiculous idea!

In order to obtain the Crown of the Night!

In order to finally sit on the throne of the most respected woman in the entire Ye Dynasty!

Not to mention, even if he overturned the entire Jun Family, so what!

At this moment, her eyes turned resolute.

When Jun Ranchen decided to make a move on Jun Lingyan, Jun Lingyan and Ban Ruo slowly walked out of the main courtyard and headed towards Ling Yan Small Building.

Passing through the Lotus Pond and just as she was about to enter the vicinity of the fake mountain, she heard a small crying sound and a nervous comforting sound, which aroused her curiosity.

As she quietly approached, the voices she heard gradually became clearer.

But also because he heard what the other party said clearly, Jun Lingyan's expression became somewhat strange.

I love you, but my identity is not worthy of you. The Second Madam will definitely not let you marry me! What should I do? "

"But, Nanko, I have already ? Already pregnant with your child! You can't let me have an unmarried child first, can you? At that time, how do you want the people of the Jun Family to look at me? How do you want the people of the Ye Dynasty to look at me? How are you going to make the people of the world look at me? "

"What?" You have my child? I'm going to be a father? Is this true? "

Meng Nan Ke's eyes widened, his voice also became more passionate.

Hearing that, Jun Lingyan raised her eyebrows, this matter, was getting interesting!

She had never expected to hear so much about the Jun residence from her own ears!

Jun Yunli was quite bold. Before he could even marry the other, he had already given his body to him!

This was ancient times, not the twenty-first century where her previous self lived!

Although this was a foreign land of cultivation, women were not forbidden to set foot in, and there were cultivators who could roam the world!

But even so, this world had definitely not been opened to the point where women could have relations with men before they married.

Because of this, Jun Lingyan could only mutter how brazen Jun Xiao Li was.

However, this was something that the Second Madam should be worried about. It had nothing to do with her, and she did not want to interfere in this rotten matter either!

After all, in these past few years, Second Madam's family had bullied the original owner of her body quite a few times. At this time, even if she did not step on him, she could be considered to have shown mercy because they were both from Jun Family.

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