Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C2 Jun lingyan's scheme
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C2 Jun lingyan's scheme
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C2 Jun lingyan's scheme

When Jun Lingyan heard the siren in her head and saw the familiar screen display, her expression became extremely astonished.

She quickly lowered her head and looked at the ring finger on her right hand.

At this moment, a simple ring with the head and tail of a phoenix was placed on her ring finger.

This ring was called the Nirvana Nine Heavens, it was her original identity as the Jun Family Patriarch. It also had extremely powerful functions, such as refining poisons, detoxifying poisons, treating diseases, saving people, accessing items, etc.

This ring had helped her survive more than once!

Now that she saw the only thing that belonged to him in this world, Jun Lingyan felt slightly more at ease.

Gathering her thoughts, Jun Lingyan gave the order to her storage ring, "Silver needles!"

"Extraction of silver needles!" Please wait! " A gentle male voice came out, following that, a weak white light flashed from the Ninth Heaven of the Nirvana Realm, and a box of silver needles appeared in Jun Lingyan's hands.

Taking out a silver needle from the box, he executed the acupuncture technique on the young man with ease.

As Jun Ling Yan pierced the needle, the dark green color on the youth's lips gradually faded away, until it returned to its normal pink color.

His breathing also turned from rapid to calm.

After Jun Lingyan withdrew the silver needles, she sat down and waited for the teenager to wake up.

Not long after, a stuffy groan sounded out, and Jun Lingyan's gaze landed on the youth who was lying beside him.

The youth's eyelashes trembled as he slowly opened his eyes.

"You're awake?"

The youth had just woken up, and when he heard the calm and collected female voice beside his ear, he was stunned. His cold and indifferent gaze then fell upon Jun Lingyan who was seated beside him.

"Let's talk about the reward for suppressing the poison in your body!"

Jun Lingyan glanced at the youth that was as cold as the moon, "In the next three months, I want you to stay by my side! Within these three months, as long as you are obedient, I can guarantee that the Absolute Poison in your body will be reduced by 30%! "

The youth looked thoughtfully at the young girl in front of him. Undeniably, her conditions had moved his heart!

Jun Lingyan waited for a bit, but before she could hear the other party's reply, she was hit by a cold summer wind that made him shiver lightly.

He noticed that the beautiful young man beside him was wearing silk clothing. He got up and quickly took off his outer robe.

In his presence, in his rigid gaze, he took off his torn coat and put it on.

He then took off his outer garment from one of the corpses and threw it to him. "Put it on!"

After the youth finished changing his clothes, Jun Lingyan pushed a wheelchair beside him and said, "Sit down!"

The young man stretched out his hand, gesturing for Jun Lingyan to help him onto the wheelchair.

Jun Lingyan coldly squinted her eyes, looked at the other party's legs, and finally slowly reached out and pulled the youth, helping him sit on the wheelchair, "What is your name?"

"Yun Chenjing!" Yun Chenjing coldly uttered two words.

"Jun Lingyan! "Let's go home!"

After Jun Lingyan finished speaking, he pushed the specially made wheelchair towards the Ye Royal City.

On the way back to the Imperial City, Jun Lingyan squinted as she thought about the Jun Family later.

Just as Jun Lingyan was thinking about something, Yun Chenjing who was seated on the wheelchair raised his head curiously, and looked at Jun Lingyan who was lost in thought, and started to think.

The main reason he stayed behind was because Jun Lingyan had threatened to remove thirty percent of the absolute poison in his body. It was also true that in a short period of time, she had suppressed the poison in his body with just a few silver needles, allowing him to see hope!

Sixteen years.

For the past 16 years, the wood elementalists in the country had been at a loss for what to do with him. At most, they could only barely keep him alive!

But now, the girl in this small border country had easily suppressed the poison in his body and even threatened to dispel the cold poison in his body. How could she not make his heart tremble?

The wheels of the wheelchair rolled on the muddy road, heading towards the Night City of the Ye Dynasty.

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