Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C4 Prince finding fault
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C4 Prince finding fault
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C4 Prince finding fault

"Are you surprised that I am well? Now that I've brought a man, does that suit you? If you want to play with me in your hands, we will have the chance to play slowly in the future! "

"You ?" Jun Ranchen's eyes froze, and the exquisite makeup on her face cracked for a moment.

She just couldn't understand how that weak and useless little girl, who had been bullied like a turtle by her before, dared to barge out her fangs and brandish her claws at her.

However, when she thought of her own layout, she laughed coldly. Right now, Jun Lingyan was only a grasshopper after the autumn, hopping up and down for a few days at most!

After Jun Lingyan finished speaking, he took a step back with a smile on her face and returned behind Yun Chenjing. She no longer paid any attention to Jun Ranchen and pushed Yun Chenjing towards the Jun residence.

As she pushed Yun Chenjing into the door, Jun Lingyan secretly thought that the so-called Second Prince would definitely come running to the Jun residence to show off his might after hearing that he was bringing a stranger home, right?

After returning to the Jun residence, Ling Yan had just released his hand that was pushing the wheelchair, when Ban Ruo took a step forward and dragged Jun Lingyan towards the main bedroom.

Jun Lingyan got rid of Ban Ruo and went to the side of the table. She opened the ink on the table and started writing on the white paper.

While Jun Lingyan was writing, Ban Ruo stood by the side complaining to Jun Lingyan with a bitter face, "Miss, you are being too ridiculous! Bringing an unfamiliar man home can be a small matter. If the Second Prince were to find out about this, he will definitely write about it. At that time, both of you will destroy your marriage contract! "

"Oh. "So what?"

"Miss, have you lost your mind?" Ban Ruo was so anxious that she jumped up, "Don't you like the Second Prince the most? The cancellation of the engagement not only disgraced you, it also disgraced Jun Family! If this matter gets out of hand, it will not be easy to settle it! "

"Then don't clean it up!"

After Ban Ruo heard Jun Lingyan's perfunctory reply, she almost broke down, "Miss, did you hear what I said in the end? This matter had serious consequences! You can't not want to be in a situation of your own! "

"It should be about time, right?" Jun Lingyan put down the brush, and looked at the words on the paper with satisfaction. With a light wave of her sleeve, a small amount of white powder landed on the paper, and said while smiling.

"What?" Ban Ruo was stunned, she could not understand what Jun Lingyan was saying at all.

Just as Ban Ruo finished speaking, the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside, and Ling Yan's small door was knocked even louder.

"Jun Lingyan, his Highness the Second Prince has arrived. Get the hell over here right now!"

Without waiting for Jun Lingyan and the others to reply, the door of Ling Yan Xiao Jian was pushed open, and the Second Prince rushed in with a group of people.

When they saw Yun Chenjing, who was sitting on a wheelchair with his back facing them under the cotton tree in the courtyard, all of them stopped and looked at Second Prince Ye Jue Guan in unison.

The corners of the Second Prince's lips curled up. This Yan Chou, this love-struck trash firewood girl, had finally done a good deed today!

Jun Lingyan smiled and led Ban Ruo to the courtyard.

He walked out and glanced at the people in the courtyard.

Second Prince Ye Jue Guan and his group of bodyguards stood at the front, while Jun Poyue and his wife were serving by the side like servants.

"Jun Lingyan, how dare you! The man who met her in private brought her home boldly! You have completely lost face for the royal family, you are not worthy to be my wife! " When Ye Jue Guan saw Jun Lingyan, he immediately scolded her for her crimes with a flushed face and red ears.

Jun Lingyan walked down the stairs with an indifferent expression, and lightly glanced at Ye Jue Guan.

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