Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C5 Jun lingyan's divorce letter
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C5 Jun lingyan's divorce letter
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C5 Jun lingyan's divorce letter

Then, his gaze that carried a deep meaning stopped on Jun Ranchen's complacent looking face for a moment, and turned away. His gaze returned to Ye Jue Guan, "Look at what you said Second Prince! As if I didn't throw your face! "




And ? It was f * cking true!

When Ye Jue and his group heard it, they nearly fainted from anger from Jun Lingyan's words! However, they had nothing to say!

As long as Jun Lingyan lived for one day, it was the same as incessantly slapping the face of the Ye Dynasty's royalty!

Thinking back to when Luo Feiyi's parents were trying to tie him up with Luo Feiyi, when she was just getting pregnant with Jun Lingyan, Ye Wu Zhou waved his hand and betrothed Jun Lingyan to the eight year old Ye Juecheng, who was extremely talented!

However, when Jun Lingyan was just born, the moment she saw the ugly birthmark on the right side of his face, she lightly slapped his face!

And when Jun Lingyan entered the Spirit Hall at the age of six, she was eventually declared to be unfated with the five elements, so she could not become a spirit cultivator abandoned by the god.

From then on, Jun Lingyan started her face-slapping actions towards the Ye Family.

As she grew up, the crowd discovered that she was extremely infatuated! He was almost unable to move when he saw a pretty boy! The other thing was that her mind was a little out of place. She often made mistakes!

Hence, the label of Hua Chi, Idiot, Ugly Woman, Incompetent and Forsaken God was stuck on Jun Lingyan and also plastered on the face of the Ye Dynasty.

The most aggrieved part of all was that Jun Wu Yi was not joking!

Even if Jun Lingyan had completely lost face for the imperial family, before Jun Lingyan made a mistake, they could not take the initiative to cancel the engagement! Furthermore, she could not kill Jun Lingyan. Not only could she not kill Jun Lingyan, he had to take care of her!

Because, once something happened to Jun Lingyan, it would be equivalent to saying to an outsider that the Ye Clan could not afford to lose that face!

This was even more humiliating than the humiliation itself!

The other point was that the number one expert in the Ye Dynasty, King's Landing City, and the second expert, Luo Feiyi, treated Jun Lingyan like a treasure!

If something were to happen to her, it would be equivalent to touching upon the reverse scales of the two people from King's Landing City. At that time, the entire Ye Dynasty would have a moment of peace!

However, everything would change today, when Jun Lingyan brought the unfamiliar man back home!

Thinking back to his own bloody and tear-inducing history, Ye Jue Guan almost shouted to the sky, "F * ck!" I am finally going to turn over and be the master today! He could finally not lose his face!

"I want Hugh ?" Ye Jue Guan's hands trembled as he reached into his chest, preparing to take out the divorce letter that he had prepared for so many years!

"This is for you!" Jun Lingyan took out the paper she had just finished writing in the study room and handed it over to Ye Jue Guan.

Ye Juecheng opened the paper and took a look. To his right, he saw three large words: Proof of annulment!

Seeing these three large words, Ye Jue Guan almost spat out blood!

The face of the guard standing behind Ye Jue Guan twitched when he saw these three sharp words, and he sized up Jun Lingyan and Ye Jue Guan with an extremely weird gaze.

[What the hell is going on?

Wasn't today the joyous day for their master Ye Jue Guan to end the engagement?

How did it become like Jun Lingyan had ruined their master's life with just a piece of paper!

Ye Jue Guan's gaze once again shot backwards, and when his gaze stopped once more, his face turned dark!

Huff's reasons were the most striking, the most dazzling, and the letters were all larger than the others, and they said: Your Highness is impotent and has syphilis of the willows, for my happiness, according to the rules: Huff!

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