Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C6 Monarch dust poison
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C6 Monarch dust poison
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C6 Monarch dust poison

I can't fall like gold, impotent your head!

If laozi was really impotent, how could I possibly get syphilis, syphilis your sister!

But the most important and most coincidental thing was that during these past few days, on Ye Juecheng's body, inexplicably, yet truly, there had appeared various kinds of small erythema. This was extremely similar to the legendary syphilis!

Jun Lingyan's reason for letting him off seemed insufficient, but in the Ye Dynasty, this reason was just right!

Because the law of the Ye Dynasty is related to a fianc? contracted venereal disease, and a woman can be a husband!

And this law was set by the Emperor of Ming two hundred years ago!

The Prince Consort of Ming Emperor's most beloved Princess of Flat Tide died of an illness caused by a venereal disease.

Therefore, this law just so happened to be Jun Lingyan's important foundation!

At the side, Jun Ranchen's face darkened when she saw Ye Juecheng insisting on the piece of paper that Jun Lingyan handed to him. She immediately shifted her gaze onto Jun Lingyan, thinking of her own sinister plan.

"Lingyun, someone who isn't a virgin, you still have the face to shout like that!" How shameless! " Jun Ranchen walked out of the crowd and said to Jun Lingyan with a cold smile.

In that instant, the scene became completely silent.

Everyone looked around in shock at Jun Lingyan and Jun Ranchen.

After being silent for a while, everyone started to discuss among themselves, and their strange gazes landed on Jun Lingyan.

"Miss Ling Yan lost her virginity? This... Impossible, right? "

"Why is it impossible! Don't forget, we, Miss Ling Yan, are famous for our infatuation, and the man on the wheelchair is not bad either! With a few words, he managed to deceive the young mistress and everything is settled! "

"That's right!" If xiaojie is infatuated with something, the consequences can be imagined! "

Hearing the embarrassing comments from the crowd, Ban Ruo was so angry that her face turned red, "Young miss is not like what you have said! Jun Ranchen, you have to pay attention to evidence, don't slander me! "

"Evidence?" "Haha ?" Jun Ranchen covered her mouth and laughed, her gaze filled with viciousness: "If you make your young miss roll up her arms, and let us see if her gatekeeping sand is here, wouldn't that prove everything?"

Regardless of whether Jun Lingyan showed the Palace sand to everyone else to prove her innocence, this reputation of her was completely ruined.

At that time, forget about entering the Imperial Palace, even if it was an ordinary family, once they heard of such a scandal, they would definitely not dare to marry Jun Lingyan.

First, destroy Jun Lingyan's innocence, then, ruin her reputation. She wanted to completely crush Jun Lingyan in the dust, and never be able to stand up again!

This was Jun Ranchen's chain of poison.

Jun Lingyan looked at Jun Ranchen with a disdainful smile as she crossed her arms. Jun Ranchen's heart skipped a beat when she saw this.

Before she could react, Jun Lingyan shifted her gaze away and landed on Ye Juecheng's body as her indifferent voice sounded out.

"Your Highness, today, I will not write a letter, and today, I will let Your Highness go!" In that case, the Jun Family's reputation had nothing to do with the royal family! My reputation has nothing to do with Your Highness! On the other hand, Wu Chen is incomparably elegant and beautiful, and is known as the Duo Jue, which is the best candidate for Your Highness' concubine! "


In that moment, the scene was even quieter than when Jun Ranchen said that Jun Lingyan had destroyed her chastity zone!

What did they hear?

Jun Lingyan had said so much, only one sentence: I look down on you, today I will divorce you! Who do you love!

Everyone widened their eyes, mouths agape, and stared at Jun Lingyan in disbelief.

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