Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C7 The matriarch arrived!
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C7 The matriarch arrived!
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C7 The matriarch arrived!

After a short moment, the crowd burst into an uproar.

"Oh my god!" Am I hearing things? Miss Ling Yan will divorce your highness! "

"A member of the Xiu Clan!" This is simply unprecedented in history! "

"This is a slap to the royal family's face!"

"Miss Ling Yan is too ridiculous!" Jun Family is finished! "

Hearing the discussions, Jun Ranchen was stunned at first, then she gritted her teeth and glared at Jun Lingyan, his face turning pale white.

Didn't she, Jun Lingyan, love His Highness to the death? Why did he give up so easily? Then after she schemed against Jun Lingyan, even if she received the favor of her highness, what would it matter?

How was everyone supposed to talk about her?

Doesn't that mean she was putting on the shoes that Jun Lingyan didn't want?

Just when the crowd were discussing with each other, Jun Lingyan's family and Ye Jue Guan's expressions turned extremely ugly, Jun Lingyan raised her eyebrows lightly, "As for my gongzi, it's still around, and whether or not I marry anyone, you guys have ? What the heck! YES! Close! "Yes!"

Everyone was dumbfounded once again!

Jun Lingyan's words were just too... Vulgar! Intrepid!

But it left them speechless!

"Du ?" Du ? "Du ?"

When there was silence, the muffled sound of the crutches on the floor came from outside the yard, approaching from the distance.

A group of people appeared at the entrance of the small courtyard with the sound of crutches and footsteps.

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice and saw an old, white-haired woman being helped into the courtyard by an old wet nurse.

"Ling Yan, stop talking nonsense!" Entering the courtyard, the old lady coughed, after taking a breather, she glared at Jun Lingyan in dissatisfaction.

After reprimanding him, he turned his gaze to Ye Jue Guan. "Second Prince, Ling Yan is still young, and doesn't understand. He has a straightforward character, so his words are unable to reach a certain point. I hope Your Highness can forgive me!"

Only then did everyone react. They respectfully lowered their heads and shouted, "Welcome, Matriarch!"

Ye Liuming, the Jun Family's matriarch, had a high position and extremely doted on the Jun Lingyan siblings. However, seven years ago, when she had a serious illness, she stayed in bed all year round and rarely showed her face.

When everyone heard Ye Liuming's words, they looked strangely at Ye Jue Guan. The matriarch's words were most likely spoken in support of Jun Lingyan!

These words seemed to reprimand and belittle Jun Lingyan, but what she was saying was actually saying that Jun Lingyan's words were reasonable! If you want to, so be it!

If everyone could think of this, they could naturally understand it as smart as Ye Jue Guan! However, the Jun Family had more power now. He had no choice but to endure!

Ye Juecheng lowered his head, his eyes flashing with a dark light. "Matriarch is right!"

"Ling Yan, poor child! Come, come to grandmother's place!" Ye Liuming released Liu mama's hands and waved at Jun Lingyan.

Jun Lingyan brought along a gust of wind, and when she passed by Jun Ranchen, she swiped the Nirvana Ring on her right hand without leaving a trace behind, and a ray of light shot out from the ring and entered Jun Ranchen's body.

Then, she happily reached out her hand to support Ye Liuming, and obediently called out, "Grandmother!"

When he held onto Ye Liuming's wrist, an alarm immediately sounded in Jun Lingyan's mind.


"Detected poison!" Analyzing, please wait ? "

"Analysis complete!" The patient had been poisoned with: Chronic acute poison, Burial poison! Symptoms: Midnight all over the body is hot, chest dull pain! It could not be suppressed unless one had a high cultivation level! "My body gradually weakened until I fell!"


Jun Lingyan's eyes flashed with surprise. The matriarch of Jun Family had actually been poisoned!

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