Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C8 Jun lingyan's tactics
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Grand Dote on the Soul Master/C8 Jun lingyan's tactics
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C8 Jun lingyan's tactics

At this time, Ye Liuming looked at Jun Lingyan who was supporting him, and a look of pain flashed past his eyes. Then, their eyes swept across everyone present and stopped on Yun Chenjing's body.

Their gazes collided. Ye Liuming's gaze turned deeper as a hint of interest flashed past her eyes.

In the end, she lowered her eyes and looked at Jun Lingyan, "Ling Yan, are you unhappy with the marriage?"

"Hm!" Grandson still doesn't want to get married! "

"Since you don't want to marry, then forget about the marriage!" Ye Liuming patted Jun Lingyan's palm and said indifferently.

Hearing Ye Liuming's words, Ye Jue Guan raised her head, and stared straight at Ye Liuming, as she said furiously, "Jun Family! Good job! Since that's the case, you all can explain it to royal father! "

With that, he brought the guards and left, leaving the people of Jun Family looking at each other in dismay.

Jun Poyue who had reacted to the situation took a step forward with a worried and uneasy expression: "Master Mother, if the marriage between Ling Yan and the Second Prince were to be broken in such a public manner, I'm afraid it would anger Long Yan and cause the punishment of the Jun Family."

"What is it? You think that my old bones are done for, and I can't care about the matters of Jun Family? " Ye Liuming used her walking stick to ruthlessly pause on the ground, and a loud sound came out.

"Your son doesn't dare!" Jun Poyue lowered his head in humiliation, his eyes flickering with a sinister and vicious light.

Ye Liuming replied indifferently, "En, I will naturally explain to Your Majesty about Ling Yan's marriage! I still have something to tell Ling Yan, so all of you can leave now! "

"Yes, child, kneel ?" Hm? Dye, what's wrong with you? " Just as Jun Poyue was about to bow down and greet Ye Liuming, he caught a glimpse of him from the corner of his eyes and quickly ran towards him.

Jun Poyue's action caught everyone's attention.

But when their gazes landed on Jun Ranchen, they were all stunned!

This... What kind of rhythm was this?

Oh my god! Was this a striptease on the spot?

At this time, Jun Ranchen started taking off her clothes while shouting "hot".

In just a short period of time, she had already torn off her clothes, revealing a fair and charming face. The man watching could not help but swallow his saliva.

"Ridiculous! Ridiculous! This is truly disgraceful to the entire Jun Family! "

The matriarch, Ye Liuming, shook her cane furiously as she scolded him.

"Grandmother, it's too chaotic here. You should go back to the main courtyard to rest!" Let your grandson handle this! After this is done, this grandson will pay respects to you! " After Jun Lingyan finished speaking to Ye Liuming, he called for Senior Servant Liu to help him back to the main courtyard.

When Matriarch He returned to the main courtyard.

Jun Ranchen's mother, Hua Yanzhen and her sister, Jun Lianli, anxiously circled around Jun Ranchen.

Jun Poyue then instructed the servants to summon the wood attribute Spirit Masters to investigate the situation.

For a moment, the scene was extremely chaotic.

On the other hand, Jun Lingyan crossed her arms, the corners of her mouth hooked up into a smile, as she watched the farce.

The reason why Jun Ranchen suddenly acted in such a way was naturally because of her masterpiece.

She, Jun Lingyan, was not a person who did not retaliate nor curse. Her character was to use an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth!

Just then, when she was near Jun Ranchen, she activated the Nirvana Ring and retrieved the only offensive drug that the system could produce: Epilogue Powder, which landed on Jun Ranchen's body. This was how the scene in front of him had occurred.

As Jun Lingyan smirked at the chaotic scene in front of him, a clear gaze landed on her.

Sensing the gaze, Jun Lingyan followed it and looked at the owner of the gaze.

Yun Chenjing, who was sitting on a wheelchair, looked at her with a smile that was not a smile.

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