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C9 Shock rage

Jun Lingyan raised his eyebrows. From Yun Chenjing's gaze, Jun Lingyan determined that he discovered her black hand. So she replied Yun Chenjing with a slight smile.

Yun Chenjing nodded towards Jun Lingyan and laughed. Then he retracted his gaze and looked at his own knees.

This little girl in front of him, interesting!

Originally, he thought that Jun Lingyan would only fight with this group of people, he did not dare to go head to head with them!

Never would he have thought that she would actually sneak attack Jun Ranchen without anyone noticing.

She was indeed a little girl who would not let herself be taken advantage of in the slightest!

When Master Wood Master came over and put Jun Ranchen down, everyone quickly left.

The farce finally came to an end amidst the chaos and commotion of the crowd.

After a short period of time, Jun Poyue gave the servants a sealed order, preventing them from revealing the disrespect they had shown and sullying their reputation.

Jun Lingyan, who was sitting in the Ling Yan small building and sipping tea, and thinking about how to cure the Grand Matriarch's poison, heard the news from Ban Ruo and smiled slightly.

He then beckoned for Ban Ruo to come over and whispered a few words into her ear. He then took out two golden leaves from his bosom and handed them over to Ban Ruo, smiling as he said, "Finish it quickly!"

After Ban Ruo finished listening to Jun Lingyan's instructions, her eyes glowed with a strange light. Like a chick pecking at rice, she nodded her head and ran out of Ling Yan small building.

Yun Chenjing who was sitting on a wheelchair at the other side had fun flash across his eyes. This little girl was also a thief and a thief!

This move had completely destroyed Jun Ranchen's reputation!

Very quickly, a small piece of news spread.

"Hey, have you heard the news about Miss Jun Ranchen, the big miss of the Jun Family taking off her clothes in front of everyone?"

"Jun Family, which Jun Family?"

"Which Jun Family does our Night City have?!" Of course it is the Jun Family of the Northwest Great General's manor! "

"That's impossible, right? If you were to say that Jun Lingyan is the one getting undressed in front of everyone, I will believe it! This knowledgeable, cultured and talented Miss Jun Ranchen is stripping herself off in front of everyone, she is simply playing a random zither! "

"Why would I lie to you! Let me tell you, the cause of this is this! "

Just like this, the cause, the process, the development, the climax and the outcome of what happened in Jun Family today began to spread.

Coincidentally, after the impatient Second Prince Ye Jue Guan returned to the Imperial Palace, he told the guards that he would spread the news that Jun Lingyan would not be home for the entire night, and would bring the man in the wheelchair back to the Jun Family.

As a result, the trash, the ugly one, the God forsaken Jun Lingyan brought the incompetent guy in the wheelchair home to take off his clothes in front of Jun Ranchen.

For a moment, the Jun Family became the laughingstock of the entire Night City.

That night, the news seemed to have grown wings as it flew into the homes of ordinary citizens. Of course, this was also heard by the various families in the city, and in the end, the news reached the ears of the heavens.

This night was destined to not be a peaceful one.

The aristocratic families that had enmity with the Jun Family all clapped their hands and laughed!

The families who were close to the Jun Family were filled with worry!

Jun Family. From Jun Poyue's room, bursts of roars and curses came out!

There were even rumors that after His Majesty heard the news in the imperial study, the eunuchs and guards outside heard the sound of breaking porcelain.

That night, no matter how many people were unable to fall asleep, as the person in question, Jun Lingyan, after hearing that she was involved with a wheelchair guy, remained in a foreign land and peacefully fell asleep.

The next day. Within the palace. Early morning. The dragon's face was trembling in anger, as it condemned the Jun Family s for their inaction.

After the next assembly, an order was given to Jun Lingyan to meet them.

Cloudsoar. A scream that sounded like a pig being butchered came from outside the courtyard, rushing towards Jun Lingyan's room.

"Miss! Miss, it's not good! "

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