Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C1 Come to the Land of the Oracle
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Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C1 Come to the Land of the Oracle
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C1 Come to the Land of the Oracle

1st, may, 2016, on this glorious day of labor, Yu Yue was completely dumbfounded.

Where were the colorful lights? What about the high-end and grand stage? What about the cheering that was like a tidal wave?

Why was it all gone!?

He blinked with all his strength, his mouth opened to the limit, but no matter what, he could not turn his brain to the world in front of him where birds sang and flowers bloomed.

The 19-year-old Yu Yue was an e-sports professional player. Today might be the day he reached the peak of his life. The W7 World Invitation Competition with the E-sports Olympic Games was currently the largest e-sports competition in the world. Yu Yue, as the China region member of the most popular game in the world, "Oracle," participated in the W7 World Invitation Tournament's finals.

He had just stepped onto the stage of the finals and was breathing in the pleasant fragrance of the various flamethrowers on the stage. However, he suddenly felt as if the sky had turned dark and the earth had turned dark, and the world had become heavy and light. When he opened his eyes again, the grand arena from before had already disappeared, and what replaced it was a vast and verdant ancient forest of trees and vegetation.

"Roar!" The deafening roar caused him to shudder. Subconsciously, he looked over and saw that the putrid mouth was right in front of him.

"Oh my god!" He shouted loudly and subconsciously wanted to escape. However, this action only caused the world in front of him to constantly shake, and his body to also spin and sway at the same time. Only then did he realize that he was currently tied up. In other words, he was tied up like a dumpling. He hung upside down on the tree with his face facing the yellow earth, while the roaring evil creature was a huge dog with black fur, red eyes, and sharp teeth.

The huge dog was very fierce. Every time it used all of its strength, it would jump high and try to bite it in half. The person who tied it up was really vicious. It just so happened to be tied to the limit of its canine teeth that it could not reach. Although he knew that it could not reach him, every time his canine teeth criss-crossed, the crisp sounds would cause his ears to itch and the back of his neck to feel cold.

Just as he was trembling in fear and not knowing what to do, a familiar female voice suddenly echoed in his ears.

"'Ding... congratulations player Yu Yue for activating "Grand Knight Passive System. Obtained system reward.' Skill: Idiot's Aura Obtained System Reward: Novice Knight Title"

"'Ding... Congratulations to player Yu Yue for obtaining the "Novice Knight" title. Special reward: Novice Knight Branch Skill Points: 3. '"

"'Ding... Grand Knight passive system "has forcefully accepted the quest - Refuse bullying.' Reject bullying: Resolve yourself from your predicament and resist Luo Qiangzhuang's bullying. ' Reward: Novice Knight branch experience points 50 points.'"

"'Ding... '"

A series of notifications sounded like a huge hammer, hitting his head. It made him even more confused.

He stared blankly at the frame that suddenly appeared in front of him. The pure silver olive leaves and the frame woven by the branches appeared extraordinarily luxurious. The background was an icon with a sword and a shield intersecting each other. On top of it was engraved the four words: Novice Knight.

Staring at the glittering window, Yu Yue's stupefied heart was like hot oil that could see water, quickly boiling. He was almost about to scream.

This was the window of the "Oracle" game! The female voice was also the system voice of the "Oracle" game!

He was familiar with what was inside the window, but he had never seen it before. Under the words "Novice Knight" emitting golden light, it was a branch in the shape of a tree root. If one looked closely, it was clearly a huge skill tree!

Most of the icons on the skill tree were covered in layers of chains, indicating that it could not be read. Only the four icons at the top were faintly flashing with dark light. Yu Yue, who was familiar with the game, knew that these four were the skills that he could learn now. At the bottom, the words "Available Skill Points: 3" were marked. It should be the Skill Point rewarded by the system prompt.

Looking at the familiar frame, Yu Yue's brain felt like it was thrown into a freezer, it quickly cooled down. Calm down quickly, this was a necessary quality for a pro player.

Ignoring the howling of the evil dog, he lightly spat out the word "attribute."

In an instant, a huge golden frame displayed all the numbers on the panel in front of Yue. The familiar scent of his companion that could never be erased was like a spring breeze blowing against his face. The warmth of meeting his family in a foreign land moved him so much that tears streamed down his face.

He inhaled a mouthful of clear air mixed with the fragrance of flowers and exhaled heavily the foul air in his chest. His thoughts were suddenly as fast as lightning.

He threw all the matters related to the W7 finals to the back of his mind. Although he didn't know what had happened to him, the first thing he needed to do now was to follow the mission and solve the problem in front of him.

From the beginning, it was as if he had just woken up from a dream. He remembered a lot of things. To be precise, it was another person's memory that spread in his mind.

This world was called Oracle Continent, and it was the same as the game world. It was a world that was categorized by levels of strength. It was just like the online games on Earth. There were professions, skills, warriors, mages and priests... These people with special professions were collectively called adventurers.

This body was not the body of Yu Yue on Earth. It was the body of a 18-year-old son of a butcher in Kaz Village. Coincidentally, the name of the butcher's son was also Yu Yue. Yu Yue's memories from a different world had completely surfaced in his mind.

Yu Yue of Oracle Continent had been a timid and cowardly child since he was young. He was even very fat. When he was six years old, in the village, granny Guya, the only one who could appraise a profession, shook her head and became the only child in the village who could not obtain an adventurer profession. This made him feel even more inferior. Because of this, he became the weakest among the children. If he fell behind, he would be beaten up. Luo Qiangzhuang from Capitalist Luo's family was the main force that bullied him.

Today was the same. Luo Qiangzhuang and his three lackeys invited Fatty Yu Yue to the remote back mountain. Without saying a word, they tied him up and hung him on a tree. It wasn't satisfying enough, and they even let out a vicious dog. After that, they laughed and left. They left him hanging on a tree and crying loudly.

After smoothing out this relationship, he understood that what he needed to do now was to get out of this predicament. He quickly browsed through the four skills on the Novice Knight branch. In an instant, an idea appeared clearly in his mind. Without any hesitation, he distributed all three skill points.

Then, he shifted his attention to the skill that was given to him by the "Grand Knight passive system."

Idiot's Aura: Level 1, causes the thoughts of all uncertified creatures within 50 meters to slow down. Lower IQ. This skill was very strange. Just by looking at the skill description, Yu Yue was as happy as his name. He wanted to laugh. Although he didn't know what that "not passed" meant, he also didn't know how low his IQ had dropped. However, it seemed like activating it would be beneficial to his escape.

He began to struggle left and right. From afar, he looked like a loach that was tied up and kept twisting. This made the evil dog even more excited. It kept wagging its tail, and its saliva dripped onto the ground. It jumped even harder.

Its forehead was covered in sweat as it struggled left and right. Its tied up body did not move at all. It was really tightly tied up, he thought. But then, he suddenly felt like he had become a loach. It was as if he had practiced the cartilage technique commonly seen in martial arts novels. His body began to break free from the shackles of the linen rope in disbelief.

After waiting for the evil dog to jump again and close its stinky mouth...


His eyes lit up, and he used all the strength in his body to wildly struggle. In an instant, his body was like a kite with a broken string, falling straight down with a plop.

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