Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C10 Initial Knight Branch Upgrade
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Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C10 Initial Knight Branch Upgrade
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C10 Initial Knight Branch Upgrade

Yu Wantu coughed and casually exposed Capitalist Luo's plan.

"Do you think you can fool us with a little trick? You haven't given us an explanation yet. No one can guarantee whether your son is Demon Son or not. If it isn't Demon Son, then... How could you come up with such a malicious plan? Who knows if you used this plan because you knew that my son's strength had increased greatly and that he had become an obstacle to the attack of the village? "

His father looked around and said loudly," Everyone, listen to me. We can let Capitalist Luo and the others go. We are all from the same village, and I want everyone to live in harmony. But what if Demon Son is the one who let us go? We can't afford to take the risk." This turn of events stunned the villagers. They frowned and began to think.

Capitalist Luo put on an expression as if he was about to cry. "Butcher... No, brother Yu. My son really isn't Demon Son. He had come up with such a vicious plan only because he had been overwhelmed by a moment of anger. Don't you think so? "

At this time, Luo Qiangzhuang was still kneeling on the ground and did not get up. Hearing his father call him, he did not care about his face anymore and quickly turned to Yu Wantu. His head thumped and he kowtowed. "Uncle Yu, I really know my mistake. I swear to God that I will never be Demon Son. Please forgive me..."

Yu Wantu actually wanted to use this opportunity to strike Capitalist Luo, and even destroy his power in the village. However, he cast a glance at Yu Yue. After all, Yu Yue was the first person who could turn defeat into victory from such a huge disadvantage.

He still couldn't understand why his son had suddenly become a different person today. The logic was clear. His words were sharp, and he could even say that Capitalist Luo didn't fight back at all. What was even more strange was that his strength had increased rapidly, and he could easily defeat Luo Qiangzhuang. Could it really be because he met an expert that he was enlightened all of a sudden?

Although Yu Wantu said that his son was very talented, in his heart, he also felt that his son was not an adventurer. He felt that it was enough for him to be an honest villager who stood aloof from worldly affairs. That was why he would do all kinds of dirty things in order to earn money. He wanted to accumulate wealth for his son.

No matter what, this change was still good. He was extremely surprised in his heart, but he did not reveal it on the surface.

Looking at his thoughtful expression, his father couldn't figure out what he wanted to do. Should he let them live, or force them a little more?

But if his father knew what he was thinking right now, he would probably be disappointed. Because Yu Yue did not consider Capitalist Luo's matter at all.

Capitalist Luo was a selfish, wealthy man who only had money left in his life. Yu Yue did not care about him, not to mention considering him specifically. What he was thinking about was the Grand Knight's passive system. Just now, after Capitalist Luo completely gave up on slandering him, the beautiful voice of the system rang on time.

"'Ding... Congratulations to Player Yu Yue for completing the quest: Money's Conspiracy. ' Obtained reward: 50 Novice Knight branch experience points.'"

"'Ding... congratulations player Yu Yue's Novice Knight branch level increased to level 2.' Reward: 1 Novice Knight branch skill point.'"

The result of leveling up conformed to one of Yu Yue's inference. Skill points were rewarded for leveling up.

Opening the system panel, the markings on the Novice Knight panel also changed. It became "remaining skill points: 1." As for the skill on the skill tree that was bound by chains, it remained in its original state. It seemed like there were other requirements to unlock these skills, or they had to be at a certain level. For example, a level 5 or 10 dividing line could be unlocked?

Observing these four skills, [Breaking free], [Attack Aura], [Heavy Strike], and [Disturb], he kept thinking about it in his mind. Which skill did he invest these skill points into?

Breaking free from this skill, level 1 would be enough. However, in the future, he might not be able to escape the life-threatening danger if he struggled for even a little bit less time.

The Attack Aura could increase his average damage output efficiency, which was a huge increase in farming monsters. The Heavy Strike could deal a huge amount of damage that could catch people off guard.

The effect of the skill Disturb was: "When attacking, there is a chance to cause the enemy to lose their ability to dodge, reducing the enemy's chance of dodging." This skill should be very effective against monsters with the ability to dodge. However, before he knew what kind of enemy he was going to encounter, he added attribute points to it. How stupid.

"So, what skill should I add it to? Or should I add it in the future? Speaking of which, he hadn't seen the skill tree of the knight branch of Justice yet. There were still a total of 3 skills that hadn't been added. What a headache. Hehe, what a blissful headache ~ ~ "

It was when he was immersed in the world of stat points and was ready to learn his skills. An old man walked out from the crowd. This old man had a red nose and was not tall. The man with a white beard on his chin was the chief of Kaz Village. The name of the chief sounded very intimidating, as if he was the most authoritative existence in the village. However, this was not the case in Kaz Village.

The village chief still had some status in the village, but he was not as powerful as Capitalist Luo and Yu Wantu.

Capitalist Luo had a lot of money, while Yu Wantu had a good relationship with the villagers. Moreover, he had an unspeakable evil deal with many hunters, and their relationship was very close. It also involved most of the benefits. The hunters were the fighting force of the village, so to put it in an exaggerated way, his father also had half of the military power of the village. As for the village chief, it was just a title without a name. In addition, he did not have a good character. In fact, not many people respected him.

But no matter what, he was still the chief of a village. When he stood out, he was a bit deterrent. The scene became quiet and sparse.

The chief coughed and said, "This time, the child of the Luo family has made a big mistake. Capitalist Luo has indeed done something very wrong. This is a punishment, but I believe that they are not Demon Son. The reason for this is that Luo Qiangzhuang was blinded by ignorance. It is not that complicated. Everyone knew that he was just a young man. Although his words were harsh, his heart was still good. As long as he was strictly disciplined and was a good child, Don't you think so?"

The village chief looked at Capitalist Luo.

Finally, there was someone who spoke up for him. Of course, Capitalist Luo had the right to step down. He quickly stepped forward and nodded. "Yes, yes. I will definitely discipline Luo Qiangzhuang in the future. I will make him a young man who can contribute to the village. He will never harm the interests of the village again. Little Zhuang still doesn't swear! "

Seeing his father glaring at him, Luo Qiangzhuang, who had been pretending for a long time, made up his mind. Tears streamed down his face again, and he kept kowtowing. "I hope everyone can forgive me. I know I was wrong, I will definitely change. I swear on my whole family that... I must be a good young man who has made a contribution to the village, if there is any violation... My whole family will be struck by lightning and die a horrible death. "

This vow made Capitalist Luo's old face turn green. In his heart, he cursed Luo Qiangzhuang, this stupid son of his, for making him swear that he would be so poisonous. Even if he was, he shouldn't bring his father along with him.

However, on the surface, he could only smile and say, "Look, even this unfilial son swore. He has already been punished. Please forgive him, fellow villagers." Although Capitalist Luo was talking about fellow villagers, he glanced at Yu Wantu and Yu Yue. Right now, this father and son pair had the most decisive right to speak. As long as they agreed... The villagers could not say anything more. This matter was considered over.

After this incident, his prestige in the village would inevitably decline, but as long as he had money, his position would still rise. Although he hoped that the two of them would agree, in his heart, he had already cursed the father and son to the point that they were both smoking. It was truly a feeling of being at a loss.

The old Village Chief also looked at the father and son pair. "See, the Luo family's apology attitude is already very sincere. We're all from the same village, so there's no need to make our relationship so stiff. Why don't we just let this matter go? What do you think of my words, little brother Yu Yue? "

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