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C4 Fear

This turn of events was so sudden that everyone was stunned.

They stared blankly at Luo Qiangzhuang, who was lying on the ground, and his own eyes were also staring blankly at the sky, unable to believe it no matter what. 10 came from above his head.

However, the violent force that came from Yu Yue's sword was real. Even his arms were hurting from the shock.

This strike had shattered the worldview that he had built up since he was young.

Why!? As a Level-4 Warrior, he had invested all his points into resilience. His defense was as high as 12 points. It was such a top-class Warrior. How could this damn fatty break through his 12 points of defense and even cause 10 points of damage?!

A terrifying thought spread in his mind. Could it be that... Yu Yue's physical attack was as high as 22 points?

22 points, a terrifying number. Those level 5 and 6 Devil Beast could only cause 2 to 3 points of damage to him. To him, who had a maximum HP of 60 points, it was not a threat at all. However, Yu Yue's attack had reached a terrifying 10 points of damage.

Although this change was very shocking, Yu Yue was only slightly surprised. This was not something that needed to be cheered up. After all, with his sword skills and rich combat experience, even if he let one of his hands win, he would not know that Luo Qiangzhuang won with his head.

However, this was also good. With such an intimidating display of strength, this farce could be ended sooner. He could not really kill Luo Qiangzhuang. He just needed to punish him a little.

He said unhurriedly, with a casual tone. "Then, do you still want to fight? I advise you to surrender quickly. If you continue to fight like this, you might die."

Death. A terrifying word emerged from Luo Qiangzhuang's heart like a vine. This was the first time he felt death so close to him. He had never felt this way even when he was fighting with a tier 6 Devil Beast. Six swords. He only needed six sword strikes to take his life. This fear was like a heavy mountain pressing down on his limbs, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Yu Yue furrowed his brows. He discovered that this fellow did not move for a long time, as if he had become a fool. His eyes were empty as he looked at the sky. Could it be that he had been stunned by that Idiot's Aura?

After turning off the Idiot's Aura, the fatty slowly walked forward with his sword in hand. At this moment, from his expression to his tone, it was as if he had returned to the joy of the Sword God who had killed a person with ten steps back then. "I'll count to three. If you insist, I won't be polite anymore. Otherwise, get the hell out of here!"


Yu Yue had given him a long time to consider. Just as the word "one" came out, the three lackeys who were watching the show seemed to have woken up from a dream. Without looking back, they started to run. The red-haired Luo Qiangzhuang also got up from the ground in an ungraceful manner. He screamed and ran away. Yu Yue rubbed his ears and sighed with emotion. It turned out that even men could make such a sharp sound. The four of them quickly disappeared into the forest.

"'Ding... congratulations player Yu Yue for completing the quest: Refuse to bully. ' Reward: 50 Novice Knight branch experience points.'" This beautiful voice was like a clear spring that washed over his ears. He opened the Novice Knight skill tree and took a look. At the top of the skill tree, there was a 'Novice Knight' (Level 1, 50 / 100)."

One mission reward was 50 experience points. If he completed another mission, he would be able to level up. He could probably guess that the reward for leveling up would be skill points. However, he didn't know how to unlock the skill [Chain Bind]. Level? Or did he need to do a special quest? He was looking forward to seeing what kind of passive skills would be unlocked.

He rubbed his chin as he thought about his next move. Because of an unknown reason, his soul transmigrated and came to Oracle Continent. The first thing he needed to do was find a way to return to the real world. After all, he couldn't do without him in the final of the W7. That was the ultimate dream he had struggled for countless years. It was a name that he had spent countless efforts and sweat to climb step by step from a small swordsman to the title of "Sword God Happiness."

However -

What was wrong with surviving in this world? This thought popped up like a little devil.

With his experience and skill in the Oracle game, as well as the invincible Grand Knight passive system, it wasn't difficult for him to accomplish something. And even if he returned to his original world, even if he was a world-class pro player, in other words, he was just a lousy gamer. But this world was different, he could rely on his strength to become a hero. Wasn't this something that all players dreamt of?

At this moment, he thought of his father's thin back. After his mother died of illness, his father, who had received a meager income, had pulled him up. One could imagine the hardships he had gone through. If he did not return in this alternate world... What would his father do? He thought of another serious matter. Now, his soul was occupying Fatty Yu Yue's body. Where did Fatty Yu Yue's soul go? Where did his body go? If he could return to Earth... Could his body still come back?

A big problem was like a mess of numbness and entanglement in Yue's heart, causing him to become irritated. In the end, he chose to put all these matters that had no boundaries behind his head. He would talk about these things that had nothing to do with him in the future. Looking at it now, I still have to stay in this world for a long time, so I have to gather my energy and continue living. In terms of results... Whether it was Earth or Oracle Continent, he had to make a name for himself.

"If it's a game, I won't lose to anyone!" The arrogant words he said when he first stepped into the professional circle flashed in his mind. Although it seemed like the arrogant words of an ignorant brat, a strong aura suddenly surged out from within and destroyed the gloom in his heart, and he instantly felt enlightened.

After getting rid of the worries in his heart, Yu Yue embarked on the journey back to the village. The back mountain was not far from Kaz Village, and it was only about ten minutes of travel.

The Kaz Village was the only place in the valley of the Kaz where people lived. It was situated at the foot of the mountain in a beautiful environment. Green willows and tall elm trees could be seen everywhere. There was a clear stream that ran across the entire village. It was surrounded by mountains on three sides. The geographical location was very good, and there were no high level Devil Beast around. The villagers were all living a simple life as they worked every day. A life where they rested when the sun set.

Originally, the Kaz Village should have been such a beautiful paradise, but a few years ago, there was a sudden outbreak of a devil origin crisis in the continent. The devil origin turned wild animals into Devil Beast. The Devil Beast that originally existed in the Oracle Continent had become much stronger. Therefore, the peaceful and peaceful Oracle Continent began a turmoil that had never happened in a hundred years. The Devil Beast wreaked havoc in groups, and the country was in chaos. The people were not able to make a living.

Under such a huge background, the Kaz Village naturally could not escape the evil claws of misfortune. The Devil Beast that appeared in the wild suddenly increased, and their strength rose along with it, making the hunters miserable.

A month ago, something that caused the entire village to panic even happened. A Devil Beast secretly snuck into the village. It snatched away the child of the Zhang family who was still swaddling in the swaddling clothes. Not only that, every two weeks, it would sneak into the village and take away the baby. Until now, three children had already been taken away. It made people panic. Although the villagers had sent out hunting squads, due to the crisis of the Devil's Origin, there had been a large-scale outbreak. The previously peaceful and peaceful valley had now become filled with Devil Beast, and there were dangers everywhere.

Under all sorts of obstructions, they finally found the true body of the Devil Beast, but what they brought with them was an even greater sense of despair. The robber's name was the Ice Snow Devil Ape King. It was a level 7 Bronze Level BOSS. A small isolated village like Kaz Village would never be able to organize enough combat strength to fight against it. Even the strongest warrior in the village was only at level 5. How could he fight against a level 7 bronze boss?

Originally, there were no monsters like bosses appearing in the Kaz Valley. After the outbreak of the magic source, many ordinary Devil Beast were promoted to BOSSes one after another.

Bronze Level bosses were the weakest bosses in the huge pyramid. On top of them were silver, gold, dark gold, and platinum monsters. High-level bosses were opportunities that high-level adventurers could only dream of. Because after killing them, the items dropped would be all kinds of top-grade equipment. It was definitely the best choice to become rich overnight.

However, it would only be a disaster for the Kaz Village.

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