Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C5 Butcher's Despicable Business
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Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C5 Butcher's Despicable Business
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C5 Butcher's Despicable Business

Stepping on dark brown soft soil, breathing the fragrant air. After returning to Kaz Village, he became cheerful. This was indeed a beautiful village like a peach blossom.

The outline of the town seemed to have been drawn by a superb painter. The colors were bright and the lines were smooth. The water in the Kaz across the town was so clear that one could see the bottom. One could directly see the soil at the bottom of the river. There was not a single bit of garbage in the water. Looking at this scene, he felt a little emotional. It would be great if Earth could be so clean.

It was almost dinner time, and there were not many people in the village. Smoke rose from the roof. Walking on the small road, a few farmers who worked hard to work greeted him. He responded to them one by one. Although Fatty Yu Yue from Oracle Continent was a timid and cowardly trash, he was a kind person. That was why the adults in the village were very friendly to him, and did not allow their children to bully him. Unfortunately, Luo Qiangzhuang was the head of the children. Under his lead, Fatty Yu Yue was still the one who provided entertainment for the children.

Yu Yue's home was a small slaughterhouse. Although it sounded a little scary, it was just a small courtyard slightly bigger than an ordinary family. Because of the job of slaughtering, the courtyard was built on the west side of the village.

As he walked on the path back home, his heart was a little nervous. Although he had completely inherited Fatty Yu Yue's memories, his soul was still the Earth's Sword God Yu Yue, and his tone was much worse.

Although Luo Qiangzhuang and the other big idiots did not realize it, they did not know if it was useful to their closest father. Although the probability was very low, what if he found out that it wasn't his son? Or else, he would open the Idiot's Aura? Thinking about it, he decided to give up on this idea. He would take it one step at a time. If he really couldn't muddle his way through, he would think about it again.

Relying on his memory, he climbed a small hill and finally saw his own home. A simple wooden fence was erected on the hilltop that was covered in grass. The fence was surrounded by a two-story wooden hut. The hut looked old, and the color of the wood gave off a sense of vicissitude. Entering the courtyard, a smell of fresh blood that had been fermenting for a long time entered his nose. Even if he covered his nose, he could still smell it. On the large rack in the courtyard hung various skinned wild beasts. On the greyish-green whetstone were blood-stained machetes.

Yu Yue clicked his tongue. He had never seen a real slaughterhouse before. He knocked on the wooden door, producing a loud banging sound.

Soon, a muffled sound came from inside the house. "It's coming! It's coming! Is it my son?!" The wooden door opened, and a big face with a fat face and a beard stuck out. The big face showed a very strange and friendly smile.

What followed was a big bear hug. The suffocating force and fat squeezed his body. He felt like he had been pushed by a crazy wild boar. "Haha, my good son is back! It's really time to come back. The food is ready. Do you want to eat now?"

Yu Yue's father's name was Yu Wantu. From his name, one could tell that he was not a person to be trifled with. That was true. Yu Wantu was a cold man. When he was a butcher, he would often "process" some of the rotten meat that he could not sell before selling it. The greatest characteristic of people was that they were protective and cunning.

Although there was a huge difference in personality, as long as one looked at Fatty Yu Yue, one would know that Fatty Yu Yue was indeed Yu Wantu's son. Their figures were really too similar. In comparison, Fatty Yu Yue's fat was nothing compared to a witch. Yu Wantu's figure was simply like a mountain of meat.

It seemed that it was not Yu Yue's fault for being fat. It was inherited from a helpless family.

Yu Wantu had thousands of bad qualities that could be pointed out. However, there wasn't any problem with teaching him. It could even be said that he was outstanding.

Although Fatty Yu Yue had lost his mother when he was young, Yu Wantu had created a very warm family atmosphere until now. It could be said that it was a great leap for him. After being told that he did not have the talent to be an adventurer and could not open his profession, Yu Wantu did not show any disappointment or blame for Leaping. Instead, he comforted Yu Yue and said that his ability had not been developed yet. He would definitely have a bright future in the future. Then, he would sign up for the village warrior school and let him go to school with those children who had started their careers. It was a pity that Fatty Yu Yue was really clumsy. Although he worked very hard, he was still left behind by his peers.

He chose to respond to Yu Wantu in the tone that Fatty Yu Yue sounded the most. "Yes, father, I'm back."

"Hahahaha, don't stand outside. My son is hungry, right? Come and eat. Today, I made your favorite braised pork ribs and sweet and sour Crucian Carps." Yu Wantu brought Yu Yue to the dining table as if he was holding a treasure. The dining table was filled with steaming dishes. There were five or six dishes on the table, looking like delicious food. Yu Wantu had learned how to cook when he was both a butcher and a housewife.

He didn't need to be polite in his own home. He ate the food on the table one bite at a time according to Fatty Yu Yue's taste.

He sat at the dining table. Yu Wantu's chatterbox suddenly opened and talked about all kinds of things that happened in the village.

Yu Yue felt a headache when he heard this. It seemed like his father was a chatterbox. The topic shifted to Yu Yue. "Good son. Have you been bullied recently, like those little brats with the surname Luo?" When Yu Wantu said this, he was all smiles. However, the gloominess in his words made him shiver. "There's nothing else. Don't worry, dad. Recently, I've been living in harmony with them."

Yu Wantu's expression became much more amiable. Fierce Face squeezed together and smiled. "That's good. If you are bullied, you must tell your father. Dad will stand up for you!" Although Yu Yue had always been bullied, he usually wouldn't get hurt. It was because of Yu Wantu's existence. Luo Qiangzhuang and the others didn't dare to go too far. The timid, weak, and kind Fatty Yu Yue did not want to cause any trouble, so he kept breaking his teeth and swallowing them. He endured it and did not tell his father.

He thought of Luo Qiangzhuang, whom he had just taught not long ago, and his family background. Luo Qiangzhuang's family was the richest in Kaz Village, the Luo Family. He was Capitalist Luo's only son. Capitalist Luo loved this unique son like a treasure, so he would spend a lot of money to buy equipment for him.

If Luo Qiangzhuang told his father about the duel, he was afraid that it wouldn't be so easy to solve the problem.

"Oh right, son, how is your studies in school?" Yu Wantu asked carefully, afraid that it would cause him to feel inferior.

"Everything is fine. Dad, you don't have to worry." As he spoke, Yu Wantu kept staring into his eyes. After realizing that there were no negative emotions, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief. "Then I am relieved. Son, study well. Hahaha, carl is an old friend of your father. If you don't teach him well, tell me, I will beat him until he can't get out of bed."

He considered for a moment and felt that he needed to ask something that he had always cared about." That... Dad, do I really not have talent? Why do my peers have occupations, but I am just a villager? "

Yu Wantu's heart skipped a beat. He thought that his son was feeling inferior again. He quickly said, "Good son, this one. Didn't we already say so? It's not that you don't have talent, it's just that the person who tested your profession is too trash. He just can't measure your exceptional talent. "

"But I remember Grandma Guya saying that although I don't have the physique talent of a Warrior, the agility talent of an archer, or even the intelligence talent of a Mage, I seem to be able to see the spiritual aspect. There might be a chance for me to find a higher level professional appraiser in a big city."

Yu Wantu patted his head. "Yes, yes, yes. How could I forget about this? He didn't say anything else. My son is definitely a one-in-ten-thousand genius in terms of mental strength. He's definitely the type who grows up late!"

Seemingly aware of his slip of the tongue, he hurriedly said, "No no no no. Actually, my father has always remembered this matter and has been secretly saving money. I want to give you a surprise. Oh yeah, I was going to tell you later. Since you asked, then say it now. Dad is going to do a big business soon, and after this business is done, It will be enough money for you to find the best professional appraiser in a big city. You will definitely bring out that shy little job of yours to meet him!"

"Big business?" Yu Yue was stunned, because at the same time, the system's voice echoed in his ears.

"'Ding... Player Yu Yue forcefully accepts the quest - Butcher's despicable business. ' Butcher's despicable business: Stopping Butcher's evil and dirty business. Reward: "Knight of Justice" title."

After being stunned for a moment, surprise immediately occupied his heart. This reward was simply heaven defying - - Knight title!

"When the 'Novice Knight' title was activated, it was especially rewarded with three precious branch skill points. It was estimated that this time when the "Justice Knight" branch opened, there would also be three skill points as a reward. Moreover, the new Knight title represented a brand new skill tree.

As a professional player, his heart was burning. Three skill points and a brand new passive, I'm coming!

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