Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C6 Selling Rotten Meat
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Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C6 Selling Rotten Meat
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C6 Selling Rotten Meat

Yu Wantu saw Yu Yue's surprised expression. He thought that it was a big business that could make money that made his precious son so surprised, so he didn't pay much attention to it. In fact, he even felt a little proud of himself.

"Yes, my good son. This business deal has already been negotiated. It will definitely make a lot of money. So be at ease about the professional appraisal. It will definitely let you obtain the adventurer profession in a grand manner! " Yu Wantu chuckled as he patted his chest.

He knew that he must not be careless at this time. It would not be good if his father knew that he was going to mess up this business from the beginning.

He pretended to be very happy: "That's great! If I get the adventurer profession, I won't let you down." Speaking of this, he paused, "But, what kind of business is this?" He pretended to be looking forward to it.

When Yu Wantu saw his most beloved son worship this business so much, he naturally felt refreshed and did not hide anything from him. "Let me tell you the truth, my good son. Do you remember that bearded Uncle Qi in the north of the village? He's the hunter with good skills. "

He searched through his memories and found a bearded uncle. He remembered that it was a Level-5 Warrior. "I remember. Does Uncle Qi have anything to do with this business?"

"That has a lot to do with it. Do you know about Devil Cave Rats?"

"Devil's Acupoint Rats? The kind of low grade devil monster that likes to pick up all kinds of corpses to eat?"

His father nodded. "That's right. When your Uncle Qi was hunting a few days ago... In the valley of Kaz, they found a huge nest of Devil Cave Rats. There was a mountain of food stored by the Devil Cave Rats, which was the corpse of the animal Devil Beast. If we bring these rotten meat back... We can make a lot of money by processing them and selling them. Think about it, those are piles of meat! "

" Moreover, after we sell this batch of corpses, it won't be long before the Devil's Acupoint Rats can pile up a mountain of corpses. They are simply experts in this field. We will transport them out and sell them... the nest of the Devil's Acupoint Rats... This Devil's Cave Mice's nest is simply an inexhaustible gold mountain!" As he spoke, Yu Wantu's face turned red as he waved his hands, as if he had already seen the gold mountain waving in front of him.

On the contrary, he felt goosebumps all over his body. "But... although those corpses are also meat, most of them should be rotten. How can this kind of meat be eaten?"

"Rotten?" Yu Wantu chuckled and said proudly, "Don't worry about that. We have a professional way of dealing with it. When we sell it, it will definitely look as fresh as new meat." He said it nicely. But anyone would understand that although it looks like new meat, however, it was still rotten meat in essence. After eating it, one would get sick... If it was big, it would lose its life.

Yu Yue felt disgusted when he heard this. He thought about how the food on the table would turn into rotten meat filled with maggots in dark and damp rat holes. He couldn't help but shiver from head to toe. What kind of malicious business was this? He finally understood why the Grand Knight system set the rewards for the mission so high. This business was simply against humanity and society.

"Then dad, you're not planning to sell these meat to the villagers, are you? If the villagers fall sick from eating your meat, I'm afraid it won't be that easy to solve." He also understood that his father was a treacherous and cunning person. He had definitely considered such a situation.

Yu Wantu waved his hand. "Who said I'm going to sell it to the villagers? I'm not that stupid. Don't worry. These meat will be shipped to a certain city. I have a specific channel. Don't worry. " After saying that, Yu Wantu gave a sinister smile. "But if you want to sell it to the villagers, Capitalist Luo, that idiot, can consider it. Letting their whole family eat rotten meat and die is very tempting."

Because Luo Qiangzhuang always bullied Fatty Yu Yue, Yu Wantu and Capitalist Luo were very different. With the two of them as the center, two forces had formed in the village, and they often fought in the dark.

But then again, the corpses of the Devil's Acupoint Rats that were touched by the Devil's Acupoint Rats had a large amount of bacteria that could threaten the human body. It could even infect the plague, which could easily destroy a city.

He remembered that there were people who had done business like his father before, but it was in the distant Wind Moon Empire. It directly caused a large city to have a terrifying plague. In the end, almost no one escaped from the city, it was simply a great disaster. At that time, the people on the entire line who were related to this incident were found out and beheaded. The higher-ups of the Wind Moon Empire also came forward to issue an injunction. They were absolutely not allowed to sell the meat found in the Devil's Cave. He didn't expect his father to have such an idea.

He really didn't know what his father was thinking, he even dared to interfere in this matter: "Dad, this deal is too terrifying. It might cause a plague. Aren't you afraid... of being beheaded? "

"It's fine. Don't tell me you're thinking about the Wind Moon Empire? Don't worry. Our treatment of rotten meat is definitely much better than theirs. At most, we'll have diarrhea. It's impossible for the plague to happen. You can rest assured. " Yu Wantu spoke rather perfunctorily. Yu Yue felt that this was just comforting him. It was very likely that if something happened, he would take him and run away.

Even without the Grand Knight passive system, he would definitely stop this. This was not a joke. That was the life of a city person, and it might even spread to the entire country. Although Yu Yue admitted that he wasn't a good person, he had done many hateful things, but he had always hated things like this where one's character was bad and one's luck was bad.

Seeing his son's face turn pale and his chopsticks stop moving, his father thought that his son was suspicious of the meat in the food. He was a little panicked: "Son, don't worry. These are the best pig cows your father personally slaughtered. They are guaranteed to be healthy and pollution-free high-quality meat. Don't worry, just eat them. "

"That's not the case. ... Dad, I don't approve of your business. No, I should say that I absolutely refuse your business "

Yu Wantu frowned and his tone became colder." Why? "

Seeing his father's attitude, he sighed in his heart. He felt that it would be very difficult to convince his father to let go of the butcher's knife. He couldn't beat around the bush anymore. He might as well directly point out everything.

He looked into Yu Wantu's eyes. "Because this is really unacceptable. Dad, do you remember that you often sold expired rotten meat to the villagers? I wanted to stop you at that time. But I couldn't do it. I was too weak, so I could only choose to endure. Enduring the misfortune of the kind and honest villagers. It was only when I heard this that I realized that my conscience had never suffered before. I couldn't bear it any longer."

"I hated myself in the past, and I also realized that I couldn't continue like this... If I can't resist your actions, I will never be able to grow up. So, dad, I beg you to stop, please... Don't do these dirty things again. I'm already 18 years old, a man who can take care of himself. If you're obsessed with money, Then I swear I'll make enough money to feed this family in the future."

"Perhaps you don't know, my strength has increased recently, so I will use the money I earned to appraise my profession in the city. I will no longer be a burden to you, and I will never use the money you earned through this method to open my profession. That way, my entire life will fall into the abyss of regret. "

Yu Yue realized that he had somehow entered into his mouth cannon form. As he spoke, he felt that the voice was not coming from him. It's the words of another person in the body. At this moment, Yu Yue vaguely understood that Fatty Yu Yue's soul had most likely fused with his own soul. What he had just revealed was Fatty Yu Yue's true feelings.

He stared straight into his father's eyes. At this moment, he couldn't let his guard down. He had to convey his obsession to his father. If he still couldn't do it, then he could only use the final method - opening the Idiot's Aura. Hopefully, it would work.

Yu Wantu tightly pursed his lips, biting his lips until they turned blue. Looking at his face that was filled with blood, he believed that he was extremely furious. His hand raised high into the air. Yu Yue sighed in his heart. It seemed like the negotiation had broken down.

Just as he was about to open the Idiot's Aura and block the incoming palm, his father's hand landed on his head.

He looked again and saw Yu Wantu looking at him with a smile. He said happily, "My son has really grown up. He has a backbone and is responsible. He is indeed worthy of being my son! His father knew that he was wrong. He would not talk about this business anymore. I swear that I will definitely be an honest person in the future. I will not sell rotten meat anymore. "

Yu Yue looked at the fat dad who was laughing foolishly and was slightly stunned. He felt that his heart was filled with warmth.

"'Ding... congratulations player Yu Yue for completing the quest: Butcher's Despicable business. ' Reward obtained: Knight of Justice title.'"

"'Ding... congratulations player Yu Yue for obtaining "Knight of Justice" title. Special reward "Knight of Justice" branch skill points: 3.'"

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