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C7 A Demon Leaping

Looking at the brand new branch in front of him - the golden window of the knight branch of Justice, Yu Yue's heart was filled with excitement.

He suppressed the impulse in his heart to close the window. He bowed to his father who was smiling foolishly. "Thank you, your father. I will definitely work hard."

"Haha, father believes in you. Eat, eat!"

Just as the father and son were happily chatting, the sound of metal clanging suddenly came from outside the house, mixed with a very noisy discussion.

Looking out of the window, many villagers were gathered at the entrance of the slaughterhouse, holding iron spades and nail type weapons. The father and son looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

They saw a fat man with a big belly, dressed in purple satin, standing in the middle of the villagers, surrounded by a few lackeys who were bowing and bowing. One of them took a step forward. He shook the iron pestle in his hand and shouted, "Demon Son! Your secret has already been discovered by us. Quickly come out and face your death!"

This man shouted once, but it was not enough. There was no buffer time at all. A few lackeys also stepped forward and shouted. They were full of energy, and their shouts were threatening.

"Demon Son? What Demon Son? Are these people crazy?" His father muttered, his brows knitted tightly. The sounds coming from outside were wave after wave, so noisy that it gave him a headache. Yu Wantu could only put down his chopsticks and stand up. "Son, you stay in the house. I'll go out and see what's wrong with these people."

Although Yu Wantu was confused, Yu Yue knew what they were here for.

The fat man in purple silk was Capitalist Luo, the richest man in Kaz Village. He was also Luo Qiangzhuang's father.

Luo Qiangzhuang stood beside him, his arm bandaged. He looked like he was seriously injured. However, there was no paleness or paleness on his face when he was beaten to the ground by the duel. He was wrapped in bandages, but his face was bright red and his courage was strong. He looked like he had recovered from the shock. It was obvious that they were here for the duel between him and Luo Qiangzhuang.

However, he did not know where the word "Demon Son" came from. And who was he putting on this seriously injured appearance for?

He said, "No, dad, I want to go too."

Yu Wantu glanced at him and did not refuse. The two of them walked out of the wooden house. The front door of the wooden house was facing the villagers who were surrounding the slaughterhouse. There were so many of them. Kaz Village was just a small village that was isolated from the world. There were no more than 400 people in the village. Now, just looking at them, one could see the dark mass of people. There were at least 200 people in the village. Almost half of the people in the village were gathered at the entrance of the slaughterhouse. They were all holding weapons in their hands. They were trying to flatten this place.

After Yu Wantu came out, the noisy whispers gradually stopped. In the hearts of the villagers, Yu Wantu, this butcher, was still very important. Although the job of a butcher was rough, he had used his pretentiousness to win a very good reputation and connections in the village, and that was why he had developed into a situation where he was evenly matched with Capitalist Luo. At that time, the benefits of buying 1 taels of meat and giving 1 taels of meat were very common here. Of course, no one knew that it was rotten meat.

Yu Wantu's face was stiff, and he had a dignified expression that made the disciples fear him. Under such a respectful expression, however, he suddenly pointed his right finger at Capitalist Luo and cursed without any warning: "You son of a b * tch! Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey? Why did you come to my house for no reason? Do you believe that I will chop you into pieces?! "

This was a scolding that no one had expected. Yu Wantu's foul language with a ferocious expression caused everyone's heart to tremble. Capitalist Luo was startled. His face turned green and white. He, Capitalist Luo, had always regarded himself as the most respected existence in the Kaz Village. He had never been insulted like this before. It was such a sudden and unexpected event. The blame that had been brewing in his head for a long time was crushed.

However, Capitalist Luo had been in a high position for a long time, and he was not a pushover. He quickly calmed himself down and took a step forward.

He coughed lightly and glanced at the four lackeys who had been cursing just now. The four of them trembled and lowered their heads. They knew that their Mistress was blaming them for their incompetence. They were so frightened that they did not reply. Their intestines were really green with regret. Why did they not scold back!

Capitalist Luo said, "This... Butcher Yu, although our relationship isn't good, you shouldn't scold people like this, right? After all, you have some reputation in the village. You should pay attention to your own image."

"Bullshit. If you have something to say, say it quickly. Don't be as wimpy as a woman. Why did you come here to cause trouble? If you don't give me a proper reason, this pig slaughtering knife in my hand won't be used to see! " Yu Wantu pulled out a butcher knife from somewhere and pointed it at Capitalist Luo's fat face.

Hearing Yu Wantu scold him so openly, Capitalist Luo's heart was filled with anger. His face quickly turned cold and he coldly snorted. "Butcher Yu, you are really shameless. Then I will say it clearly. Almost everyone in the village gathered here for a reason. - - - We're here for him!" Capitalist Luo pointed his index finger at Yu Yue.

Yu Yue sighed in his heart. He really did come for himself. Yu Wantu frowned and looked at his son. "My son? What does this have to do with my son?"

"Hmph! Do you really not know, or are you playing dumb? Your precious son... is actually Demon Son!" Capitalist Luo spoke with an imposing manner, and his entire body emitted an awe-inspiring righteousness.

Yu Wantu's eyes were wide open with anger. "Bewitching words to bewitch the masses! Demon Son? How could my son be Demon Son!? I think you are really..."

His words were forcefully interrupted by Capitalist Luo. Capitalist Luo also roared," Did you know? The children in the village were taken away by the Devil Beast in this one month. It was all because of the actions of your son!" This loud shout caused the entire scene to fall silent. Following which, whispers broke out among the villagers once again. All of a sudden, the way everyone looked at the Yu father and son changed, becoming filled with hostility.

Even his father, who had such a big hat on his head, was stunned. "You..."

"There's no need to say anymore! We have already found out that your son is Demon Son, and he should be punished by fire. Only by doing so will his soul fall into the darkness and obtain the forgiveness of God. Villagers, go and burn this Demon Son, who has caused the village to suffer misfortune, alive! " Capitalist Luo frowned, pointed at Yu Yue, and shouted loudly.

The villagers became restless. The noise was like a water valve that had been opened. They were so excited that they could not think of any reason. They just wanted to go forward and kill this Demon Son who "ate the child with the Devil Beast."

This was what the foolish people were like. Once they heard the rumors, they would only follow the flow. They did not have their own thoughts and judgments.

However, Yu Yue did not expect Capitalist Luo to be able to say so. A few words made Yu Wantu speechless. One of the main reasons why his father didn't know anything about the whole incident was because of this. The current atmosphere was... Nothing Yu Wantu said could be of any use. It could even become a trigger for the villagers who were on the verge of exploding. The smart Yu Wantu naturally did not dare to speak anymore. Cold sweat broke out on his head as he thought hard about countermeasures.

At this moment, the center of all the spearheads moved. Yu Yue took a step forward under everyone's gaze. "Wait. Let me accept the fire punishment. But you have to tell me why you said I am Demon Son. What evidence do you have? Why don't you just tell me? Otherwise, I won't be able to rest in peace even if I die."

At this moment, no one present could understand Yu Yue's feelings.

Despite being in a situation where tens of thousands of men pointed at him, he was in an unusually happy and excited mood. This was not because of his abnormal mental state. It was because just as his father and Capitalist Luo were arguing, a heavenly sound rang in his ears.

"'Ding... Player Yu Yue has forcefully accepted the quest - Wealth Conspiracy. ' Wealth's Conspiracy: Destroying Wealth's Conspiracy. Reward: Novice Knight branch experience points 50 points.'"

50 experience points for the Novice Knight branch!

He had obtained 50 experience points from the last mission. If he could get another 50 points, he would be able to level up the Novice Knight branch to level 2. What kind of reward would the level 2 knight branch give him? Should he unlock the new passive skill or increase the skill points? Just thinking about it made him a little excited.

Capitalist Luo, thank you so much for finding trouble.

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