Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C8 Lotus Bloomed in His Mouth(part I)
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Grand Knight Passive Skills System/C8 Lotus Bloomed in His Mouth(part I)
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C8 Lotus Bloomed in His Mouth(part I)

Capitalist Luo looked at Yu Yue and sneered in his heart. His eyes narrowed. "Yu Yue, you really have the courage to stand out. Although he didn't get along well with your family, We are all villagers of the same village, and we want to live a peaceful life. But I didn't think that you would dare to do such a dirty thing - - - you helped Devil Beast abduct the children of the village. You are Demon Son. Tell me, should you be burned to death?!" Capitalist Luo shouted loudly. It sounded righteous and awe-inspiring.

Yu Yue opened all the Idiot's Aura, and within a short period of time, 50 meters of Idiot's Aura covered everyone. Then, he sneered, "I'll help the Devil Beast? Why are you saying such a ridiculous thing? Do you have any proof?"

Capitalist Luo's thoughts suddenly paused for some reason. He had a feeling that his mind did not listen to orders and gradually became blank. But his preparation work was indeed very good. After a slight pause, he straightened his tongue and said, "Since you want to know, then I can tell you from the beginning to the end. Realizing that you are Demon Son, this matter actually has some history. It doesn't matter if you say it out loud later. "

" First of all, I want to tell the villagers one thing. After hearing this news, whether you are Demon Son or not, the free villagers will decide. No one can blame me for deceiving the crowd. "

After keeping the villagers in suspense and shifting the attention of the confused villagers to himself, Capitalist Luo revealed a big piece of news with satisfaction. "Yu Yue beat up Luo Qiangzhuang this afternoon!"

"What!" "How is that possible!?" ... "Yu Yue actually beat up Luo Qiangzhuang?!"

Basically, the words that flashed across the minds of all the villagers were disbelief.

Yu Yue was born stupid and did not have the talent to be an adventurer. Everyone knew that Luo Qiangzhuang's strength was the strongest. How could this little fatty, who did not even have an adventurer profession, defeat a Level-4 Warrior?

At this time, there was a voice of doubt. "Capitalist Luo, don't lie to us. Don't tell me you asked your son to take off all his equipment and give it to Yu Yue, so that Yu Yue can beat your son?"

"No, the equipment Luo Qiangzhuang is wearing right now is the best equipment. Yu Yue was also wearing the same clothes as he is now, tattered clothes. He defeated my son in such a situation. Villagers, tell me, is it possible for such a thing to happen?" The villagers shook their heads in unison. Luo Qiangzhuang was wearing top quality equipment, and his strength was close to that of a Level-6 Warrior. How could he be defeated by a Level-2 Yu Yue who did not even have a job?

"In fact, this Yu Yue only attacked once! The damage he caused was actually a terrifying 10 points. From this, it can be seen that... What a powerful attack!" This time, the villagers were even more shocked, although they heard Capitalist Luo say that Yu Yue defeated Luo Qiangzhuang. What? The villagers were even more shocked. Although they had heard Capitalist Luo say that Yu Yue had defeated Luo Qiangzhuang, they all thought that it was a miserable victory. However, they didn't expect Yu Yue to defeat Luo Qiangzhuang with just one strike from the beginning. That was simply not a battle. It was bullying!

This sudden increase in strength was truly too strange. There must be something strange about this abnormal situation. Thinking of this, the villagers' expressions became gloomy. They looked at Yu Yue with even more hostility. Basically, Yu Yue was the same as Demon Son.

Capitalist Luo laughed in his heart because of the attitude of the villagers, but on the surface, he looked sad and sad. "My poor son, who has a sense of justice, knew that Yu Yue was Demon Son. He hid it from me to question him. I didn't expect that the hateful Demon Son whose identity was exposed would actually have the intention to kill me. He completely ignored the kindness of the villagers and almost killed my son. Fortunately, my son is strong. That's why I had the chance to escape from the Demon Claw. But his body is seriously injured, pity my son... "

Luo Qiangzhuang lit up the bandages on his arm to everyone, but his face showed a fearless spirit. He said loudly, "My injury is not important. I just can't take it. They were obviously raised by a village. How could he do such a dirty thing! He only hoped to burn this beast to death with fire to commemorate the souls of the children who were captured!"

Yu Yue was prepared for Capitalist Luo's words. After all, the strength that he had exposed was too strange and his luck was really too good at that time. A 10% chance of a heavy blow was triggered at the first moment. It made people think that every time he attacked, he would cause a high damage of 10 points.

Yu Yue sneered and said, "Haha, you two are really full of lies. I am Demon Son? I want to kill your son? Ridiculous! It was your son who bullied me, and I couldn't bear to be humiliated. That's why I attacked."

Capitalist Luo had a vicious expression on his face as if his prey was hooked. His eyes flashed. "Then you did admit that you defeated my son effortlessly, didn't you? Then the truth will be revealed. If you didn't collude with the devil, How could you possibly obtain such power? Those dead children were obviously the price you paid to the devil, that's why you have become the Demon Son who has become stronger!"

" Bullshit! I became Demon Son in order to obtain my strength?! This is simply creating something out of nothing! It's because three days ago, when I went out, I met an adventurer expert who was wandering outside. He said that my bones were strange and that I would definitely have great achievements in the future, so he taught me a lot, causing my strength to increase greatly - - This is the truth of the matter!"

The increase in my strength is indeed a huge problem to explain, I can't possibly tell them that I have the Grand Knight passive system, right? Although the passive system could be proved through some special means, Yu Yue wasn't an idiot. He wouldn't expose his biggest secret.

That was why he had drawn out the settings of a wandering expert. However, it seemed to be a little far-fetched. Everyone present had a look of disbelief on their faces.

Capitalist Luo even laughed loudly and said, "Hahahaha, what a joke! Extremely ridiculous! You said that your bones are strange? Who doesn't know what kind of person you are? You can't even identify an adventurer's profession, yet you dare to say that your bones are strange? You are too shameless! Stop struggling, the fact that you are willing to submit to the devil and become Demon Son has already been discovered. Obediently accept your death!"

The villagers also nodded. Everyone knew that Yu Yue's talent was dull. How could his bones be strange, and he was even chosen by an expert? This story was a bit too ridiculous.

The direction of the public opinion did not reverse in the slightest, but Yu Yue was not worried at all. He still had a trump card. He pointed at Capitalist Luo and said, "Didn't you say that you found out that I am Demon Son and wanted to talk about it later? Why didn't you say it now? Were you the one who made it up?" The huge increase in strength was Yu Yue's biggest pain. And finding out that he was Demon Son was also Capitalist Luo's biggest pain. All of these were basically fabricated by Capitalist Luo alone. Of course, there wouldn't be any evidence.

"This... this..." Capitalist Luo, who was a little confused because of the Idiot's Aura, couldn't think of a reasonable explanation. He had wanted to avoid this matter and burn Yu Yue to death. Who would have thought that he would bring it up again?

Yu Yue took advantage of the situation and chased after him. "You said that I am Demon Son only because of your side of the story. There is no credibility at all. You said that colluding with devils would increase one's strength? Then let me ask you, How did the devil increase my strength? Ordinary people wouldn't know that colluding with the devil could increase my strength, right? How did you know that? Could it be that you are the one who colluded with the devil? Also... Is it because you subconsciously colluded with the devil? If an ordinary person knew that their strength had increased greatly, they would only think of me being magnanimous and successful later. How could they associate it with the Evil Demons? How would you think of that? Speak!"

The series of consecutive cannon shots stunned Capitalist Luo. His fat face twisted together in confusion. At this moment, Capitalist Luo felt that the blank in his mind was getting more and more obvious. He had a feeling that he could not continue to argue. He really did not know why Yu Yue suddenly seemed to have changed into a different person. Not only did his strength increase greatly, but his eloquence was also so powerful.

His original plan was pretty good. No matter what questions the other party raised, he would be able to answer them properly. Why did his mind become blank now? He felt like he was an idiot. Capitalist Luo really felt that he was in a terrible state today.

Yu Yue laughed in his heart. Compete with me? I've been through the baptism of the 21st New Era, and I don't know how many such word games have been played on the internet. You don't know which era you came from, but you should wash up and sleep early.

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