After reading for a while, to tell the truth, this book have a lot to talk about

  • kumarb3June 12, 2019 8:11 AM

    After reading for a while, to be honest, this book has a lot to talk about. The style is prominent and pleasing, the depiction of human nature is deep and unique, and the words and actions displayed are directed at the character’s heart. The protagonist of the work begins to be a small figure at the lowest level of society. Through unremitting efforts, he uses every bit of his energy, wisdom and opportunity to continuously grow up and eventually become the focus of everyone’s attention. He had the feeling of being possessed by a traditional Infernal King, but since he had crossed over to a foreign world, he had started to level up slowly as an insulted minor character. In the academy, the battle between the children could be considered interesting. It highlighted the conflict between the female protagonists and the protagonists in the drama. The main line was firmly set, but at the same time, it strengthened the connection between the characters. The first part of the passage was written in a tedious and tedious way, making it difficult to find out what was going on. A few female characters were still clearly written, but some of the figures were overwritten. The system settings for this book are common, but the author is very well-formed and does not appear to be cluttered.

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