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C1 The Dragon will Fly Day

"Mengyu, why is he at your house? Why is Guo Chao at your house? " Chu Fann's voice was trembling. His face was ashen as he pointed at the man beside him.

He really didn't want to believe it, so he took his fiancee's order to deliver the takeout to her and even prepared a surprise for her. In the end, he opened her door and there was actually another man inside.

At this moment, Guo Chao was looking at him with a teasing gaze, as if he was looking at a clown.

As for Chen Mengyu, she did not look ashamed at all. Instead, she looked at Chu Fann in disgust and started cursing.

"Stupid trash, what are you shouting for!" Have you grown up? I haven't even settled the score with you yet and you're already barking furiously? "

"Who told you to send out food? "I warned you not to send any more takeouts, and you still fucking work as a disgraced man?

"Don't you know what is called losing face?!"

"How can sending a takeout be shameful?!"

Chu Fann clenched his fists and said through clenched teeth. He didn't understand why Chen Mengyu looked down on the job of delivering takeouts. He earned money through his own work, not by stealing from her.


A crisp slap landed solidly on Chu Fann's face.

Chu Fann's face instantly burned with pain.

"You trash, you still dare to talk back!" Anger was written all over Chen Mengyu's face.

"You're also a man, but Brother Chao can get 50,000 every month at such a young age. As for you, you get up early every day like a dog and you can't even earn 5,000 yuan a month."

"You're still going to embarrass yourself by giving it away?" Chen Mengyu cursed in a high-pitched voice, as if scolding Chu Fann was not enough to appease her. She snatched the take-out box from Chu Fann's hands, opened the box and poured all the take-out food onto Chu Fann's face.

The scalding soup, mixed with the vegetable leaves, instantly drenched Chu Fann.

"Is it shameful now?" Chen Mengyu roared in anger.

Chu Fann stood at the door with a bitter smile on his face.

He did not wipe the vegetable leaves and soup off his face. Instead, he allowed the scalding soup to pour down from head to toe.

He didn't think that after entering the Chen Family for three years, she would meet with such an end.

As Chen Mengyu's fiancé, he had never done anything wrong to let Chen Mengyu down. He let her work hard to earn money, and did not take any advantage of Chen Family.

However, everyone in Chen Family had always treated him like a dog, and kept calling him around. In Chen Family, his position was even lower than that of a servant.

Now, Chen Mengyu was trampling on his last shred of dignity as a man.

Chu Fann was thoroughly disappointed by Chen Mengyu, and the last shred of hope vanished into thin air.

Chu Fann clenched his fist and turned to leave.

At this moment, a middle-aged beautiful woman walked out of the room. She was wearing a yellow nightgown and had a large red wave rolling over her shoulders. The beautiful woman's appearance was about sixty to seventy percent similar to Chen Mengyu's.

Glancing at Chu Fann, the beautiful woman shifted her doting gaze to Chen Mengyu.

"Alright, alright, Mengyu, calm down. What are you trying to do with a piece of trash?"

"Mom, it's not that I want to compete with this trash, it's that he has really embarrassed me." Chen Mengyu couldn't help but glare at Chu Fann hatefully.

"Ever since this piece of trash entered my Chen Family, in the entire three years, I had not once raised my head once."

"Every day, my classmates would mock me in front of me, saying that I had found a good-for-nothing delivery boy as my fiancé."

"Sigh …"

The beautiful woman sighed and said, "Mengyu, do you think mother will bear to see you like this?"

"The marriage contract was set by your grandmother three years ago. Mom must abide by the rules."

"Bullsh * t rules!" Chen Mengyu couldn't help but curse.

"If I had to say, three years ago, that old thing from Chen Family was a swindler, and even said that he was an old genius doctor from the martial arts world. It's simply laughable!"

The beautiful woman nodded, "Your grandma was indeed confused about this, but she couldn't do anything about it at that time. After all, that Jiang Hu old godly doctor once saved your grandma's life, and he did grace your grandma. When he made this request, your grandma had no choice but to agree."

"But what right do you have to make me into that unlucky bastard?" Chen Mengyu was infuriated.

"Because at that time, you and this piece of trash's age were the only two in our Chen Family." The beautiful woman explained with a sigh. Three years ago, when the old Divine Doctor brought Chu Fann to Chen Family, their entire Chen Family …

Chen Mengyu was the only one who was suitable for marriage, so the old lady betrothed Chen Mengyu to Chu Fann. However, they made a promise of three years' time. The two of them would only be able to get married when the time came.

"Alright, alright, don't be angry." The beautiful woman patted Chen Mengyu's shoulder.

"Tomorrow is your grandma's 70th birthday. It's better for you to think of a gift to congratulate your grandma."

"If you can please your grandmother, when the three years are up, your grandmother will drive him out of Chen Family. She won't let you marry him at all.

"At that time, you can be together with Little Chao in broad daylight."

As she said that, the beautiful woman glanced at Guo Chao, who was at the side, without concealing the admiration in her eyes.

In her opinion, only a dragon like Guo Chao was worthy to be her son-in-law.

"Mom, I don't want to wait until three years have expired before getting him out of Chen Family. I want him out of Chen Family tomorrow." Chen Mengyu pouted. She really didn't want to stay a second longer with Chu Fann. She wanted to be with Guo Chao right now.

"Mengyu, there's only one month left until the three year period. Can't you wait for even one month?" The beautiful woman was slightly helpless.

"We can't wait! I can't wait a day! " Chen Mengyu gritted her teeth.

"Alright, alright, since my treasure can't wait a day, then at Grandma's birthday banquet tomorrow, I'll plead for my treasure, and let Grandma open up a net, so that trash can be chased out of Chen Family in advance." Guo Chao pinched Chen Mengyu's face lovingly. He was the successor of Guo Family, so if he were to speak up, Chen Mengyu's grandmother would definitely give him some face.

"Thank you, Brother Chao. Brother Chao is the best to me."

Chen Mengyu smiled sweetly and hugged Guo Chao intimately.

This scene caused Chu Fann to be even more worried. No one in Chen Family saw him as a person.

"What are you looking at? Trash, get the hell out of here and quit your job! Look at how angry you are with Mengyu! " Seeing that Chu Fann was still staring at Chen Mengyu, the beautiful woman immediately became angry.

Chu Fann gritted his teeth, turned around and left the exquisite building of Chen Mengyu's family without saying a word.

"Shame on you."

Even when he walked downstairs, he could still hear the beautiful woman's curses.

Chu Fann laughed at himself. He didn't know why it became his fault in the end.

Sighing, Chu Fann returned to the small room that belonged to him, took a bath, changed his clothes, and then planned to leave his job. Chu Fann knew that as long as he did this work, he would not be able to live a good life in Chen Family for one day.

However, the moment Chu Fann pushed the door open, he was hit by a fragrant wind.


The pure and cute girl in front of him was Chen Mengyu's sister, Chen Mengyao.

Of the entire Chen Family, only Chen Mengyao took care of Chu Fann and treated him the best.

"Brother Chu Fann, you came out at the right time. I was just looking for you." Lili looked around furtively, took out a stack of money from her pocket, and stuffed it into Chu Fann's hands.

Tomorrow is grandma's seventieth birthday, our Chen Family will take this matter very seriously, if you can carefully choose a gift for grandma to be happy about, maybe you will suddenly climb up to our family's status, and big sister will have a whole new level of respect for you, so our future life will be a little easier. The little girl said in a weird voice.

"This …" In the whole family, Mengyao was the best to him. She was two years younger than him, and was a sophomore. Chu Fann knew that she usually had very little pocket money, so she must have left it for him because she was frugal.

"Stop this and that, hurry up and accept it. Don't let my sister see it." Chen Mengyao said nervously.

"I've already seen it!" At this time, an ice-cold voice came from behind them.

Lili's expression froze as she rolled her eyes and smiled in embarrassment: "Sis, I used to borrow this money from Brother Brother Chu Fann. I've collected enough today, and it just so happens that …" "And Big Brother Brother Chu Fann..."

"Lend it to him?" This good-for-nothing can't even support himself, so how can he lend you money? Do you think your sister is so easily deceived? " Chen Mengyu sneered.

"Sis, I'm not lying to you …" Chen Mengyao was extremely anxious. She still wanted to explain, but Chen Mengyu didn't listen. She walked in front of Chu Fann and took away the few thousand yuan in Chu Fann's hand. She pointed at Chu Fann's nose and cursed:

"Trash? You want to take my sister's money? Where did you get your face? If I were you, I'd rather die! Don't you feel humiliated living on your own? "

"Sis, you …"

"Shut up! Go back to your room, I'll deal with you tonight!" Chen Mengyu said angrily.

Chen Mengyao glanced at Chu Fann apologetically and left with her head lowered.

As her sister-in-law, Mengyao did not need to lean towards him. After all, he really did not like her at Chen Family, and because of him, even Mengyao had to suffer many grievances for no reason. However, she had never complained, and sometimes, even Chu Fann felt that Mengyao should be his fiancée, and that this woman was so gentle.

"Let's go, Mengyu. It's getting late, let's hurry to the antique market and help Grandma pick out a present." Guo Chao looked at his wristwatch and pressed the key of the BMW.

"Alright, let's go!" Mengyu's face bloomed like a flower. She turned around and followed Guo Chao into the car.

"I'm taking your fiancee to play. You, hurry up and send the takeout to earn money. Otherwise, you won't be able to get dinner." Guo Chao's gaze fell on Chu Fann. A faint smile hung on his face, full of ridicule. After that, the two of them left in a cloud of dust.

This kind of naked humiliation made Chu Fann clench his fists tightly and dig his nails into his palms.

Money, it was all because of money. He, Chu Fann, was now a pauper, and a pauper deserved to be looked down upon!

He hated them, not just for himself, but for his family. Three years had almost passed, Chu Fann did not understand why his family would set up this kind of exam three years ago.

Was it just to let him see how cold the world was? If that was the case, Chu Fann would admit that his family's goal was achieved. He had seen through this thing called the human heart, and it was so ugly that no one could look at it directly!

Just as he was thinking, the old phone in his pocket rang. Chu Fann subconsciously took out his phone. When he saw the number, Chu Fann's pupils couldn't help but constrict.

"Young master, the family test is over."

An old voice came over the phone.

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