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C10 Blind Eyes Without a Dragon

After leaving the Chen Family, she had to call Chu Fann, but she also respected Chu Fann's decision. If Chu Fann didn't want to go, then he definitely wouldn't force him to go over. After all, his sister was too biased against him, so it was awkward for him to eat at the same table as Guo Chao.

Unexpectedly, Chu Fann agreed immediately after the incident.

Chu Fann was clear that there were some things that were useless for him to hide. It was not shameful for him to reveal his cards, and it was not because he was afraid of others.

When he had dared to say those words in the Chen Family Hall back then, he had naturally made all his preparations. Chen Mengyu did not feel anything towards him and even humiliated him in every way possible, proving that the fate between the two of them could only end here.

If he hid all day, it would make people feel guilty and not dare to face this reality.

Chu Fann was a passionate person, but he was definitely not an indecisive person.

The only Chen Family s were Chen Mu, Chen Mu, and Chen Mengyu.

The three of them sat on the sofa.

"Ever since the matter with mother's seventieth birthday, in order to avoid idle talk, we decided to let her stay in our Chen Family for a few more days. After the agreement of three years has ended, we should properly kick her out.

Now that your sister has become the person in charge of the project again, your boyfriend's family has resumed working with Mingzhu Group, everything is progressing in a good direction, and Mengyu, you don't need to be too resentful, since your sister that idiot won't spend money, and the money you earn is still ours right?

"When the time is ripe in the future, if you bring the person in charge of that project over here, coupled with our Guo Family, perhaps we might also be able to become one of the richest people in the Jing'an Region." Chen Shouguo was immersed in his beautiful dream.

"That's right, Mengyu, you know that we still love you the most, and your sister's character is destined to never be able to do anything big. In the future, we can't possibly let her have this family. For the time being, everything is normal, take it slow." Bai Yulan knew that her daughter had been in a bad mood the past few days, so she also couldn't help but comfort her.

"I've thought things through. I took this opportunity to treat them to a meal and tell them about Chu Fann and Guo Chao. Otherwise, everyone would really think that I'm that damned trash's fiancee!" Chen Mengyu raised her head proudly.

The next day, Chen Mengyu had already booked a room with Guo Chao early in the morning.

As a star restaurant in the Jing'an area, the Seven Apertures Temple's expenses were not cheap. A meal would cost a person several hundreds of dollars, and a table of people would cost several thousand yuan. In addition to the room fees and alcohol, it was so extravagant that one could eat for over ten thousand years.

There was a reason why Chen Mengyu chose to stay here. She wanted Chu Fann to see the gap between them and to crush her in terms of superiority. At the same time, she told the other classmates and friends that she was living a good life.

Very soon, Guo Chao's classmates arrived and took up a few of the more senior seats.

"Zhao Bo, Wang Jing, and Wei Xiong. You should know my three brothers as well." Guo Chao introduced.

After a while, Chen Mengyu and a few of her good friends also entered the room.

"Liu Mei, Wu Jing, come. Everyone get to know each other. There will be more chances to play together in the future. Leave a WeChat for everyone who sees each other. You can ask them alone. My sisters are all single." Chen Mengyu smiled and blinked her eyes.

"Who else?" Mengyu, who else did you invite? Why are there two empty spots? " Wu Jing looked at the two lowest seats.

"There are two more. You should have guessed it already. My sister Chen Mengyao and that brat Chu Fann." Chen Mengyu pouted.

"Ah?" Mengyu, your fiance? " Wu Jing's jaw dropped.

I know Chen Mengyu really hates Chu Fann, but her personality changed today. Treat him to a meal?

"Don't talk nonsense, I've long cut off all ties with him. That kid is an orphan. My grandma used to take pity on him and take him in, but that kid took himself too seriously and even wanted to marry me?" "Dreaming in broad daylight!"

"Now that my boyfriend is Brother Chao, I have officially agreed to Brother Chao's pursuit!" Chen Mengyu quickly explained.

"So that's how it is …" You should have kicked him away long ago. How much face did that brat make you lose? " Wu Jing said.

"Shh..." Liu Mei put her finger on her lips and gave the two a look.

Everyone looked towards the door of the private room and saw Chu Fann and Chen Mengyao there.

"They're all here? "Take a seat. After this meal, some people should already know how to cook. There's no need for me to call for them!" Chen Mengyu said sarcastically.

Chu Fann was expressionless. He and Chen Mengyao naturally sat at the two seats at the bottom.

"Chu Fann, normally you are so poor that you don't even want to eat takeout food, so today I brought you to the Seven Flavors Temple to spend some, and in the future, don't try to get involved with me again. Since you were a little stubborn on that day, our marriage contract ended early, but in the past few days you have been able to live in my Chen Family, but I still advise you to quickly find a house in the next few days, or else don't say that I won't care about you."

"Isn't living in a dormitory the same? and save on rent and money and improve your life. " Guo Chao smiled.

"That's true. Brother Chao is really thoughtful. Chu Fann, why don't you thank Brother Chao?" Chen Mengyu affectionately pulled Guo Chao's arm up.

"Mengyu, I …"

"Don't call me Mengyu, is that something you can call me? Is it your fiancée? And Mengyu Mengyu. " Guo Chao interrupted Chu Fann.

"Alright, Chen Mengyu. I promised to come to this meal today because I want to settle the matter between us. I know that the past three years have brought you a lot of inconvenience because of me. Since the three years are almost up and you are free, I will not disturb you." Chu Fann said.

He was also a man, and he had dignity. He was utterly disappointed in a woman, and that was about it.

"Be tactful, not bad!" Guo Chao gave a thumbs up.

Then the waiter began to serve the dishes.

It had to be said that the Seven Flavors Sachet's dishes were all very rarely seen. They were extremely beautiful with a candle in the middle. Everyone ate and drank, and soon, someone became intoxicated.

"Hey, Brother Chao?" I heard that your family has stopped cooperating with Mingzhu Group? Is your drug agent still working? " Wang Jing asked.

Hehe, to be honest, I already resumed cooperation with Mingzhu Group yesterday. This matter is all thanks to Mengyu's help, and today's meal is actually a celebratory feast. Speaking of this matter, Guo Chao couldn't stop smiling, and his expression blossomed.

Yesterday, when his father found out, he was also very happy and rewarded him with tens of thousands of pocket money.

In the future, he would even slowly take over the family business. At that time, he, Guo Chao, would truly become a rich kid!

Next up, Chen Mengyao, the biggest contributor, sat by herself with her head down, eating. She did not want to snatch the limelight.

Chu Fann looked at Chen Mengyao and saw that she remained silent. He then let out a faint sigh.

Other than him, Chu Fann, the only other person who could change the decision through the Mingzhu Group was probably Mengyao, right? Due to Chu Fann's relationship, quite a few people knew Mengyao in Mingzhu Group. This girl was soft-hearted, so she would probably help out immediately if her sister said those words in front of her. What a silly girl.

Suddenly, Guo Chao's cell phone rang. After answering the phone, he said, "Wang Jun? I'm at the Seven Flavors Temple, right, right, quick, come quickly and eat right now. Come and drink a cup of wine right, right, I'll treat you to a meal and come quickly, don't grind with me! "

After hanging up, Guo Chao explained to Chen Mengyu, "My high school buddies who just came back from overseas, I even forgot to busy myself with this meal today. I'll introduce you guys to the proper homecoming, the single girls must hurry up!"

Not long after, a young man dressed in an exotic attire carried a bag into the room. He said a few words in a foreign language that he didn't understand and greeted everyone. However, when he took a quick glance, he found that there were no seats left …. It just so happened that there were nine seats, and they were all filled up. There wasn't even space to add seats.

It was obvious that Guo Chao and Chen Mengyu had also realized the awkwardness.

"Chu Fann, get up, give a seat to my brother, Wang Jun!" Guo Chao rolled his eyes and suddenly shouted at Chu Fann, who was eating his meal.

"This poor bastard... It's like I haven't eaten in ten years, not saying a word and eating there. A hint of sarcasm was written on Zhao Bo's smile.

"Chu Fann, you should eat well as well? "Give a seat to Wang Jun. If you're not full, go fishing to eat. I'll get the waiter to move a chair over for you." Chen Mengyu quickly said.

The so-called fishing was actually to stand at the side and eat. Normally, there would not be a seat, making the younger generation's lower seats behave like this. For those of the same generation, it was extremely disrespectful, so Chu Fann's face immediately darkened.

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