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C11 We Meet Again

"Chu Fann, didn't you hear what I said? His expression was so fierce? Are you going to eat me? " Chen Mengyu glared at Chu Fann.


"Sis, you're the one who called him over to eat. We agreed not to make things difficult for him, what are you doing now?" At most, I'll just give him my seat. " As she spoke, Chen Mengyao stood up.

The moment she stood up, Chu Fann grabbed her and pushed her back to her seat with his chopsticks, "Have a good meal. I still have something to do, so I'll be going first."

With that, Chu Fann left the room.

He woke up when the wind blew outside.

That's right, what was he still conflicted about? He was clearly not from the same world, what was there to be sad about? Perhaps it was because they had once imagined that Chen Mengyu and they might really become husband and wife, or even imagined their future. However, fantasy was still just an illusion, unable to withstand the cruel reality.

In Chen Mengyu's eyes, his kindness and silent sacrifice was the cheapest, most unworthy of even a mention, most disgusting gentleness.

In the end, Chu Fann gradually realized that the person he liked was Mengyao.

This simple and kind girl.

Mengyao was so kind that she didn't want to hurt anyone. Because of this, Chu Fann was even more conflicted. If he suddenly told her that he was actually rich, would she feel cheated? And he was getting further and further away from her?

The current Chen Mengyao's feelings were the purest. It wasn't because of his identity nor was it because of his assets. Chu Fann enjoyed this feeling and didn't want to ruin their relationship.

Thinking about that, Chu Fann laughed.

"If you give me such a vast ocean, I will return you the entire world."

Chu Fann smiled.

"Chu Fann!" What are you daydreaming about? Let's go. " A clear voice suddenly appeared behind him.

"Mengyao? Why did you come out? " Chu Fann was stunned.

"I don't like that atmosphere. It's very hypocritical."

"They clearly didn't treat you as a friend when they kicked you out." Chen Mengyao pouted.

Chu Fann couldn't help but want to laugh. Friends? Who here would really consider him a friend? Ever since the rumors had spread throughout the school, apart from his roommates and a few other people, who could really think highly of him?

"Silly girl, daring to come to this meal meant that I was prepared to deal with these things. On the other hand, you have gotten into an awkward situation with your sister. Are you alright?" Chu Fann said with concern.

Mengyao shook her head.

"Forget it. Even if I ask you, you won't tell me. Tomorrow, I will treat you to a big meal, the kind that you are not allowed to reject!" Chu Fann grinned. He had already made up his mind to surprise her.

"How could you still have the money to treat me to a meal? What a pity … I've already given Mom and Dad all the money for the project, otherwise I would have been able to help you. " Mengyao lowered her head, thinking that if she could save some for Chu Fann when she did projects with Mingzhu Group in the future, he would be too pitiful.

"I don't need your help. You should save the money for yourself. Don't let your sister take it away. You can only feel at ease with the money in your hands." Chu Fann couldn't help but rub her hair.

At the dinner table, Chu Fann already knew that it was because of Mengyao's help when Guo Chao mentioned that their Guo Family and its crisis had been resolved. Although Mengyao was currently only the person in charge of the Chen Family and its projects, because of Chu Fann's relationship, Mengyao had much more authority in the negotiations with the Mingzhu Group than in the functions.

Furthermore, Mengyao had always been obedient. This matter was definitely something Chen Mengyu had asked her to do as a side effect. Chu Fann was worried that Chen Mengyu would become even more aggressive in the future and treat Mengyao as a source of money.

"I don't really need money." Mengyao smiled.

"If you are like this, sooner or later you will suffer a great loss."

"Oh right, your eighteenth birthday is in a few days, what kind of present do you want?" Chu Fann suddenly changed the topic.

In the past three years, Chu Fann had never prepared a present for Mengyao. Originally, he didn't have much money, and he had basically spent all of it on Chen Mengyu.

Now, Chu Fann just wanted to make it up and prepare a grand birthday party for her.

However, he had a slight headache. Mengyao's birthday was the same day as Chen Mengyu's. If he were to hold a birthday banquet for Mengyao that would cause a sensation throughout the city, the contrast would be very strong.

However, it didn't matter if he thought about it. Chen Mengyu had long cut off all connections with him, and he was still thinking about her. Wouldn't that be shameful?

"Don't spend money for me, it's not like I'm lacking anything. Besides, I'm the person in charge of a project in our Chen Family right now, I've been living a good life." Mengyao raised her head proudly.

Chu Fann didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The two of them chatted as they walked, and after leaving the Seven Flavors Temple, they went back to school.

Chu Fann's dorm room was empty when he returned to the dorm. He was number three among the four people in the dorm. These three guys were either working in the Internet Cafe or flirting with girls in the bar, so it was normal for them to be missing for a day.

In the evening, Chu Fann gave Ming Xi a call and told her to find a table at the White Swan Music Restaurant.

Since Chu Fann promised to take Mengyao out for a good meal, he naturally wouldn't break his promise.

The White Swan was definitely a better quality restaurant than the Seven Flavors Lodge in the Jing'an Region. However, compared to the other places, the Seven Flavors Lodge was more suitable for couples to meet, while the White Swan was more suitable for couples to date.

Shortly before noon the next day, Chu Fann called Mengyao in advance.

To be honest, Mengyao didn't want Chu Fann to spend money, but she didn't have any on her right now. All the money she got from the project was with her parents and sister.

However, Chu Fannyi insisted for her to come out. Since she couldn't beat him, Chen Mengyao also came. The two of them agreed to meet at the school gate.

"Huh?" Isn't this Chu Fann? Do you think that person over there is your fiancée? Your fiancée is already with someone else, yet you can still bear it? "

As soon as Chu Fann arrived, his classmate Sun Lei came over with a voice full of surprise and ridicule.

The fact that Chu Fann had a fiancee was an open matter, and his classmates as well as the other classes all knew about it. They all said that he was their son-in-law, a good-for-nothing who only knew how to make fun of him, but Chu Fann pretended not to hear it.

However, when he heard Sun Lei's words, he couldn't help but look towards the main road in front of the school.

Chen Mengyu was dressed quite sexily today. She was rarely this sexy … There was a BMW 5-series car parked by the side of the road. The window of the car rolled down and Guo Chao stuck his head out.

"Darling, I sold my three divisions and got myself a five. What do you think?"

"Good!" Chen Mengyu's face was filled with love.

"Why don't you come in and have a seat? The top of the starry sky is specially made for you. "

"I've already reserved a restaurant for you to enjoy, this is a surprise for you!" Guo Chao blinked his eyes.

Although he wasn't good-looking, this car had already filled up his points. Under the envious gazes of the crowd, Chen Mengyu got into the car with a sweet face. It felt so good!

To be able to drive a BMW in a university, there were very few people in the entire school. This unknowingly satisfied her extremely great vanity.

Chu Fann, who was watching from afar, couldn't help but sigh.

A BMW caused her to lose herself in a competition of vanity. No matter what, she was the third young miss of Chen Family, how could she be so useless?

Chu Fann couldn't understand Chen Mengyu's heart which was chasing after fame and fortune. This was also the most important reason why the two of them went their separate ways.

Just as Chu Fann was lost in thought, a small hand pulled him from behind.

"Mengyao? "You're finally here." Chu Fann grinned.

"Don't be angry … Since it's impossible for you to be with my sister, just open it up a bit. " Mengyao had also seen this and could not help but comfort Chu Fann.

"I'm fine. Let's go eat." Chu Fann shrugged casually.

"Where are we going to eat?" Mengyao twirled her fingers.

"White swans."

"Ah?" "Let's not talk about it. The consumption there is too scary!" Chen Mengyao's expression changed.

As a Miss Chen Family, she definitely knew the consumption level of the white swan; it was not a place for ordinary people to eat.

"What are you afraid of? Yesterday, you said that you would treat me to a good meal because I didn't eat anything, and you don't need to pay. " Chu Fann laughed.

"Let's go."

As she spoke, she broke up and held Mengyao's hand. The two of them stopped a car at the side of the road and got in.

The White Swan Music Restaurant was located more than ten miles south of the school on the downtown business street. It was very busy. When the two of them arrived at the entrance, they suddenly stopped in their tracks.

Surprisingly, the parking spot at the entrance of the restaurant was the BMW 5-series that Guo Chao had just bought.

"We... "Are you going in? This is Guo Chao's car, they are also having dinner here …" "If I were to meet him …" Mengyao was worried that she would be embarrassed when she met her sister later.

"Let's go in!" Chu Fann took a deep breath. There were some things that had to be confessed, and some people had to face it. He might be hiding the money from someone, so it was a good idea to see Chen Mengyu's attitude.

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