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C12 Malposition

Chen Mengyao tiptoed into the restaurant like a thief, afraid that others would notice.

"There's no need for that. We're here to eat in the open. We don't steal nor rob." Chu Fann looked at Chen Mengyao speechlessly.

"Shall we go out? I heard that a simple meal for two people is worth thousands of yuan, and it doesn't even include the labor service fee. How long are you going to work? " Chen Mengyao did not want Chu Fann to spend money, she knew how hard it was for Chu Fann to earn money by himself.

"Let's go, I've already booked a booth. Even if you don't want to eat my money, you've already paid me." Chu Fann said helplessly.

"Ah?" You're wasting it! "Don't ever do this again!"

Chen Mengyaozhan pulled her ears and braced herself as she walked in.

"I need to go to the toilet first, I'll …" All of a sudden, Chen Mengyao walked towards the toilet. Her cautious look made Chu Fann unable to hold back his laughter.

Does this girl even know to consider for him? If it was Chen Mengyu, she definitely wouldn't.

Oh right, Chen Mengyu, isn't she eating here with Guo Chao now? The only problem was that the white swan music restaurant was very large, with two floors. If they came here first, they would probably already be in the private room or a booking, so it would be very difficult to find them.

If that was the case, it would reduce his embarrassment. It was quite good.

"Chu Fann!" What are you doing here? "

Just as Chu Fann was thinking about this, a voice sounded from behind him, giving him a fright.

He turned around and saw Guo Chao and Chen Mengyu standing right in front of him.

"Oh, I got it. You're still sending takeouts? How amazing, he accepted the big order? A white swan can make a lot of money just by going out for a trip, right? There are at least a dozen or so freight rates. Is the business getting bigger? "

Thinking about Chu Fann's work, Chen Mengyu's expression changed, as if she was sizing up a clown.

"I don't want to serve takeout anymore, I don't want to work part-time anymore."

Chu Fann said with an expressionless face. He didn't know why Chen Mengyu kept scolding him, but the two of them had already gotten rid of the responsibility, couldn't they separate peacefully? Chu Fann did not know what Chen Mengyu was thinking, making fun of and humiliating the other party for fun.

Perhaps … perhaps it was because he saw that Guo Chao had huge potential, that his Guo Family had recovered its cooperation with Mingzhu Group, and was trying to show his sincerity in front of him … It was truly laughable to imagine.

"What are you doing here if you don't do take-out?" Do you know this place? White Swan Music Restaurant, the minimum cost is two thousand yuan, do you understand? It's up to your part-time salary for one month! "

Chen Mengyu did not believe that the other party came here to spend money. With his level, he could not afford such a place.

"Mengyu, I'm not here to eat, why would he care about how expensive this place is? He doesn't even have the concept of a 5-star restaurant, so he might have come in to take photos and act cool. " Guo Chao lit up a cigarette.

"Chu Fann, you aren't following me right? You still haven't given up on me? " Suddenly, Chen Mengyu raised her eyebrows. When she thought of this possibility, she looked at him with malicious intent in her eyes.

"You're thinking too much, I …"

"Cut the crap and get out of here. Your good mood, seeing you like this, is ruined." Chen Mengyu didn't even give him a chance to speak, "Waiter, chase him out. This person doesn't have the ability to consume. His purpose is suspicious."

The waiter, who wore a suit and waistcoat, had a kind smile on his face as he walked over quickly while carrying a silver plate. His gaze quickly swept across Chu Fann before landing on Chen Mengyu and Guo Chao.

"Sir and lady, may I ask if you have reserved your seats?"

"Of course! Can you even suspect that we don't have the power to consume? " When Guo Chao heard this, he was displeased. He deliberately pulled on his sleeves, revealing the wristwatch on his wrist.

Seeing this scene, the waiter smiled and gestured towards Chu Fann, "Sir, this restaurant welcomes the high class people to spend their money here. In order to create a good dining atmosphere and a high class experience, outsiders are not allowed to linger here, if it's your actions that cause the customers here to feel unwell, then this is a dereliction of duty for our service."

Obviously, this was an order to expel him from the city.

The waiter was also a perceptive person. By comparing his attire with his appearance, he knew which side he should serve.

The customer was God, and the waiters would all be satisfied with what Guo Chao and Chen Mengyu asked for.

"You guys are going too far!"

Chen Mengyao, who came out of the bathroom, saw this scene. She walked over angrily to fight for Chu Fann.

"Sis, how can you do this? "Chu Fann didn't offend you guys, why do you always have to go against him? He's had a hard time these three years!" Chen Mengyao could not understand.

"What are you doing here?"

Chen Mengyu's brows furrowed to the limit.

"Also, Chen Mengyao, when did it become your turn to teach me a lesson? Who do you think you are? Do you take yourself seriously when you earn some money? "

"Oh, I understand. I know, I actually earned some money and brought him here to spend it?" You're good, Chen Mengyao. How come I didn't realize that you were so awesome? "Tell me, how much money is hidden?"

Chen Mengyu was suddenly enlightened.

She knew why Chu Fann, the pauper, would appear in a place like the White Swan. So it was her sister who brought him.

Chen Mengyao became the person in charge of projects between her family and Mingzhu Group. Just by working together for the first time, she had brought back several hundred thousand yuan. Other than her parents taking a large portion, and her taking several tens of thousands as well, the remaining money must have been secretly kept by this damned girl.

"I don't have any, I've given all the money to you and your parents!" Chen Mengyao bit her lips as she explained.

"Alright Mengyu, let's eat. Why do we have to care about a diaosi like him?" If he can eat one meal, can he eat another? " Guo Chao sneered.

"Just you wait!" Chen Mengyao, I'll deal with you when we get home! " Chen Mengyu acted tough but was actually weak at heart.

With that, Guo Chao pulled him away.

"Waiter, we are ordering seat number one. Hurry and serve us food!"

Chen Mengyu's commanding voice echoed in the air.

"Sigh, sorry for making you suffer." Chu Fann felt guilty.

"I'm fine. It's you, they wronged you. You invited me for this meal." Chen Mengyao shook her head.

Suddenly, classical music started playing in the hall.

It was Beethoven's Moonlight Piano. The elegant keys of the piano danced on the fingertips of a beautiful foreign woman. A small band walked to Guo Chao's table and played a violin on the side.

"Wow, Brother Chao, you're too romantic!" I love you so much! " Chen Mengyu couldn't help but extend her hand and cross her fingers with Guo Chao.

Unlike the other tables, Seat One's cutlery was made entirely out of crystal, and it was located in the center of the hall, attracting the attention of many.

This marketing is great.

Not long after, the dishes were quickly served. Two beautiful waitresses accompanied the dishes at the side. They were on the verge of being fed a mouthful, so they could only wait for the orders to arrive.

"I love you so much, Brother Chao. I like this kind of service!" Chen Mengyu could not hold it in anymore. She picked up her phone and madly typed a few words into her friend list. Accompanied by her photos, she received a lot of praise.

Chen Mengyu's roommates were all jealous to death.

"That's great. I heard that these are all special services provided by the white swans, right? It's so expensive, over ten thousand at a time. "

"It's great that we can be as carefree as Sister Mengyu. Hai, it's hard to find a good boyfriend!"

… ….

Only Guo Chao, who was sitting opposite him, muttered.

He didn't order any of these services? Were the clerks mistaken?

However, he couldn't back down now, so when he saw the excitement on Chen Mengyu's face, he didn't say anything.

Chen Mengyu glanced at Chu Fann provocatively and noticed that Chu Fann was walking towards the front desk.

"Could I trouble you to help me arrange the location? My friend helped me book the orders. This is a screenshot of the orders she sent over. You can take a look." Chu Fann handed over the phone. Inside was a screenshot of a WeChat with a 2-D code and an order number.

It was Ming Xi who had booked the seat for him, and Chu Fann didn't know what position Ming Xi had reserved.

The receptionist took the machine to scan the order number, then suddenly frowned. She took a glance at the center of the hall, "Card number one? Isn't there someone already? "

The front desk beauty confirmed the information again, her face suddenly changed, and immediately called for the waiter, "Are you mistaken? These two are the customers who are booking the number one seat, and those two are the normal number one seats, how did you arrange for them to sit in the center seat? If you can get confused over this, do you want to do it? "

"Ah?" No way, let me see! " Wearing a suit and waistcoat, the waiter who wanted to kick Chu Fann out of the restaurant was so scared that his forehead was covered in sweat. He immediately ran over to Guo Chao's table, "Sir, is it convenient for you to show your ticket? I need to confirm some information! "

"What are you doing? disturb our meal! " Guo Chao was surprised for a moment, then picked up the ticket on the table and threw it to the waiter. The waiter looked at it twice, then said with a wry smile, "Sorry, this seat belongs to the two guests. Your seats are in that corner."

The waiter pointed at the table near the window. The table there was at least twice as small as this place, and the tableware was also extremely sparse, not to mention the style.

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