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Great Son-in-law/C13 That's Enough to Give You the Limelight
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C13 That's Enough to Give You the Limelight

"What kind of international joke are you playing? This seat is theirs? Which face do you think is qualified to sit here? Do you need us to switch to an ordinary seat? Dream on? "

Chen Mengyu was so infuriated that she started laughing. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, as if she was dead.

If it was anyone else, she might have been able to accept it, but she was going to be given a good seat for Chu Fann and Chen Mengyao? I might as well say not to let her eat it.

"Lady, you do not have the right to occupy this booth, or else we will blacklist you and stop receiving orders related to you." The uniformed waiter was also sweating profusely.

It wasn't easy for him. Just the mistake of taking a seat was enough to take half of his life. If they didn't negotiate properly, he wouldn't need to work as a waiter.

To be able to sit in a booth was not something he could afford to offend. He really did not realize that brat was someone who was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger... If the other party was serious, then he really wouldn't have a good ending.

Right now, he could only try his best to remedy the situation while hoping that the latter would be magnanimous and not bear grudges against him because of what had happened previously.

"Mengyu... "How about …" Guo Chao smiled in embarrassment.

"No way!" We have money, how much money do we need to make up for it! "We will absolutely not give up our position!"

Chen Mengyu rejected immediately.

"Right, how much do I need to add? Let's make up for it! " Guo Chao said with a cold expression.

"This is not only a matter of money. First, you must not change the positions you've chosen. Second, all five seats in the center of the white swan require proof of identity to be booked …"

"You guys just came in and sat here. I thought you knew the rules of us white swans …" The waiter was confused.

"You still have proof of identity?" What proof of identity could those two fellows have? It's simply a joke! " Chen Mengyu was furious. She stood up and was about to rush over to cause trouble for Chu Fann. However, the security guards stopped her.

"Miss, please cooperate with us! Change your seats, or leave the white swans! " The waiter braced himself and said.

There was nothing he could do. He had to offend one side, but he couldn't offend Chu Fann.

"Mengyu, forget it, change seats then. I'll book another central seating for them the next time I come over. This time, it'll be considered as giving them the alms!" Guo Chao pulled Chen Mengyu, who was sitting there shamelessly in front of so many weird eyes, and he couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

Chen Mengyu was not afraid of anything else. What she was afraid of was the waiter's uncooperative words about putting them on the black list and not to enter the black swan for meals ever again. If this really happened, wouldn't she be laughed to death by her friends?

Putting away the items on the table, the two of them dejectedly went to Seat No. 1 by the door.

Seeing that the waiter had cleaned up the booth 1, Chu Fann said to Chen Mengyao, "Come on, let's go over."

"Elder sister, they … Would you be very angry? " Chen Mengyao tiptoed, her face full of worry.

"There's nothing we can do even if they get angry. This seat is ours to begin with, they just sat in the wrong seats." Chu Fann spread his hands.

The man in the suit and waistcoat bowed apologetically, "My apologies, my two guests. I've troubled you. We will reschedule your performance and gift you a bottle of our store's White Swan red wine as an apology."

The waiter slowly walked away. A minute later, the beautiful piano lady and the violinist appeared once again. Chen Mengyao blushed as she ate the pastries in front of her in the midst of the romantic music.

She was very happy. She didn't know how much Chu Fann spent this time, but she made up her mind that she would make it up to him when she got the money.

For Chu Fann, it was too difficult to get so much money.

Chen Mengyu, who was seated in the first row of seats near the window, looked over in surprise.

"Slut, secretly hide the money and bring him here to eat!" Just the booking fee for the central seating area was at least 10,000 yuan. With all sorts of performances and drinks added together, she couldn't eat anything except 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. Just how much money did she hide? Just by going to the Mingzhu Group once, how much oil did she get?

Chen Mengyu had her doubts. She made up her mind and went back to tell her parents that she must torture them severely! How could he let her have hard wings?

In fact, Chen Mengyao was also puzzled. She knew that Chu Fann hadn't lived an easy life for the past three years and had spent almost all of his money for her sister. Where did he get all his spare money from?

"Eat well. I know what you're worried about. "Don't worry about me. I have money." Chu Fann smiled as he looked at the silly girl sitting opposite him, who couldn't help but glance at him after taking a bite.

"Anyway, you can't do this in the future, save more money. If you want to buy a house, you have to live. If you have money, then you can't spend it." Chen Mengyao pursed her lips.

Speaking of the house, that Ming Xi seemed to have said that she wanted to help him take a mansion, right? I wonder how things are going now.

"The house will have everything soon. Everything will be fine."

"Bullsh * t, hurry up and eat." Chen Mengyao rolled her eyes.

How could a house just have something? Although the price of housing in Yunhai City wasn't as high as that of an upper-tier city, it was still only ten to twenty thousand. A house that cost two to three million silver taels was not something an ordinary person could afford.

Ten minutes later, it was Chen Mengyu and Guo Chao who left first. It was too depressing to stay here. She could not bear to watch that bitch eating in the corner with the man she hated the most.

"Oh yeah, Brother Chu Fann, let me tell you something."

"I'm currently the project manager for our Chen Family and our Mingzhu Group, and am specifically responsible for expanding our Jing'an's offline medicine sales channels. You can do this with me, it's very profitable." Chen Mengyao suddenly remembered that she could earn money with Chu Fann!

"Haha, that's great." Chu Fann laughed when he heard that.

This feeling of innocence was really good. If Mengyao knew that he had a lot of money, could she still do this?

After they finished eating, they left the restaurant and went to the park to sit for a while.

"Your birthday is coming up in three days. You still haven't told me what kind of present you want. Your Chen Family also values the coming of age, right? " The two of them sat side by side, Chu Fann leaning on a tree behind them with a green weed in his mouth.

Chen Mengyao shook her head, her eyes a little dim. "I didn't mention it at home."

"Really?" "Then leave your coming of age gift to me this time." Chu Fann smiled at her in the sunlight.

"I don't need any coming of age ceremony. I just need someone to eat with me on my birthday."

"My birthday and elder sister's are the same day. Every year, everyone accompanies elder sister." Chen Mengyao twirled her fingers.

Chu Fann was clear about this point. Chen Mengyu was an expert in all aspects of Chen Family, and Old Madam Chen liked her. Every year, everyone would help Chen Mengyu celebrate her birthday.

This girl must be feeling really bitter in her heart.

Chu Fann made up his mind that in three days, he would definitely give her an adult ceremony that would attract the attention of tens of thousands, suppressing everyone's limelight.

They sat in the park for over an hour.

In the evening, Chen Mengyao received a call from her mother, Bai Yulan, asking her to come back.

Chen Mengyao felt uneasy. She was very afraid of meeting her sister.

She carefully pushed open the door and three pairs of eyes stared straight at her.

"Kneel!" Bai Yulan Bing said coldly.

"Stubborn? He dared to hide money? You still dare to treat Chu Fann to a meal? How the f * * k do I not know when did you become so capable? " Bai Yulan held a leather belt in her hand.

"No …" "No, Brother Chu Fann invited me. I don't have any money." Chen Mengyao's legs were weak and her face was as white as paper. She was so frightened that she could barely speak.

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