Great Son-in-law/C14 Redemption of Important Things
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Great Son-in-law/C14 Redemption of Important Things
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C14 Redemption of Important Things

"I told you to kneel!" Bai Yulan threw the belt on Chen Mengyao, and a bloody wound appeared on her exposed arm.

"Plop ~"

Under the immense pressure, Chen Mengyao kneeled by the door.

"And Chu Fann invited you? Are you trying to trick a ghost? Did that poor bastard want to live on his own? Can he invite you to dinner at the White Swan? The first booth in the center? You think I didn't ask? Your meal will cost at least 30,000 yuan! "

Chen Mengyu added fuel to the fire, listening to Bai Yulan full of anger.

Thirty thousand yuan, this damned girl was going to spend it just like that?

Unable to hold it in any longer, she whipped her belt a few more times. Chen Mengyao gritted her teeth and remained silent.

"Alright, stop hitting her so many times. Don't call her lousy. In the future, we'll have to rely on our face to discuss business. It's about time for us to remember everything." Chen Shouguo said.

"Guo Chao and I went on a date today, and I lost all my face to her. She sure is capable, to even dare to slap my face? Back then, when you saw me give up my seat, did you feel really good about it? "Hmm?" Chen Mengyu then took two steps forward and pinched Mengyao's cheek, twisting it as she questioned.

"No …." I don't think so. " Chen Mengyao had a wronged expression.

"Whom are you going to show to?" Seeing her expression, Chen Mengyu felt disgusted and couldn't help but give her a slap.

"Let's all calm down." Chen Shouguo couldn't stand it any longer.

"There are three more days until your birthday. It's all because of Chu Fann, is there a need?" In a few days, he will be completely chased out of our Chen Family.

With that, Chen Shouguo returned to the sofa and smoked his cigarette.

White Yulan was still angry.

"Chen Shouguo, this girl will not be able to reach the heavens in the future without being taught a lesson? He already had the guts to hide his money, so why would he take it out to spend? Thirty thousand is not a small sum. I wanted to change cars, but this little girl ate so much in a single meal! "

"What else can we do after spending all the flowers?"

"I'm just too angry!" Chen Shouguo had no choice but to give a light snort. He simply didn't want to argue.

"Stupid girl, hurry up and do some projects for me. Dig more money from Mingzhu Group and go home. Whether or not we can buy a house to change to a car depends on how you squeeze oil from the water behind you. If I catch you spending money randomly again, I'll break your hand!" Bai Yulan warned him, then turned around and lay down on the sofa, quietly discussing with Chen Shouguo.

"Mom, I'm going to look for Guo Chao. He said to take me for a ride." Chen Mengyu didn't even look at Mengyao as she walked down the stairs beside her.

The surroundings quieted down. Only then did Chen Mengyao stand up from the ground, wipe her tears away and return to her room alone.

"Are you home? They didn't make things difficult for you, right? "

Just as he opened his phone, he received Chu Fann's message.

Chen Mengyao smiled as she wiped away the tears on her face and replied, "It's fine, but you must not spend money carelessly again. Money is not easy to come by, and I might not be able to save it for you in the future."

"Spend more money for yourself. I'm a man, you don't need to worry about me. I'll see you tomorrow. "

With a beep, Chu Fann replied instantly.

Chen Mengyao closed the phone with a smile after reading it.

The next day, Chu Fann did not stay idle. He went to the Citibank to get an internet cafe and then went to the pawnshops in the entire Jing'an Region to ask around, wanting to redeem Mengyao's jade bracelet. That jade bracelet had a special meaning for Mengyao, if it wasn't because she did not have the money to buy Old Madam's birthday present, she would not have pawned it.

However, after running through more than ten stores, there was no news of this jade bracelet.

In the end, Chu Fann had no choice but to call Chen Mengyao and ask her clearly.

Chen Mengyao's heart was filled with warmth when she found out that Chu Fann was asking everywhere for information about her jade bracelet.

To be honest, being born in a big family, the warmth she received from her family after living for so many years was not even close to the warmth Chu Fann gave her. He was really a good man, Chen Mengyao once couldn't understand why her sister wouldn't cherish him … Now that the engagement between the two had been dissolved, it was useless for her to regret it in the future.

"Brother Chu Fann, I said that when I'm rich, I'll redeem myself. Don't work so hard. Besides, how can you be rich after going to the White Swan Restaurant?" Chen Mengyao said softly.

"Mengyao, if you trust me, then come find me at the school gate. We'll go redeem the bracelet together." Chu Fann said in a serious tone.

In the end, Mengyao had no choice but to compromise.

However, she had already made up her mind. How much did Chu Fann spend? She would make it all up to him in the future! Unknowingly, she owed Chu Fann more and more.

Today, Chen Mengyao wore a light blue dress. Her hands were placed together on the hem of her skirt, making her look somewhat uneasy.

"I sold my bracelet at the antique market and didn't take it to a pawnshop." Chen Mengyao said embarrassedly.

"Seriously... If you don't have money, you can just give me a cheap gift. Your sister and that Guo Chao gave you a fake painting, but your grandmother didn't say anything. Chu Fann couldn't help but scratch her nose.

When they arrived at the antique market, since it was a weekday, the crowd wasn't packed. They followed Chen Mengyao directly to the Ivy Pavilion s gate on the second floor.

"You sold it to Ivy Pavilion?" Chu Fann couldn't help but twitch his eyelids as he looked at the golden signboard. He was a diamond member of Ivy Pavilion after all.

"Yeah, he sold it for 30,000 yuan. I thought it would be more than that."

"If they want to redeem it now, they definitely won't do it …" Chen Mengyao stuck out her tongue.

"Who cares how much he wants. Since he came today, he has no intention of leaving empty-handed." Chu Fann pulled her directly in.

The beautiful lady at the front desk, Xiao Yu, faced the bill and looked at Chu Fann's back as he walked in, muttering, "It's a little familiar, isn't it? Mr. Chu, who just became a diamond member a few days ago? "

"Hurry up and call the boss and ask him to come back personally. A big customer is here again!"

After saying that, Xiao Yu quickly put down her work and called her boss.

"Brother Chu Fann, we don't have any money, so we can wait. I'm not in a hurry, let's come back in a few days …" When they arrived at the pawn area, Chen Mengyao's palms were covered with sweat. She couldn't help but slow down her footsteps.

"Who told you I don't have any money?" Chu Fann turned around and saw the cowardice in Chen Mengyao's eyes. After thinking for a while, he decided to let her go, so he took out a card from his pocket, "What do you think this is? This is a diamond membership from Ivy Pavilion. "

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