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Great Son-in-law/C15 Don't be too Wild as a Man
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C15 Don't be too Wild as a Man

"Diamond card?"

"You, you are a diamond member here?"

Chen Mengyao's mouth was opened so wide that an egg could fit inside.

"Of course, you can relax now, right?" Chu Fann rolled his eyes and said.

"But... But how did you get that? It was said that the diamond members here needed three hundred thousand or five hundred thousand? It's an astronomical figure! " Although Chen Mengyao had never come into contact with the member services of Ivy Pavilion before, she still had a rough understanding of them.

She didn't know that the diamond card needed to be recharged by one million yuan. Otherwise, she would be so scared that she wouldn't be able to shut her mouth.

"That's enough, come over here."

Chu Fann pulled her to the pawn area's service desk.

At this moment, a few couples were picking out treasures and occupying the reception desk.

In the Ivy Pavilion, compared to the ordinary treasure trading area, some people would prefer to come to the pawnshop to buy things, as it was easier for good things to appear here. After all, many people who lacked money would pawn their precious treasures out, and this was their chance.

"Hubby, this bracelet is really suitable for me?" It's only priced at one hundred and twenty thousand, so I'll buy it for you. I'll take it! "

"I promise, you'll help me buy it and I won't spend any money for the next two months!"

In front of the service desk, a well-dressed middle-aged woman with heavy makeup was acting coquettishly. Beside her, a man in a suit and leather shoes was hesitating. Obviously, the price he was offering was a bit too expensive.

"You just took off the necklace a few days ago, and now you want to buy it …" You don't need to spend money like that. " There was a hint of complaint in the man's voice.

"Brother Chu Fann, that bracelet in their hands …" Chen Mengyao pointed at the ice type jade bracelet in the middle-aged woman's hand.

"I want this jade bracelet."

Seeing the middle-aged man standing there hesitating, Chu Fann quickly called out a price.

This made the couple unhappy.

"Who is it? So arrogant? My wife took a liking to the bracelet first. What do you want? " The middle-aged man glared at Chu Fann.

"Yes, what do you want? "Smelly diaosi, can you afford it?"

The middle-aged woman turned her head and saw Chu Fann and Chen Mengyao, she seemed to have raised her voice, "Ivy Pavilion is really something that the more we do, the more difficult it is for us to do! What kind of cats and dogs would be placed inside? Two poor students wearing this kind of clothes actually had the nerve to look at luxurious accessories? Isn't that just affecting our experience as real shoppers? "

Chu Fann had no intention of arguing with her on this topic. He walked up to her and said, "You've been reading for a long time and still haven't decided not to buy it. Can't I just bid?"

"You want to buy? Can you afford it? " Hearing this, the middle-aged woman immediately laughed.

When the others around them heard the commotion, they decided to stop buying and turned their gazes over.

This was a rare occurrence, how could a treasure shop run into someone arguing? Could it be that there was some history to this bracelet?

"Hubby, help me buy it! Don't let anyone see you laughing! " The middle-aged man had to thank this brat. He knew that her husband was being very polite. If this brat hadn't come to provoke her, she might not have been able to buy this bracelet.

"Alright, I'll buy it. We'll buy it, we'll pay now!" The middle-aged man clenched his teeth as he pulled out his Platinum Card.

"I'll pay one hundred and fifty thousand." Chu Fann shouted.

"Both the pawn area and the auction area can freely bid. If the price is high enough, isn't that the case?" Chu Fann looked at the counter staff.

"That's right, we are indeed free to bid." The waitress smiled sweetly.

However, Chu Fann's bid was equivalent to offending the middle-aged couple to death. Even Chen Mengyao couldn't help but pull him back and secretly give him a look.

However, Chu Fann had come to help her redeem the jade bracelet, so how could he let go now? Mengyao had worn a bracelet for over ten years, what did it matter if this old woman bought it?

"He's purely here to cause trouble, I hope to chase him out, if not I will never come back to your Ivy Pavilion ever again!" The middle-aged man was furious.

"Mr. Wang... If he is unable to afford it, we will report him to the police to disrupt order and capture him. This is our Ivy Pavilion's own matter, and you can only take away this jade bracelet after offering a higher bid, this is our Ivy Pavilion's rule. " The service personnel were also very patient.

"We bid one hundred and sixty thousand!" Without waiting for Mr. Wang to speak, Madam Wang slammed the table in anger and stared arrogantly at Chu Fann.

"Two hundred thousand." Chu Fann stretched out two fingers.

"You!" Madam Wang's face turned red as she stared at Chu Fann. Her eyeballs were about to pop out from their sockets.

"Brother Chu Fann, let's forget about it …" "Too terrifying." Chen Mengyao's face was as white as paper.

Two hundred thousand? What a joke, she didn't think Chu Fann had that much money.

"I will definitely help you redeem the jade bracelet today. Otherwise, when it falls into their hands, who knows where it will flow to. At that time, it will be extremely difficult to redeem it." Chu Fann said resolutely.

"Two hundred and ten thousand!" Mr. Wang took a deep breath. From one hundred and twenty thousand to two hundred and ten thousand was all because of this little beast.

"Three hundred thousand!" Chu Fann's expression did not change.

"I want to see your boss!" Ask your boss to come over! I'm sure he is! He simply cannot afford it. If your Ivy Pavilion can't even differentiate this little bit of basic knowledge, I think you should just close your doors! "

Mr. Wang said while gnashing his teeth.

"Yes!" Ask your boss to come over, or have him show his certificate of assets! We will not accept his method of trading for him to make us sick by raising the price out of thin air! Who knows if your Ivy Pavilion is deliberately setting up such a pit? " Madam Wang was just on the verge of cursing out loud.

The service personnel weren't that easy to deal with, so she looked at Chu Fann, "Sir, is it convenient to show your membership card? After confirming that you have the ability to pay, you can continue to bid. "

Chu Fann paused for a moment. Then, under the scornful gazes of the two, he took out his blind diamond card and placed it on the table.

"Diamond card!"

"Heavens, the number of people who play the pig to eat the tiger in the Jing'an area would probably not exceed two slaps, right? Each of them is a top boss worth over a hundred million! "

"Which family is this kid from?"

Gazes were directed at Chu Fann in an extremely obscure manner. They sized him up, guessed at him, and even had a few sinister and malicious looks.


The diamond card was swiped across the machine. "Rank, diamond card. Balance, zero yuan."

The air was quiet for a moment.

Suddenly, Madame Wang burst out laughing, so much so that she couldn't even straighten her back.

"Hahaha, I'm so happy! Where did you pick up the card from? You have the nerve to take out an empty card? Like I said, what can someone like you do with a diamond card? He actually picked up a trash card. If there's no money in it, then what are you going to use to pay for it? "

The Wang couple were amused. The moment they saw Chu Fann's card, they were really shocked. They thought that they had offended some God, but who knew he was just a paper tiger? You dare to show off with an empty card? Now he revealed his true colors?

"I forgot to charge..." Chu Fann scratched his head. The card cost one million. Coincidentally, the last time he bought the bronze bracelet, he spent one million. There was not a single cent left in the card.

"Did you forget to charge?" Can you afford it? "

"Why aren't you chasing him out? Isn't that obvious enough? This kid is just a scumbag liar! " Lady Wang was unreasonable and unforgiving.

"I... "My boss is here, let him handle it..." The waiter was still in a dilemma when he coincidentally raised his head and saw a tall girl walk over. She immediately revealed a happy expression and quickly said.

The tall woman wore a red dress and had a seven-centimeter high heel. She wore light makeup and was extremely beautiful. Following her arrival, the focus of everyone's attention shifted to her.

"Teacher Wang, Madam Wang, you sure got angry?"

"Hmph, your Ivy Pavilion is getting worse the more you do it, isn't it? Anyone can be sent inside, of course there's anger. " Lady Wang pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest.

However, when the red-clothed Ivy Pavilion boss heard this, he only smiled slightly. She turned around and walked in front of Chu Fann with a polite attitude, "You must be Mr. Chu, right?"

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