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Great Son-in-law/C16 Advance Preparation Plan
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C16 Advance Preparation Plan

"Let me introduce myself. I am the owner of Ivy Pavilion, surnamed Fang."

All these qualities could be found from her body. As she spoke, she let out a faint fragrance on Chu Fann's face, which made Chu Fann's face turn hot. Luckily, with Mengyao by the side, Chu Fann quickly recovered.

"Hello, my surname is indeed Chu."

Just as Chu Fann finished his sentence, Mrs Wang squeezed over.

"Boss Fang, what do you mean by this?" We're old customers, aren't we? You're leaving us out to serve this kid? " Madam Wang simply could not understand.

"Madam Wang, you're wrong. Since you're a regular customer of our store, you should know that only diamond members in our store can enjoy the one-on-one service of our manager. You two shouldn't have reached diamond membership yet, right?"

"If that's the case … "If you two have any trouble, please just call out my attendants. I believe that they will give you a good experience after your professional training." Fang Ying's words were polite, but at the same time, she was also extremely impolite. She expressed her attitude and position without the slightest hesitation.

The Ivy Pavilion had grown by now, with more than ten diamond members and even more platinum members. She would not lower her own worth or lower her head in agreement just because of these two people.

"Boss Fang, you're really great!" We finally got to see it today. Ignoring us, you want to serve this poor bastard? "But it's such a pity. If you knew that the diamond card in his hand was picked up and that there's not a single cent inside, would Boss Fang still say such words?" Madam Wang was so angry that she crossed her arms in front of her chest and sneered repeatedly. Her face was filled with a victorious look, as if she could see Fang Ying's expression change from calm and collected to anger.

However, she was disappointed. Fang Ying still had a faint smile on her face.

"Every diamond card has been registered with the customer's personal information. They don't steal it. Also, the diamond card that Mr. Chu just registered a few days ago, how could it be picked up?" Fang Ying tilted her head and smiled, "Am I right? "Mr. Chu?"

Chu Fann nodded subconsciously.

"Then why is the balance zero?" Spending a million in a few days? Do you take us for fools? " Madam Wang's eyes widened.

"Because Mr. Chu bought the bronze bracelet from the Warring States Era. Do you two understand now?" Fang Ying smiled.

The two of them were stunned. Spending a million to buy a bronze bracelet, how could he be so rich?

Seeing the two of them staring blankly at each other, Chu Fann walked around them and picked up the jade bracelet on the counter, "Boss Fang, since you're here, this matter is settled. My purpose today is this jade bracelet, no matter what the price is, I will get it.

"In addition, Mr. Wang, Madam Wang, do you two agree on the price? If you don't keep up with the price, I'll take this jade bracelet for 300,000 yuan. "

Madam Wang's dry lips moved, but she did not say anything for a long time.

Mr. Wang let out two hollow laughs and made a 'please' gesture. It was obvious that he did not intend to argue.

To be able to casually consume millions of dollars in the antique market, he couldn't afford to offend someone like that, and he didn't want to provoke him either.

Seeing that everyone was happy, Fang Ying also laughed.

"You don't need three hundred thousand, Mr. Chu is our Ivy Pavilion's new customer. I'll give you the original price, take the one hundred and twenty thousand and treat it as making a friend." Fang Ying took the jade bracelet from Chu Fann's hand and wrapped it up before passing it to him. "I still need a boss like Mr. Chu to take care of our store's business in the future."

Chu Fann did not stand on ceremony with her and pulled Mengyao along. The two chatted and laughed as they went to the front desk.

Chen Mengyao, who was following behind, was stupefied.

If it weren't for Chu Fann, she wouldn't even know how to walk.

It was another one million, three hundred thousand, and also a diamond member. His impression of Chu Fann was instantly overturned, where did he get the money from?

At the front desk, she saw Chu Ge charge another 200,000, then swipe his card and pay the 120,000 transaction fee. He still had 80,000 in his card.

After the two of them left the Ivy Pavilion, Chen Mengyao immediately stood in front of Chu Fann. Her pretty face was not filled with joy, but was filled with doubt and puzzlement.

Just now, she had stood up several times inside the Ivy Pavilion to persuade Chu Fann not to waste time to redeem the jade bracelet. The price of one hundred and twenty thousand was far beyond her imagination, but from start to finish, Chu Fann didn't even give her a chance to speak, and directly bid for the bracelet in one go.

"Chu Fann!" You lied to me! Where did you get the money? "

"I won the lottery. Over a million, but I've spent almost all of it." Chu Fann hurriedly said when he saw Mengyao was angry.

"Really?" Chen Mengyao's face was filled with suspicion. Her eyes narrowed into a line as she snorted softly.

"Of course it's true. After all, there's nothing I can do about it. You know, I'm as poor as a ghost. Usually, I buy lottery tickets just to make a windfall. Who knew that I would actually hit the jackpot …" Chu Fann spread his hands.

"If you knew that you were poor, then why did you spend so much? Over a million yuan, why don't you buy a house? The price of housing has risen so quickly in the past two years! " Chen Mengyao couldn't help but stamp her feet in disappointment.

"Ai, let's talk about the house later. The road to life is still long, I'll walk it step by step." "In the entire Chen Family, only you are truly good to me. For three years, I have already seen it all, and sometimes I can't help but think, back then, why didn't that smelly old man who brought me to your Chen Family pick you as my fiancée?"

"Are you stupid? Three years ago, I was only fifteen, and I was only sixteen. Do you want to break the law? " Chen Mengyao scolded with a red face.

Seeing her smile, Chu Fann couldn't help but laugh. That's right, she was only 15 three years ago, but this year … Isn't it just eighteen? Her eighteenth birthday was coming up in three days, and the timing was perfect.

"Your birthday will be coming of age in three days, and it just so happens that I'm also preparing to move out of Chen Family in three days. The three year period is already up." Chu Fann pursed his lips.

"You … Don't think too much into it, I'll go back and plead on your behalf, and let you stay here. " Chen Mengyao's heart ached when she heard Chu Fann's words.

"Whatever attitude the rest of the Chen Family have towards me, I know very well that rather than staying there to fawn, it would be better to leave immediately. Besides, I have already broken off the engagement with your sister, so I should leave." Chu Fann smiled coolly.

After that, he sent Mengyao back to school.

… ….

"Ming Xi, where is the best, most luxurious, most suitable place for the birthday banquet in the entire Yunhai City?"

In the luxurious Bentley, Chu Fann sat in the front passenger seat while Ming Xi parked her car by the roadside. Today, she was wearing a purple low-cut dress with a beautiful headband that alternated pure and charming.

In her hand was a real estate certificate and a real estate contract. On them was the house of the Clouds Mountain villa that she had helped Chu Fann deal with. Hearing Chu Fann ask about this, she put the contract aside.

"Second Young Master's birthday is coming up?"

"No, it's my birthday." Chu Fann rubbed his hands.

"So it's like that …" A male friend, or … " The corner of Ming Xi's mouth curled up as she moved closer to Chu Fann. The fragrance assaulted her senses, scaring Chu Fann so much that he directly leaned behind his seat.

"Female … female friend."

"Hehe, is he someone that Second Young Master likes?" Ming Xi's big eyes curved into crescent moons.

Chu Fann was silent for a moment and then nodded.

"So that's how it is. I understand." Ming Xi retracted her smile and supported her chin with one hand. Suddenly, she snapped her fingers. The highest and most luxurious hotel in the entire Yunhai City was surrounded by sightseeing spots. On the roof of the building, there was an open-air star viewing platform. How luxurious! Such a scene! Three days from now, there will be another big star performing in there. It will be an unforgettable performance for the rest of one's life. "

"Can you help me with this?"

Chu Fann looked at Ming Xi and saw a hidden bitterness in her eyes.

"It can be... Just watching my beloved Second Young Master help someone else's birthday makes their heart ache! " Ming Xi clutched her chest and frowned slightly. She fell into Chu Fann's arms, "Second Young Master, please let me be happy once and I will agree to your request."

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