Great Son-in-law/C17 Oil and Water Are as Terrifying as the Human Heart
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Great Son-in-law/C17 Oil and Water Are as Terrifying as the Human Heart
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C17 Oil and Water Are as Terrifying as the Human Heart

"Quick... Happy? "

"Yun Xi, stop messing around, I have someone I like. She treats me very well, I'm preparing to confess to her on her birthday in three days." Chu Fann's face turned red.

"Second Young Master, even I'm wondering if you're a man … How can you refuse a beauty invitation? "With your identity, it's normal for there to be a few women outside." Ming Xi blinked her large magical eyes, as if she wanted to suck Chu Fann in.

Chu Fann coughed and got off the car with the villa certificate and the contract, "I'll leave the matter of the Cloud Peak Golden Palace to you! Please! "

With that, Chu Fann ran away.

"This Second Young Master is really interesting. Sigh, I haven't met such a pure and innocent man in a long time." Ming Xi said with a smile as she sat in the car and watched Chu Fann leave.

Towards Chu Fann's request, she naturally did her best and did her best to promote it.

"14 years. April 24, the most luxurious celebration party in the Cloud Peak Golden Palace's Century Carnival. The mysterious tycoon chartered the top floor of the Star Observation Platform and laughed for the sake of his beauties, throwing away millions of gold!"

"At that time, who exactly is the famous Chinese singer Zhou Xinglun who was singing to his heart's content? to have this unparalleled card face? "

These two lines of advertisement ignited the emotions of nearly half of the Yunhai City's citizens in the entire Jing'an Region.

In less than half an hour, countless hotels on all four sides of the palace had been booked up. The Chinese all wanted to get the nearest seat and see how awesome the most luxurious celebration party of the century could be.

Besides, there were over two thousand of Zhou Xinglun's concerts. There was no market for them. How much would it cost to book a hotel with a balcony? To be able to listen to a live concert for free, that was not too profitable.

When the news spread, almost every household living in the city center was discussing it.

And at the same time, at Chen Family, Chen Mengyu sat inside the house with her parents, her face red from excitement.

"Ahhh, I can't wait to celebrate my birthday. I didn't expect Guo Chao to prepare such a big surprise for me. Seriously, I'm not mentally prepared!"

"The Cloud Top Golden Palace!" The most expensive star viewing platform! And there was also Big Star Zhou Xinglun. Oh my god, how much money did Guo Chao spend? Could it be that Guo Family and Mingzhu Group have worked together to make a huge profit? " Chen Mengyu acted like she was suffering from ADHD. She sat there for a while. There were several times when she wanted to call Guo Chao to confirm something, but she stopped herself in the end.

She knew that this was Guo Chao's painstaking effort and wanted to give her a surprise. She didn't want to ruin this surprise.

"I've already said this before. That kid, Little Chao, is reliable. Did you see it this time? This kind of scene? In the entire Jing'an Region, how many people are able to get it out? " Bai Yulan's face was filled with pride.

After three days, she would join in the fun as well. After all, her own daughter had made a name for herself. As a mother, how could she not have some face?

"I say … Could there be a mistake? The top star viewing platform of the Cloud Peak Golden Palace. I heard that you can't reserve one just because you have money … Then, will Guo Family only operate a small company? " Chen Shouguo hesitated for a moment and couldn't help but ask.

"What are you talking about, Dad? How could he be mistaken? Guo Chao told me before that he would help me host my birthday party in the Cloud Peak Golden Palace and give me a huge, mysterious surprise. Also, isn't April 24 my birthday?

"If there was, how could I not know that there were movements a few years ago?" Chen Mengyu curled her lips. Her father's words made her unhappy, like pouring cold water on a bucket of boiling water.

Guo Chao prepared such a big surprise for her, why would she question it? There weren't many coincidences in this world. It was the Cloud Peak Golden Palace and also the 24th of April. Who else could the protagonist be other than her?

"Alright, let's not talk about that for now. It's Yao's birthday on the 24th. She just turned eighteen, so it's not too good to be so biased. How about we give Yao a separate birthday dinner?" Chen Shouguo consulted the mother and daughter duo.

"And he even made up for his birthday by himself? That day, I let her go to the Cloud Top Golden Palace and have a meal with us. She can bask in the limelight, otherwise, she would never have had the chance to experience such a grand show in her entire life. " Chen Mengyu raised her head and crossed her arms over her chest.

Ever since the incident with Chu Fann in the past few days, she no longer had any patience with Chen Mengyao. Although it was not said to be disgusting, there was definitely disgust. Beautiful her.

"Ai, alright. I'll tell her about it when she comes back." Chen Shouguo compromised.

However, when he thought about it again, he realized that this was indeed the case. Even though there was such a huge publicity stunt and show up, he still couldn't believe that this was something that Guo Family could pull off.

For Chen Mengyao, although she could only be a supporting role under Chen Mengyu's influence, it wasn't that she was wronged. At least, it was better than going to a normal restaurant for a meal.

In the past two days, besides staying at school, Chen Mengyao had also been discussing with Mingzhu Group about how to sell medicine online. As the only person in charge of cooperation between Chen Family and other Mingzhu Group, Chen Mengyao did her duty and did her best to learn about business.

As for the news that spread like wildfire, she had naturally heard of it.

After all, April 24th was also her birthday. Since young, her biggest wish was to have many people accompany her for her birthday.

However, this wish of his had never been fulfilled.

In Chen Family, Chen Mengyu was always the main character. Every year, when she and Chen Mengyu celebrated their birthday together, the gazes of everyone in the Chen Family would always be on Chen Mengyu, and no one would pay any attention to her.

If nothing unexpected happened, this birthday couldn't have been celebrated by anyone but himself, right? Chen Mengyao thought dejectedly.

Three days passed quickly, and Chen Mengyao was quite tired during these three days. She even forgot that it was her birthday. On this day, when she woke up from sleep in her office, Zhong Ting just came in with a stack of documents in her hands and a faint smile on her face.

"Chen Mengyao, you are very scheming huh? You embezzled all this money, didn't you? Look at this account, it's a total loss of five hundred thousand! See, I won't accuse you ruthlessly in front of Grandmother! " Zhong Ting slapped the documents and bills in front of her.

"Me? "How is that possible? All the bills were compared by you and not handled by me at all!" Chen Mengyao's face turned pale.

"Heh, all of them were compared by me? Didn't go through you? Please, I'm just an assistant. Where did all this power come from? Who would believe what you said? "

"Chen Mengyao, I've heard that you're a fool, but your stupidity is beyond redemption."

Zhong Tingli was flabbergasted. How could such a foolish person become a project manager? However, this suited her. This kind of person was better to be controlled.

In the future, you must listen to all of my arrangements for the project negotiations and offline sales plans. Otherwise, not only will I ruin your reputation, I can also bring you to jail anytime, find someone to ruthlessly sully you, and make you understand that if you go against me, you'll only have a dead end! "

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