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C18 Today Is Your Home

After Zhong Ting finished her sentence, Chen Mengyao was stunned. When had she ever experienced such a thing?

She continued.

"However, hearing that today is your birthday with your sister, I made an exception and gave you a vacation. I allowed you to think about it for a day, so tomorrow at this time, give me an answer on time!" With that, Zhong Ting patted Chen Mengyao's shoulder, turned around, and left the office, leaving Chen Mengyao standing there in a daze.

She had indeed been careless. She had never thought that Zhong Ting would use such a move, or perhaps it could be said that she had never thought of guarding against the people around her. However, the profits of this cooperation project were too great.

Helplessness, fear, she didn't know what to do. For a moment, her face turned pale in panic. Luckily, Chu Fann called, causing Chen Mengyao to come back to her senses. Her expression turned better.

Turning on the phone, it was Chu Fann's voice, "Mengyao, what are you busy with? You forgot it's your birthday today? Come to the Cloud Peak Golden Palace, I have prepared a surprise for you. "

"The Cloud Peak Golden Palace?" While she was still thinking, Chu Fann quickly hung up the phone. However, just as the call ended, her sister called again.

"Chen Mengyao, don't say that I didn't give you a chance. Hurry up and come to the Cloud Peak Golden Palace. Today, I will bring you to witness a grand show. If you miss this opportunity, you will regret it for the rest of your life!" Chen Mengyu's voice had a bit of excitement, a bit of arrogance, and a bit of anticipation.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Mengyao was stupefied. "What? What?" Brother Chu Fann told her to go to the Cloud Top Golden Palace, and her sister also told her to go to the Cloud Top Golden Palace. This was impossible! The two of them were already incompatible, fighting each other whenever they met.

Unable to make sense of the situation, Mengyao shook her head and went back to pack up. Soon, she took a taxi to the Cloud Peak Golden Palace.

Today, the Cloud Peak Golden Palace could be said to be extremely luxurious. A banner was pulled down from the top of the Star Observation Platform, stating, "The celebration of Miss Chen has spread the word of fortune, and the heaven and earth share this joy."

On top of the Star Observation Platform, there were a few hot air balloons with cherry blossoms scattered all over them like a scattered rain of cherry blossoms. If one couldn't find a second place within the entire Yunhai City, it would be really hard for Ming Xi to worry about.

Chu Fann had arrived at the Cloud Peak Golden Palace early. After the preparations were done, he waited anxiously for a long time. However, what was interesting was that he didn't wait for Mengyao. Instead, he had asked Chen Mengyu to come.

Chen Mengyu was wearing a low-cut mermaid skirt, high-heeled shoes with diamonds inlaid on top, and a valuable Chanel bag. Behind her were her roommates, Liu Mei and Wu Jing.

Although the protagonist of today's show was Chen Mengyu, Liu Mei Wu Jing was also dressed in her best attire as she walked into the main hall of the Cloud Peak Golden Palace with a face full of glory.

Seeing such a grand scene, Liu Mei couldn't help but feel envious:

"Mengyu, Guo Chao is too nice to you. He actually included the entire Cloud Peak Golden Palace. If I could have a boyfriend like Guo Chao, I would wake up smiling even in my dreams."

Chen Mengyu pursed her red lips and looked happy. The most correct thing she had done in her life was to shake off Chu Fann and be with Guo Chao.

"Mengyu, why isn't Brother Chao calling you yet? He's way too calm." It was her first time seeing a man as calm as Guo Chao, who had prepared such a big surprise for her girlfriend without revealing even the slightest bit of it.

"What phone call?" Chen Mengyu rolled her eyes at Wu Jing. "Such a big surprise. You're on the phone saying that you're not as enthusiastic as you should be."

"If I were Brother Chao, I definitely wouldn't call my girlfriend. I would tell her about my surprise in front of my girlfriend and propose to her."

Chen Mengyu fell into a sweet fantasy.

"Mengyu, what if Guo Chao proposes marriage today? Are you really going to marry him? " Wu Jing could not help but ask.

"Of course! If I don't marry him, then why would I marry that dead trash Chu Fann! " Chen Mengyu blurted out without thinking.

As soon as she said Chu Fann, Chu Fann's figure appeared in Chen Mengyu's line of sight.

"Chu Fann?!"

"What the hell? How come I can see you everywhere?" Did he have to be shameless? "I want to rub you everywhere you go. My boyfriend has taken over the Cloud's Peak Golden Palace today. Please get out of here immediately. Don't come and get in my way, okay?"

Chen Mengyu was furious. Seeing Chu Fann at this kind of occasion made her feel like she had eaten a fly. It was extremely disgusting.

"Wh, what?" Is your boyfriend booked in? " Chu Fann's eyelids twitched and he couldn't help scratching his head. Wasn't it he who had asked Ming Xi to wrap it up? How did it become Guo Chao's?

"That's right!" Today, Brother Chao chartered the entire Cloud Peak Golden Palace, in the top star viewing platform to celebrate my birth, extravagant spending of tens of thousands of gold, diaosi, envy? It's a pity you can't be envious! You should look up to it for the rest of your life! "

"Oh right, I've roughly calculated it. Even if you give me 200 years of take-out, I can still barely buy a day to put on an act. I just don't know if you'll be able to live until that day!"

After Chen Mengyu finished her sentence, the surrounding people all laughed. These words were too sarcastic.

"Mengyu, you think too much. Even if this trash can live for 200 years and save up money for the Cloud Top Golden Palace, the boss of the Cloud Top Golden Palace won't rent out the Cloud Top Golden Palace to him." Wu Jing smiled on the side.

"Why?" Liu Mei asked even though she knew.

"Because he's a smelly taker, hahaha." Wu Jing jeered loudly.

"Haha, that's right. How could the boss of the Cloud Peak Golden Palace give the bag to a take-out customer?"

The surrounding bystanders also joined in the commotion, and the atmosphere was filled with a happy atmosphere.

I wonder what a take-out store is doing here?

Ordinary people would not be able to go up to the top floor and would have come here for nothing. It would be better if some smart people had already booked a high-rise balcony room at a nearby hotel, allowing them to see the view from the top floor of the Cloud Peak Golden Palace.

"Mengyu, look, look! "Guo Chao is here. He's dressed so well!" Suddenly, Wu Jing patted Chen Mengyu and pointed at the door. Outside the Cloud Peak Golden Palace, Guo Chao, in a suit and leather shoes, walked over with a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hand.

"Brother Chao!" I love you! "

Without even thinking, Chen Mengyu immediately rushed over and bumped into him. "Brother Chao, I'm so touched. I'm very satisfied with the surprise you gave me. Really satisfied. You're really too good to me!"

"Hahaha, Mengyu, why are you so smart? I didn't even say what the surprise was and you already guessed it?" Guo Chao laughed out loud. He fished out a box from behind his back and gently opened it. A dazzling light shot out. It was a huge diamond ring, probably around 3 carats in size.

"For this diamond ring, I spent a total of sixty thousand dollars! I didn't think that you would be able to guess such a pleasant surprise. Guo Chao had a confident smile on his face.

"Surprise? "A diamond ring?"

Chen Mengyu was slightly surprised for a moment, but she quickly recovered her smile, "Brother Chao, you are too humorous. Compared to the Cloud Peak Golden Palace, a mere diamond ring is nothing. So you want to give me a double surprise? Thank you. I love you. "

Backing the Cloud Top Golden Palace?

Double surprise?

Guo Chao was slightly surprised. What was Chen Mengyu saying? He had prepared a surprise for her, this six-carat diamond ring, there was no place for her to stay.

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