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C19 Is Me

Seeing Wu Tie's blank look, Chen Mengyu chuckled again. She pointed at Guo Chao's nose and said lovingly, "Brother Chao, at this time, are you still trying to hide it from me?"

"I can see the words on the banner very clearly."

"Miss Chen's celebration ceremony has spread through all the blessings, the heaven and earth rejoiced …" Chen Mengyu recited the words on the banner hanging outside once again.

After she finished reading, she chuckled, "Brother Chao, I know you've prepared these for me. Thank you, thank you so much. Today, I'm the happiest woman in the world."

"Guo Chao, don't hide this from Mengyu. Actually, Mengyu already knew that the mysterious tycoon of the Cloud Top Golden Palace was you." Wu Jing smiled on the side.

"Yes, Mengyu already knew that. "However, Guo Chao, you are way too calm. Since it's like this, are you still going to hide it from Mengyu?" Liu Mei's face was also full of blame.

Looking at the envious gazes of the crowd and Chen Mengyu's sweet expression, Guo Chao felt a bit confused.

What was this all about?

Chen Mengyu didn't think that... Was he the one who had taken over the Cloud Peak Golden Palace?

Guo Chao suddenly thought of this possibility and a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Mengyu …"

Guo Chao still wanted to say something, but Chen Mengyu didn't give him the chance. She directly grabbed his arm: "Brother Chao, let's go in. I already can't wait to go to the Star Observation Platform to watch Zhou Xinglun sing."

"Alright... "Alright."

Guo Chao replied stiffly. At this moment, he naturally couldn't tell her the truth.

After all, Chen Mengyu had brought so many friends and best friends with her. If he told her the truth, then Chen Mengyu's face would probably be slapped so hard that he would lose all his face.

Right now, he could only pretend to be in a daze. He would think of a way to enter, and see if he could sneak into the Star Observation Platform.

Just as they were about to enter, a figure suddenly appeared in their line of sight.

It was Chen Mengyao.

"Brother Chu Fann, Sis, you're all here." Seeing Chu Fann and Chen Mengyu, Chen Mengyao was at a loss for words as she greeted them.

Chu Fann smiled, "Mengyao, you finally came. I've been waiting for you for a long time. Let's go in."

"Go in? "Where are you going?" Before Chen Mengyao could say anything, Chen Mengyu spoke first with a strange tone.

"I say, Chu Fann, can you give me some face? I understand that you want to give my sister a birthday, but did you ask my boyfriend for his opinion?"

"What for?" Chu Fann frowned.

"Why do you ask Brother Chao's opinion?" Chen Mengyu sneered: "Today's Cloud Top Golden Palace was monopolized by Brother Chao, don't you know?"

"Without Brother Chao's consent, can you and this slut enter the Cloud Peak Golden Palace?"

"We can't enter, but we'll know once we try." Chu Fann smiled.

"Try?" How do you want to try? Follow Brother Chao and me? That you know Brother Chao and me? " Chen Mengyu mocked.

"You're thinking too much." Chu Fann said lightly.


"You're thinking too much?"

"It seems to me that you, this trash, are thinking too much!" You want to follow Brother Chao and me and sneak into the Cloud Peak Golden Palace, did you ask me or me about that?! "

Chen Mengyu sneered. Originally, she wanted to be merciful and let Chen Mengyao bask in her glory. Today, she would enjoy the benefits of being booked by the Cloud Peak Golden Palace. However, Chu Fann's attitude made her completely give up on this idea.

"I say, Chu Fann, can't you be a joke here? Without a purse, you don't even have the Cloud Top Golden Palace, what are you pretending to be a big head for!"

"That's right, what's there to pretend for? If you don't have the money, you can just follow Brother Chao. Brother Chao is so magnanimous, how can you not take advantage of him?"

Wu Jing and Liu Mei also mocked from the side.

Chen Mengyao felt a little embarrassed for Chu Fann. She didn't expect that the mysterious tycoon who was the talk of the school was actually Guo Chao.

Since it was Guo Chao, then today's Cloud Top Golden Palace would be Chen Mengyu's home ground.

If she and Chu Fann continued to stay here, they would only be disgracing themselves.

Thinking of this, Chen Mengyao pulled Chu Fann's arm and whispered, "Brother Chu Fann, let's go."

"Go?" "Why are you leaving?" Chu Fann asked with a smile.

"We're not going anywhere today. We're at the Cloud Peak Golden Palace!" Chu Fann held onto Chen Mengyao's small hand with an unquestionable tone.


Chen Mengyu sneered.

After swearing, she grabbed Guo Chao's arm with a face full of pride:

"Brother Chao, let's hurry up and go in. We'll get annoyed whenever we see two idiots!"

Guo Chao nodded stiffly and was led to the hall by Chen Mengyu like a marionette.

Chu Fann also held Chen Mengyao's hand. Seeing that Chen Mengyao was still scared, Chu Fann smiled and comforted her, "Don't be afraid. Today, the entire Cloud Peak Golden Palace is yours."

"Yes." Chen Mengyao nodded slightly. She did not know why Chu Fann wanted to make a scene, but she was willing to play along with Chu Fann. Even if it would cause her to lose face, even if it meant being humiliated by others.

Chen Mengyu and Guo Chao came to the front desk.

Before Guo Chao could say anything, Chen Mengyu spoke first: "Where's your manager? Why didn't you come out to welcome us? "

The front desk girl was slightly taken aback: "Miss, may I ask who you are?"

"You don't even know who I am?"

Chen Mengyu's tone was a bit displeased. The front desk of the Cloud Top Golden Palace was too immoral, even she, the female lead, was not recognized.

"I'm sorry, miss, I …"

"Don't apologize. Get your manager to come down and send us to the Star Observation Platform." Chen Mengyu impatiently interrupted.

"Oh — you are Miss Chen?" The beautiful girl at the front desk came to a realization. Chen Mengyu's tone made her instantly react.

"Yes, I am Miss Chen." Chen Mengyu had a face full of arrogance. At this moment, her vanity was greatly satisfied.

"Alright, I'll call our manager and tell him to come down." The beautiful receptionist hurriedly nodded her head. This Miss Chen before her was undoubtedly the star of today's show.

The beautiful woman made a call from the front desk.

Guo Chao's forehead was covered in cold sweat. What should he do? What should he do?

How was he supposed to tell Chen Mengyu that he didn't plan to take over the Cloud Top Golden Palace?

Guo Chao was now regretting that he did not explain everything clearly at the beginning, leading to him not being able to back down now.

"Mengyu, actually, the clouds above …"

Guo Chao opened his mouth with great difficulty and was about to reveal the truth.

At this moment, a well-dressed middle-aged man walked over.

Chen Mengyu welcomed him with a face full of pride. "Are you the manager here?"

The manager nodded with a smile and asked, "Are you Miss Chen?"

"Yes." Chen Mengyu raised her chin, looking extremely arrogant.

"Where's Mr. Chu?" Why isn't he here? " The manager of the hall looked at the people behind Chen Mengyu and noticed that Chu Fann wasn't there.

"Mr. Chu? "What Mr. Chu?"

"Are you sure you're mistaken? The name of the person from your Cloud Top Golden Palace is Guo!"

"It's Mr. Guo!"

Chen Mengyu was slightly displeased. She could even remember the name of the guest wrongly for how the Cloud Top Golden Palace worked.

The hall manager was stunned: "Miss Chen, are you sure you made a mistake? The name of the person who booked our Cloud Top Golden Palace was Chu. "

"Bullshit!" His surname is Guo! " Chen Mengyu scolded and pulled Guo Chao over: "Guo Chao, tell him, what is the surname of the person from the Cloud Top Golden Palace?"

At this moment, Guo Chao was completely lost. Looking at Chen Mengyu's expectant gaze, he really didn't know what to say.

"Tell him! Tell him! Tell him what the surnames of the people from the Cloud Top Golden Palace are!" Chen Mengyu urged in dissatisfaction.

She didn't notice that the manager of the hall beside her had a strange expression on his face.

"Mengyu, actually …"

"Actually, the one who booked this place is me!"

A faint voice sounded from behind the crowd.

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