Great Son-in-law/C2 The Dragon Does Not Live with the Snake
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Great Son-in-law/C2 The Dragon Does Not Live with the Snake
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C2 The Dragon Does Not Live with the Snake

Chu Fann's voice trembled: "Butadiene, are you speaking the truth?"

"It's true, Young Master. From today onwards, you will be able to inherit all the assets of the Chu Family, and officially enter the clan succession."

"Thank you, Butadiene."

Chu Fann took a deep breath and felt his nose turn sour. No one knew, he had been waiting for this sentence for three years!

Three years ago, because of some inexplicable family assessment mission, he was thrown into the Chen Family, and became the son-in-law of the Chen Family.

In these three years of Chen Family, he had worked hard in his studies and jobs. He had used every method at his disposal to get the approval of everyone in the Chen Family, but in the end, what he got in return was the extreme humiliation he received from everyone in the Chen Family!

In the Chen Family's eyes, from the beginning to the end, he had always been a good-for-nothing!

Besides Chen Mengyao, no one had any respect for him!

Today, the family exam had finally ended. He, Chu Fann, no longer needed to be that good-for-nothing!

Taking a deep breath, Chu Fann ran straight to the famous Citibank in the city center.

Ten minutes later, he was still dreaming when he came out of the bank with a large black bag in his hand.

Inside the bank, a dozen pairs of eyes stared through the glass at Chu Fann's leaving figure in shock.

"He took out 1 million in cash straight away. Is he crazy?"

"It doesn't look like he's wearing anything like that. Are all the fuerdai of today so low-key?"

"He used the face recognition money. Normally, those that can handle this level of storage business, their family must have the power to compete with the top 100 companies in the world. This is definitely not an ordinary rich second generation, fortunately you did not offend him with your looks." At some point, the manager of Citibank had walked out as well, and was looking in the direction where Chu Fann had disappeared to.

… ….

The black bag did contain a million dollars in cash.

Chu Fann took out the money and directly went to the Yunhai City's largest jewelry market, which was also a place for the rich to rummage for gold.

Since tomorrow was the seventieth birthday of the Chen Family old lady, and all the younger generation were preparing the present, Chu Fann would naturally not be weak.

They did not fight over the steamed buns, but they did!

He had been suppressed by the Chen Family for three years and lived in the lowest level of Chen Family.

Tomorrow, Chu Fann would naturally show these people what a good hand is and what it means to be capable!

Although he would soon be leaving the Chen Family after the expiration of three years, even if he had to leave, he had to take the most relaxed, most admirable stance possible.

When they arrived at the trading market, Chu Fann saw Guo Chao's car parked in front of the entrance.

He clenched his fists, expressionless.

"Chen Mengyu, I've been taking care of you for the past three years. I've treated you as my future wife, hoping that your attitude towards me would change. But in your eyes, I've always been a piece of trash, a mud that can never support the wall!"

"Tomorrow, I'll show you my true appearance!"

Taking a deep breath, Chu Fann walked straight in with a million yuan in his hand.

Although the antiques market was not big, it was by no means small. There were over a hundred stores in total.

However, the most eye-catching one was a seven-story high ancient wind pavilion on the street.

Red brick was piled up with green tiles. Its appearance was extremely beautiful.

The architectural style was Tang Song's style, and it was extremely imposing!

Ivy Pavilion!

The one with the most treasures in the entire antiques market.

At school, Chu Fann had heard his classmates boast that anyone who could buy things from Ivy Pavilion would have at least a fortune that was worth millions!

When Chen Family was the son-in-law, Chu Fann naturally did not even dare to look at this kind of place.

But now, Chu Fann walked in without thinking.

Arriving at the front desk, a beautiful woman wearing a black business suit smiled and said, "Sir, how can I help you?"

"I want to register for a membership card." The Ivy Pavilion has a total of seven levels, the bottom two being the tourist area, and from the third level to the seventh level is the membership area.

The tourist area was selling some very common items. They were cheap and mostly fake.

However, if one wanted to enter the membership area, they would need to register as a membership card. Moreover, the cost of handling the card was equivalent to a sky-high price compared to ordinary people.

The beautiful receptionist looked at Chu Fann up and down. Although she felt that Chu Fann wasn't someone who could afford a membership card, she still politely opened her mouth: "Sir, our entry level membership card is silver, the fee is 100,000 yuan. Do you have 100,000 yuan?"

"If you have it, I can do it for you right now."

Chu Fann shook his head.

The beautiful front desk was slightly surprised: "Sir, we don't have any lower membership than the silver member. If you don't have 100,000 yuan, I'm afraid you can only go to the tourist area."

"You misunderstand." Chu Fann looked expressionlessly at the front desk and said, "I don't have a silver card. I want a diamond card."

"Diamond card?" The beautiful receptionist couldn't help but exclaim. The fee to open the diamond card was one million, but the Chu Fann in front of her only had a few dozen pieces of clothes on him. How could he take out so much?

The rules of Ivy Pavilion was that one hundred thousand silver cards, two hundred and fifty thousand gold cards, five hundred thousand platinum cards, one million diamond cards, and the legendary Supreme Card.

After opening the card, this money could only be used to consume Ivy Pavilion. Thus, if one invested it, it was equivalent to directly throwing it into Ivy Pavilion.

Even an alligator with over a hundred million would consider whether one million yuan was worth it or not when opening the card.

Chu Fann, on the other hand, didn't even frown when he said he was going to pay a million yuan. No wonder this beauty at the front desk lost her composure.

"Sir, are you swiping the card or in cash?" The beautiful receptionist asked with a smile. Although she still felt that she wouldn't be able to take out a million yuan, her service attitude had always been very good.


"Cash?" The front desk girl was stunned again. Usually, people who came here just swiped their card. Who brought cash? Plus, Chu Fann wanted to charge him a million...


Without waiting for the thoughts of the receptionist to finish, Chu Fann put the black plastic bag in his hand on the table, pushed it in front of the receptionist and said, "Please click on it."


The beauty was slightly taken aback. She reached out for the plastic bag and opened it.


The moment the door was opened, the beautiful receptionist stared with wide eyes and her hands trembled.

Inside the black plastic bag were bright red notes!

… ….

After dealing with the membership card, Chu Fann was about to leave when two figures suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was Chen Mengyu and Guo Chao.

At this moment, Chen Mengyu was still holding Guo Chao's hand with a sweet expression.

However, after seeing Chu Fann, the sweetness on Chen Mengyu's face instantly disappeared, replaced with anger.

When she saw the black plastic bag in Chu Fann's hand, the anger on Chen Mengyu's face deepened. She walked in front of Chu Fann in a few steps and questioned him directly, "Who told you to come here to deliver takeaway food? Do you know what this place is?! "

Chen Mengyu was so angry that she almost went mad, sending takeouts to the antique market? Were they simply trying to make life difficult for her? He was afraid that the whole world wouldn't know, so he intentionally disgusted her?

Chu Fann frowned: "I'm not here to send you out."

"Not here to deliver takeout? Are you here to buy something? " Guo Chao walked over and sneered.

From his point of view, Chu Fann had quietly followed behind him and Chen Mengyu because he was afraid that Lu Li would put on a green hat for him.

"Brother Chao, stop joking around. This trash, what can he buy here?"

Before Chu Fann could say anything, Chen Mengyu opened her mouth disdainfully: "It's just any thing here, he won't be able to buy it even if I sell him."

Chu Fann frowned and didn't bother to explain to Chen Mengyu. He just turned around and left.

"Trash, stop!"

Seeing that Chu Fann dared to ignore her, Chen Mengyu was furious.

"Anything else?" Chu Fann suppressed the anger in his chest.

"At Grandmother's birthday banquet tomorrow, I will propose to Grandmother that we cancel the engagement."

"And then?"

"Then... I hope that you will not be so desperate to do something too excessive. " Chen Mengyu said coldly. If Chu Fann couldn't come up with a solution tomorrow and caused a ruckus at the birthday banquet, she would be the one to lose face in the end.

"You're thinking too much." Chu Fann sneered disdainfully. Perhaps in Chen Mengyu's eyes, he was like a dog jumping over a wall. However, in his opinion, it was more likely that Chen Mengyu was like a dog jumping over a wall.

"Whether I want to be more or not, you know." Chen Mengyu glanced at Chu Fann in disgust.

"Mengyu, what's the point of talking so much to this piece of trash?" At this moment, Guo Chao impatiently interrupted the two of them. He then took Chen Mengyu's hand and said, "Ignore him. Let's quickly go to the fourth floor to pick out a present for Grandma."

As he said that, Guo Chao took out a gold-edged membership card from his pocket and waved it in front of Chu Fann.

Chu Fann smiled and didn't say anything.

"Alright, Brother Chao, let's hurry up. I get angry when I see this trash." Chen Mengyu held Guo Chao's arm intimately.

Wu Tie nodded and gave Chu Fann a threatening look, saying: "Trash, the tourist area has a lot of cheap trash. You pick them up properly, I'll take your fiancee to the Treasure District."

After saying that, the two of them went straight to the third floor.

Chu Fann shook his head and smiled as he followed the two of them.

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