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The entire audience was shocked.

The person who spoke … It was actually Chu Fann?!

What in the world was this trash doing? Everyone had strange expressions on their faces.

Chen Mengyu reprimanded him mercilessly, "Get out! What business do you have here?"

Chu Fann didn't pay any attention to Chen Mengyu. Instead, he held Chen Mengyao's hand and took two steps forward.

"Are you deaf, you piece of trash?! I told you to get out of here, you heard me … "

Chen Meng scolded loudly. However, she had only scolded halfway when her voice suddenly stopped. It was as if someone had strangled her throat, and even her eyes instantly became dull.

This was because the lobby manager actually walked in front of Chu Fann and bowed to him!

"Mr. Chu, welcome."

"Manager Wang, is the Star Observation Platform ready?" Chu Fann smiled.

"I'm ready, Mr. Chu. I'm just waiting for you and Miss Chen to take their seats." Manager Wang bowed again.

Chu Fann nodded slightly and was about to lead Chen Mengyao inside.

"Chu Fann!"

But at this moment, Chen Mengyu screamed and pounced over like a madman.

Manager Wang frowned and blocked his way.

"Miss Chen, please calm down."

"Calm down, you son of a b * tch!" Chen Mengyu was so angry that she cursed loudly, "The one who took care of the Cloud Top Golden Palace was obviously us. Why did you let these two idiots in!?"

"Miss Chen, who said that you're the ones who are taking care of the Cloud Top Golden Palace?" Manager Wang was expressionless.

"Guo Chao!" Chen Mengyu screamed.

Guo Chao trembled and walked over with a pale face.

"Guo Chao, are you dumb!?" Chen Mengyu was so angry that she scolded him, "Tell him quickly that you're the one who is going to take care of the entire palace!"

"Mengyu, actually …"

"Tell me what it is!"

"Actually... The one who took over the Cloud Peak Golden Palace was not me! " Guo Chao said while clenching his teeth.

"The only surprise I have for you is that six-carat diamond ring."


Chen Mengyu was stupefied instantly. Her mind went blank.

After a moment, she hysterically shouted: "Guo Chao, stop joking around! This joke is not funny! "

"Mengyu, I'm really not joking with you. Just that diamond ring alone cost me 60,000 yuan, where the hell would I get my wallet from?" Guo Chao was about to cry.


Chen Mengyu screamed as if she had gone insane.

From the beginning to the end, she had been one-sided in her wishful thinking!

There was no Cloud Peak Golden Palace, there was no celebration at all!

There was only blatant ridicule!

At this moment, she had lost all her face!

Wu Jing and Liu Mei were also ashamed and wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide in it.

They had prepared for several days for this trip to the Cloud Top Golden Palace, and had even specially bought a few sets of expensive clothes. In the end, however, they discovered that this was simply a joke.

The tycoon in the Cloud Peak Golden Palace was not Guo Chao!

It was the piece of trash they had always looked down upon — Chu Fann!

"Mr. Chu, everything is ready. Please go upstairs."

Manager Wang smiled.

"Yes." Chu Fann nodded and held Chen Mengyao's hand, whose mind was also blank.

"Brother Chu Fann, did you really take care of the whole Cloud Peak Golden Palace?" Even now, Chen Mengyao was still feeling a little dizzy. Three days ago, even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn't associate that mysterious rich man who had caused such a sensation throughout the city with Chu Fann.

However, she had no choice but to believe everything that was happening before her.

"Un, silly girl. Didn't I say that I would handle your coming of age ceremony? You've never had a birthday properly before, so you should take it as a redemption this time. "

"Let's go. On the top floor, the fireworks feast has been prepared. There'll be your favorite, Zhou Xinglun, performing on the spot later."

Chu Fann pulled Mengyao by the wrist without any explanation and walked towards the elevator under the escort of the security guards.

Chen Mengyao let Chu Fann pull her until her mind went blank, until a sharp scream woke her up.

"Chen Mengyao!" Chu Fann! Stop right there! "

Everyone looked in the direction where the voice came from. A woman rushed over without caring about her image. She had a terrifying expression on her face. Luckily, she was stopped by the security guards in front of her.

"Stop!" This lady, please do not disturb our distinguished guests. "

"Esteemed guest? [What the heck! This man is my fiancé, and this woman is my sister! They were noble? Am I not more respected? Tell me, why can't I go there? " Chen Mengyu pointed at the security guard's nose and cursed.

"This... "Mr. Chu, look..." The security guards were also troubled. What kind of ethical play was this?

This feeling of disgust and disappointment was something that he had accumulated for the past three years. He had wanted to take Chen Mengyu as his woman for the rest of his life, but Chen Mengyu made him understand what it meant to be cold and fearsome in the world. If a woman were to be ruthless, she could truly refuse to acknowledge him as her own person.

She was not a competent fiancee nor was she a competent sister. He had seen everything in the past three years, so he decided to end the engagement now. Chu Fann only hoped that the two of them would not have any further interactions.

However, considering Chen Mengyao's position, Chu Fann decided to let it go.

"Forget it, let her come over. As long as she doesn't disturb the banquet site, it's fine." Chu Fann said.

Thus, the two security guards let them pass. Chen Mengyu quickly walked in front of the two of them and pointed at Chu Fann's nose, "If you don't give me an explanation today, I'll let you have a hard time!"

She couldn't figure out why Chu Fann would end up as the mysterious tycoon of the Cloud Peak Golden Palace.

Everyone's gaze fell on Chu Fann. The relationship was so messy that it was hard for people to reason with him.

"Explain?" Chu Fann chuckled, "Explain what?"

"Our marriage contract has already been dissolved. I don't need to explain anything to you."

"As for today's banquet, I'm grateful to Mengyao for taking care of me for the past three years, letting me know that there's also warmth in this ice-cold world. It has nothing to do with you." Chu Fann said indifferently.

Then he turned around and pulled Mengyao up the elevator. Behind them, Chen Mengyu gritted her teeth and chased with red eyes. Then, Guo Chao and her two best friends also caught up.

A large group of people were chasing each other. It was truly comparable to a large scale drama studio.

Chen Mengyu, Guo Chao, Liu Mei, and Wu Jing followed behind without saying a word.

As the best location for the Yunhai City, it was a place with a southern view of the sea of clouds and a northern view of the Qingjiang River. With a glance, one could see all the scenery of the Yunhai City in a single glance. When Chu Fann and Chen Mengyao came up, the manager of the hall in front of them snapped his fingers.

In an instant, the entire Cloud Peak Golden Palace was filled with fireworks, a total of 1,314 barrels. The area within a few hundred meters of the river of fireworks was lit up as bright as day, resembling the blossoming of starlight.

Chen Mengyu and the others who had just arrived were shocked by this scene and stood dumbstruck.

"We invite Miss Chen to take a seat, the Cloud Peak Feast will begin now."

As soon as the manager finished his sentence, a dozen beautiful waiters brought the dishes, wine and flowers to the long table. Chu Fann sat in front of her and the dim light shone on Chen Mengyao's pretty face, which was filled with confusion.

The next moment, she was crying, her head lowered as she fiddled with the chopsticks in front of her. Her tears fell drop by drop onto the pure white porcelain plate in front of her.

She quickly wiped the water off with her sleeve and realized she was crying. Her face flushed.

She knew, she knew, that this was the coming of age ceremony and birthday banquet that brother Chen Fan had prepared for her. She just didn't dare to believe it.

The Cloud Peak Golden Palace? How much money and energy would it cost to eat here and give a party?

"Romanee-Conti... Heavens, this is more than 30,000 yuan per bottle of wine. " Wu Jing, who was standing far away and had seen a lot, looked at the wine on the long table in surprise.

Chen Mengyu, who was standing beside him, clenched her fists tightly. She turned around and stared at Guo Chao.

If the security guards were not in front of them, she would have already rushed over uncontrollably. She just wanted to interrogate Chu Fann, where would she get the money to hold a banquet here? Could it be that Mengyao, that damned girl, had embezzled him again?

Right! That must be the case. This damned b * tch had spent all the money she had on projects and embezzlement. What a purebred wastrel. And the most important thing was to spend it together with Chu Fann? His elbow was pointing outwards. Isn't that cheap?

"Chen Mengyao, you're so capable!"

"The clan made you the person in charge of this project, but you actually embezzled money to make it look cool? You are really nice, but you are finished, I declare, you are completely finished, your Chen Family will not have a place for you in the future! " Chen Mengyu purposely spoke so loudly that everyone could hear her.

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