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Great Son-in-law/C3 Ivy League
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C3 Ivy League

When she arrived at the second floor, she found Chu Fann still shamelessly following behind him.

"Trash, why are you following us? Can't you scram! "

"Is this your home?" Chu Fann's expression turned cold.

"You …" Chen Mengyu said angrily.

"Darling, why bother with him? "We'll go to the third floor. If he has the ability, he'll continue to follow us." Guo Chao looked at Chu Fann with disdain, then pulled Chen Mengyu away.

The second floor led to the entrance of the third floor, which had a card swipe area. Only those with a Ivy Pavilion membership card could enter.

Guo Chao walked in front of the card swipe area, took out a gold card from his pocket and swiped it at the card slot.

"Di, gold card!"

Display passed.

However, Guo Chao did not go in immediately. Instead, he pointed at Chu Fann and warned the security guards,

"We don't know the person behind us. If he says that he knows us and wants to take advantage of the situation to enter, you guys can directly kick him out."

"Sure, Mr. Guo." The security guard nodded. His gaze towards Chu Fann was suddenly filled with vigilance.

"Come on, baby." Guo Chao smiled and hugged Chen Mengyu's waist. Chu Fann, this trash, was still too young to fight with him.

After the two of them went up to the third floor, Chu Fann finally arrived at the card swiping area at a leisurely pace.

"Sir, please swipe your card." The security guard reached out his hand to stop Chu Fann, his tone sounded a bit stiff.

Chu Fann was expressionless. He took out the diamond card from his pocket and swiped it at the slot.

"Di, diamond card!"

Diamond card?

The security guard widened his eyes, disbelief written all over his face.

The next second, he immediately put on a coquettish smile: "Mr. Chu, this way please."

Chu Fann shook his head and smiled, not knowing what to say. These days, even security guards are so snobbish.

On the third floor, Chu Fann bumped into Chen Mengyu and Guo Chao once again.

Both of them frowned when they saw Chu Fann.

"Trash, did you ask for that security guard to let you in?" Chen Mengyu gritted her teeth and looked at Chu Fann with hatred.

Chu Fann chuckled and didn't bother to explain to Chen Mengyu. Even if he did, Chen Mengyu wouldn't believe him and would instead think he was bragging.

Since Chu Fann didn't say anything, Chen Mengyu thought that Chu Fann was silently admitting it.

"Chu Fann, you better show some face!"

After swearing at Chu Fann, Chen Mengyu turned to Guo Chao and said, "Brother Chao, let's go to the fourth floor."

"Yes." Wu Tie nodded, then threatened Chu Fann with a vicious expression: "Chu Fann, if you dare to follow again, I'll break your legs!"

After he finished, he didn't care about Chu Fann's reaction and went straight to the credit card section on the third floor that led to the fourth floor.

Ye Zichen pointed at Chu Fann once again towards the security guards, telling them to keep their eyes on Chu Fann and not let him go upstairs.

In order to make Chu Fann obedient, Guo Chao even remembered the work number of the security guards and threatened to complain if the security guards let Chu Fann go upstairs.

The security guard naturally nodded.

Chu Fann, who saw all of this, revealed a faint ridicule on the corner of his mouth. That idiot Guo Chao, that was all he had.

After strolling around for a while on the third floor, Chu Fann went straight to the card swiping area.

After the diamond card was swiped, the security guard naturally bowed and bowed as he sent Chu Fann to the fourth floor. At the same time, he scolded Guo Chao in his heart for being blind, causing him to almost offend a true VIP customer.

Compared to diamond members, gold members were nothing.

The two weren't even on the same level.

As the saying goes, enemies have a narrow path. As soon as Chu Fann went up to the fourth floor, he saw Guo Chao and Chen Mengyu picking things out from the calligraphy and painting area.

The two of them also saw Chu Fann at the first moment.

He was shocked at first, but then he was enraged.

Thump, thump, thump.

Chen Mengyu was wearing high heels as she walked towards Chu Fann. She gritted her teeth and said, "Trash, don't you fucking understand human speech?!"

"Chen Mengyu, this doesn't seem to be your home." Chu Fann was also angry. Chen Mengyu, that idiot, had always thought that he was following behind her.

"You still dare to talk back!"

Chen Mengyu was so angry that she almost went crazy. She raised her hand and was ready to slap Chu Fann.

But this time, Chu Fann coldly grabbed her before she could wave her hand.

"Chen Mengyu, don't take your face back!"

Chu Fann's voice was cold. He had repeatedly tolerated Chen Mengyu. It wasn't because he was afraid of Chen Mengyu, but because he acknowledged Chen Mengyu's fiancee's identity from the bottom of his heart.

However, Chen Mengyu had always been ignorant of what was good for her, treating his tolerance as a form of cowardice.

In front of him, Chen Mengyu was getting more and more unscrupulous. At first, she only knew how to insult him because she didn't like him. Later, when he didn't do anything good, Chen Mengyu would slap him and give him punches and kicks.

He was absolutely fearless!

"You … You actually dare to fight back?! "

Chen Mengyu's eyes widened, as if Chu Fann's counterattack was something inconceivable.

"Why wouldn't I dare to fight back?" Chu Fann's face was as cold as frost.

These words were like a fuse that ignited Chen Mengyu's rage completely.

Chen Mengyu exploded in anger. She screamed, raised her leg and kicked towards Chu Fann's lower body. This kick would probably cripple Chu Fann.

Chu Fann sneered and did not stand on ceremony with Chen Mengyu. He raised his hand and slapped Chen Mengyu's face.


A crisp slap resounded through the hall as Chen Mengyu was slapped to the ground. Five bloody handprints instantly appeared on her fair and delicate face.

"Chu Fann!" What are you doing?! "

Guo Chao's eyes immediately turned red when he saw this scene. Chu Fann actually dared to hit his woman in front of him. He was putting his face on the ground and stomping on her.

Guo Chao was furious, gasping for breath like a cow. However, when he saw Chu Fann's figure, he did not dare to charge forward.

"No fighting allowed!"

At this time, the Ivy Pavilion's security team heard the news and came over.

"What are all of you doing?! "Why did you only arrive now?" Guo Chao immediately shouted in anger when he saw the security guards arrive.

"I'm sorry, sir, it was our dereliction of duty." The security guard hurriedly bowed in apology.

"Absence of duty? Is one word of dereliction of duty enough? "

Guo Chao refused to forgive him, pointed at Chu Fann's nose and cursed: "This piece of trash doesn't have a membership card, why did you let him in!"

"No membership card?" The security guards were shocked. If Chu Fann really came in without a membership card, then it would be a serious dereliction of duty for them.

"Sir, is there some kind of misunderstanding?!" Wu Yongan, the leading security manager, said as he wiped off his cold sweat.


Guo Chao was flustered and exasperated, he pointed at Chu Fann and said: "This piece of trash is just a delivery boy. From the moment we entered Ivy Pavilion, he had been following us and plotting against us."

"I told your security to not let him in, but those two idiots ignored laozi's words!"

"You're telling laozi that you misunderstood?!"

Guo Chao was about to go crazy with anger. He had never been so humiliated in his life.

"I'm sorry, sir. If this matter is as you have said, then our Ivy Pavilion will definitely give you an explanation." Manager Wu bowed and apologized again.

Every member of the Ivy Pavilion was an existence that was either rich or rich. If not handled properly, they would gamble that the reputation of the Ivy Pavilion was greatly affected.

Manager Wu shifted his gaze to Chu Fann. When he saw Chu Fann's clothing, his face instantly turned gloomy.

"Sir, please show your membership card." Manager Wu said in a deep voice. If Chu Fann had really snuck in, then he would definitely teach Chu Fann a lesson today.


Chu Fann expressionlessly handed the card to Manager Wu.

Manager Wu took it and looked at it closely.

When he saw that the pattern on Chu Fann's membership card was actually diamond patterns, his pupils suddenly constricted and his hand trembled. He almost threw the membership card out.

It turned out to be a diamond card!

How was this possible?!

This was the standard combination of tycoons.

"Is there a problem?" Seeing Manager Wu not say anything, Chu Fann couldn't help but frown.

"No …." "No problem, sir, your membership card is no problem." Manager Wu quickly shook his head and returned the card back to Chu Fann respectfully with both of his hands.

"What?!" No problem?! "

"This is impossible!"

Chen Mengyu screamed with disbelief written all over her face. "Did you see wrongly?!"

"How could this trash have a membership card with Ivy Pavilion!"

"He's just a take-out, he doesn't even have a salary of a hundred thousand yuan, what kind of membership card for his Ivy Pavilion?"

Chen Mengyu didn't see the class of the membership card in Chu Fann's hand and thought Chu Fann's membership card was the same as hers.

"Miss, I'm not mistaken, the card in this gentleman's hand is indeed our Ivy Pavilion's diamond membership card." Manager Wu frowned, he had worked in Ivy Pavilion for ten years, how could he not recognize a single membership card.

"What did you say?" Diamond membership card? "

Chen Mengyu was stunned once again!

Manager Wu nodded, "It's indeed a diamond membership."

"You still dare to say that you didn't see wrong?" Chen Mengyu sneered.

"Do you know the true identity of this trash?!"


"He's the son-in-law of my Chen Family!"

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