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C4 Hysteria


The moment he said this, everyone in the hall was shocked. Even the manager's expression changed.

The person in front of him, was actually this infamous trash of Chen Family, his son-in-law?

Chen Mengyu took in the shocked expressions of the crowd. She pointed at Chen Feng and became even more pleased with herself.

"This piece of trash came to my Chen Family for three years. He ate my Chen Family, and used my Chen Family. Like a bug, he lived in my Chen Family!"

"If it wasn't for my Chen Family feeding him, he would have already starved to death outside!"

"Now, tell me, is he a diamond member of your Ivy Pavilion?"

"How laughable!"

"How laughable!"

"Where did he get a million gold coins for your Ivy Pavilion's diamond members?"

Chen Mengyu sneered again and again. Victory was within her grasp.

At this time, Guo Chao started pouring oil on the fire again. He smiled playfully: "Right, everyone may not know this, but just half an hour ago, this respected member of the Ivy Pavilion in front of us even extended his hand to ask my girlfriend's sister for some money."

"My girlfriend's sister is only a sophomore. She had to live frugally for several months to save several thousand yuan."

"But this shameless piece of trash, in order to buy gifts for my girlfriend, he extended his hand towards my girlfriend's little sister without hesitation."

"Do you think this kind of trash can manage to get a diamond membership card for Ivy Pavilion?" Guo Chao asked sarcastically.

He had seen Chu Fann's downfall in his eyes.

Half an hour ago, he had been scolded in full by Chen Mengyu just for the sake of a few thousand yuan.

Half an hour later, he suddenly turned into a diamond member of Ivy Pavilion with a shake of his body?

Who would believe that?

"I can't do it!" I definitely can't do it! "

"That's right, to even take the money of his girlfriend and sister, how could such a useless thing be worth a diamond member with Ivy Pavilion."

"There's definitely a problem with his membership card. It's either copied or stolen."

The crowd became furious and started to denounce Chu Fann.

Even Manager Wu started to waver. Was he really seeing things? He glanced at Chu Fann with some difficulty. He was prepared to get Chu Fann to take out the card and have him go to the front desk to verify his condition. After all, this kind of situation could really happen.

But at this time, Chu Fann took a step forward and took the initiative to walk in front of Chen Mengyu. "You think I can't afford to use Ivy Pavilion's diamond card?"

Chen Mengyu raised her neck. "Yes, you can't do it!"

"Heh …" Chu Fann smiled, and with two fingers, he placed the membership card in front of Manager Wu, and said indifferently: "Take it to check, after checking, loudly tell them, whether or not I can handle your Ivy Pavilion's diamond card."

"Alright, please wait, sir." Manager Wu took the diamond card from Chu Fann respectfully and quickly went downstairs.

"Humph, I'd like to see how long a trash like you can continue acting for!" Chen Mengyu sneered.

Two minutes later, Manager Wu reappeared in everyone's line of sight.

Compared to when he came downstairs, his face was much darker, almost to the point where water could be seen dripping from it.

Seeing Manager Wu's expression, Chen Mengyu was overjoyed.

"How is it, Manager Wu? Is there a problem with this trash's card? "

Manager Wu looked at Chen Mengyu coldly. He did not say anything, but respectfully handed the card over to Chu Fann.

This action caused Chen Mengyu to suddenly feel uneasy.

"What should I ask you? Say something? Is there a problem with this trash's card? " She didn't want to press on.

"Mr. Chu's membership card, there's no problem!"

Manager Wu said coldly.


Chen Mengyu denied it immediately, as she said resolutely and decisively, "I've known this piece of trash for three years. I know very well what he looks like, and I'm sure that he's definitely unable to handle your Ivy Pavilion's diamond card!"

"Do you really think you know Mr. Chu?" Manager Wu looked at Chen Mengyu with a trace of undetectable sympathy in his eyes.

"What do you mean?" Chen Mengyu's face turned gloomy.

"Nothing." Manager Wu shook his head, then took out a paper: "This is the invoice from Mr. Chu when he opened the card, on it it clearly stated that Mr. Chu paid a million gold coins to my Ivy Pavilion, and also became a diamond member of Ivy Pavilion …"

"Impossible!" "Nonsense!"

Chen Mengyu was flustered and exasperated. Before Manager Wu could finish his words, she had already snatched the invoice from Manager Wu's hands.

When she saw Chu Fann's name and payment amount on the invoice, Chen Mengyu's face instantly turned pale.

"This is impossible..." Chen Mengyu mumbled absentmindedly, "Fake, it must be fake!"

Chen Mengyu was a bit hysterical. She tore the invoice in her hand and shouted angrily at Manager Wu, "Did this piece of trash give you the money to act with him?!"

"Is that so?!"

"Miss, you're thinking too much." Manager Wu frowned. The Chen Mengyu in front of him was just a Silver member, what qualifications did she have to be targeted by Ivy Pavilion?


Chen Mengyu was so angry that she swore.

Then, she looked at Chu Fann and said, "Trash, I'll give you one last chance. Speak out in front of everyone and tell them that they are with you. As long as you tell the truth, I can give you a chance to pursue me!"

"Chen Mengyu, I admit …"

"Manager Wu, did you hear that? He admitted that it was you guys who accompanied that piece of trash to act with him!" Before Wu Tie could finish his words, he was interrupted by Chen Mengyu.

"Chen Mengyu, is there something wrong with your head?" Chu Fann couldn't hold it in anymore.

"What did you say!" Chen Mengyu was enraged.

Chu Fann laughed: "I said there's something wrong with your head."

"What I wanted to say was, I admit that I was blind before, that's why I took a fancy to you."

"Now that I have recovered my eyesight, I hope you can keep your distance — get lost!"

"Chu Fann!" Chen Mengyu screamed and completely lost control as she charged towards Chu Fann hysterically.

Chu Fann was expressionless and motionless. Just as Chen Mengyu was about to rush in front of him, Manager Wu stepped forward and blocked her.

"Miss Chen, please control your emotions."

"Get out of my way!" Chen Mengyu was furious. She raised her hand to slap Manager Wu.

However, before her hand could land on the ground, it was grabbed by Manager Wu.

"Miss Chen, let me warn you one last time, this is Ivy Pavilion, not your home. If you want to cause trouble, scram home!" Manager Wu shouted in a deep voice, clearly angry.

Seeing that the two of them were about to start a fight, Guo Chao hurriedly stepped forward and pulled Chen Mengyu back. "Darling, don't be angry. Don't be angry. We won't fight with these stinking diaosi."

"But... This bunch of f * cking diaosi are bullying me! " Chen Mengyu refused to forgive him.

"I'll find someone to take care of them when I get back, so that you can vent your anger." Guo Chao quickly comforted her.

Chen Mengyu nodded and finally calmed down a lot. She then pointed at Chu Fann's nose, gnashed her teeth and cursed: "And this piece of trash, we can't let him go either!"

"Don't worry, darling. At Grandma's birthday banquet tomorrow, I will definitely teach this trash a lesson. I will have him serve you tea and apologize."

"Alright." Chen Mengyu became spirited again. She glanced at Chu Fann with a face full of pride: "Trash, so what if you bribe these idiots? Tomorrow at Grandma's birthday feast, you will still embarrass yourself and you will still get out of Chen Family!"

"When the time comes, you'd better not be wagging your tail at me!"

Chen Mengyu sneered. After she finished speaking, she turned around and left with Guo Chao without looking back.

"Mr. Chu, I'm sorry for affecting your shopping experience …" Manager Wu's mouth twitched. He wanted to apologize again, but was interrupted by Chu Fann with a smile. "No harm done."

"Take me to the sixth floor. I want to buy something."

"Okay, Mr. Chu, please follow me."

Manager Wu respectfully brought Chu Fann to the sixth floor.

… ….

On the second day, the Chen Family was in an uproar. Old Madam Chen's birthday banquet, other than the relatives who were sent by Chen Family,

Many business partners also sent people to congratulate him.

As soon as Chu Fann stepped out of the door, he bumped into Chen Mengyao.

Chen Mengyao was dressed quite mature today. Her short brown skirt was pinkish in color and she wore a layer of gauze on the outside. She had the playfulness of a little girl and the sexiness of a mature woman.

"Chu Fann, elder brother met up with elder sister yesterday, and she took the money away. Did you prepare a present for grandma? Otherwise … Take my gift, Grandmother's birthday is very important, most of our Chen Family relatives will come, and your reputation is already bad, so this time, many people are waiting to see you make a fool of yourself. "

"Elder sister really hates you right now. If she adds any more details … I'm afraid you won't be able to get off the stage. " Chen Mengyaoyao clenched her teeth, extremely worried.

Chu Fann listened quietly. This gentle girl was probably the only warmth he had in the past three years.

"The gift I chose isn't that cheap. You don't have to worry about losing face." Seeing that Chu Fann remained silent for a long time, she quickly explained and handed over an exquisite jade box. Her white and tender hands were smooth and sleek, but the jade bracelet that was originally on her wrist had disappeared.

"You sold your jade bracelets?" Chu Fann's face couldn't help but sink. This silly girl, in order to buy a present, she sold her favorite bracelet. Chu Fann really didn't know what to say.

"No …." "No." Chen Mengyao withdrew her wrist guiltily.

"Chen Mengyao!" At this moment, a vicious voice sounded from behind her.

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