Great Son-in-law/C5 Birthday Feast
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Great Son-in-law/C5 Birthday Feast
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C5 Birthday Feast

The well-dressed Chen Mengyu walked over with Guo Chao, who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes.

"You gave your gift to this trash. What are you going to do later?" Chen Mengyu glared fiercely at Chen Mengyao.

"Sis, I …"

"What about me, get lost!" I'll deal with you later! " Chen Mengyu was merciless.

After cursing Chen Mengyao, she shifted her gaze to Chu Fann and ridiculed him, "Trash, you really don't have any face left. You can't afford a gift and actually asked my sister to prepare one for you!"

"You really have to throw away all your face."

Chen Mengyu could not find a word to describe this kind of man. She called him a loser and even called him a loser, but there was no way she could help him.

"Let's go, Mengyu. Go inside and congratulate your grandmother on her birthday. What are you doing here with that silly hat?" Guo Chao put his arm around Chen Mengyu's shoulders, and the two of them smiled at each other as they entered the house.

They didn't even give Chu Fann a chance to speak. Chu Fann's expression changed again and again. In the end, all sorts of helplessness turned into a faint sigh as he followed Chu Fann into the room.

There were nearly a hundred people who came today with Chen Family, and there were twenty tables outside. The room was packed with people, and most of the juniors could only present expensive gifts before showing their faces in front of Old Madam. Then, they were chased out of the inner hall by their seniors.

The inner hall was too small, and most of the people here were direct descendants of the Chen Family, as well as some of the boss' figures. Ordinary people wouldn't have the chance to sit here.

"Boss Zhang Lianfu from the Pingguo District, give me a gold wire zhennan wooden plaque and it will last as long as Nanshan. It's worth 100,000 yuan!"

"The third generation junior of Chen Family, Chen Mengyao, sent a Hundred Year Old Longevity Ginseng for thirty thousand."

"The third generation Chen Family's younger generation, Chen Wenjie, sent a set of essence blood jade bracelets, worth five hundred thousand."

"The third generation junior of Chen Family, Chen Mengyu and her good friend Guo Chao, sent the calligraphy and painting《 Bright Moon in the Sea》, worth eight hundred thousand!"

After the ceremonial officer said this, the air became quiet. Dozens of gazes could not help but shoot over.

It was a huge sum, eight hundred thousand yuan!

Chen Mengyu was wandering under the envious gazes of the crowd. With a proud smile on her face, she was so light that she was about to fly away.

"Mengyu, bring your friend in for grandma to see."

At this time, a voice came from the inner hall. It was the voice of the Chen Family cultivator Old Madam, causing everyone to be envious. This was the treatment, and only Chu Fann was frowning.

However, he did not care about all this. He handed his present over.

"During the Warring States Era, a bronze bracelet was unearthed. It's worth one million yuan." Chu Fann said.

"What?" The ritual officer was stunned, then his face became playful. It was not that he didn't know Chu Fann, but this guy whose Chen Family was even lower than a maid's nanny wanted a million? And even the Warring States bronze bracelet? Are you trying to trick a ghost?

"Do you know the price of deceiving Old Madam? "On Old Madam's seventieth birthday, Chu Fann, you must have a lot of guts to fake something like that."

"Why am I so bold now?" Chu Fann stared at the other party.

"Alright, alright, alright. You can do it. I want to see how you're going to deal with this later."

The ritual officer sneered and didn't refute him. Instead, he deliberately raised his voice, "Chen Family excess son-in-law, Chu Fann, gifted the Battle Empire a bronze bracelet. It's worth, one million!"

With that said, everyone was shocked!

"Haha …"

"Chu Fann? Does that kid still have the money to give gifts? He's going to die soon, isn't he? "

"One million …" I must have gone mad thinking about money. Grandma has always loved to collect antiques and literature, and she is an expert at appraising treasures. Who knows how many jokes he will make just because he made fake antiques to fool my grandmother! "

Then, the audience burst into laughter.

"Esteemed Officer, bring your things and Chu Fann to see me!"

After an uproar, Old Madam's voice came from the inner hall.

"Chu Fann, you are not letting yourself down, haven't you been humiliated enough at Chen Family for three years? "Say, why are you so cheap?" Hearing this, the officer shook his head in schadenfreude and walked in with something in his hand.

Chu Fann followed behind without saying a word.

In the great hall, Old Madam, dressed in yellow, sat on a dragon's head chair made of mahogany. Beside her was the second generation Chen Family, which was Uncle Mengyao's generation.

Aside from the core members of the Chen Family, the ones who were able to stand here were the rich and distinguished officials who had a cooperative relationship with the Chen Family.

Among these people, the most eye-catching one was a young man with gold-rimmed glasses standing behind Old Madam and a tall woman in a long black dress. His name was Chen Wenjie.

It was the third generation successor of the Chen Family, and the woman was called Zhong Ting, the young mistress of the Chen Family.

They were the only three generations of juniors who could stay by Old Madam's side.

The ceremonial officer first handed the copy over to him.

"Grandma, Guo Chao and I carefully chose this painting. We spent eight hundred thousand." Seeing that it belonged to her, Chen Mengyu immediately took Old Madam's arm and said coquettishly.

"Alright, alright, alright. Grandmother will take a look." Old Madam dotingly nodded her head and took the book from the ritual officer.

However, after looking for a few seconds, she frowned and couldn't help but glance at Guo Chao.

Guo Chao lowered his head guiltily. He paid eight thousand yuan for that pair of rising moon heads. The seller said that the resemblance to the real thing was ninety-nine percent.

"How is it, Grandmother?" Chen Mengyu did not know that the painting was fake, so she continued to take credit.

"It's pretty good. Grandmother really likes it. You guys are being considerate." Old Madam nodded as a smile appeared on her face once again.

However, Chu Fann, who was below, could not help but frown. Guo Chao's "Moon rising in the Sea" was so fake that it could not be any more. There was no way that Old Madam could not see through it.

After putting down "The Moon in the Sea", Old Madam picked up Chu Fann's bronze bracelet.

This time, Old Madam studied it for a long time and even put on her reading glasses.

Old Madam's serious expression caused the crowd below the stage to be baffled. Could it be that this trash's bracelet was really something?

"This is the bracelet you spent a million to buy?" Old Madam asked after a while.

"That's right." Chu Fann answered honestly.

"Hmph, Chu Fann, not only are you a trash, there's also a problem with your character. It's fine if you can't afford the gift, but why did you return that ten-dollar fake?" Do you think my old woman is easy to fool? "

"If you really spent one million, then you would have to compensate for this one million! My Chu Family's money is not something that a good-for-nothing like you should waste! "

Suddenly, Old Madam threw her bracelet to the side and asked loudly!

When these words came out, the entire stadium immediately burst into sighs.

"What, a ten-dollar fake?"

"This trash actually sent a fake one!"

"Hmph. Lowly thing. You actually used a fake thing to fool me."

"I feel ashamed for him. Do you really not know how thick this trash's skin is?"

Everyone taunted without restraint. They were like needles piercing Chu Fann's heart, causing him incomparable pain.

Old Madam waved her hand as if shooing away flies, and said to Chu Fann, "Scram, I don't want to see you again."

Chu Fann clenched his fists. How could he not understand Old Madam's thoughts at this moment?

How could Old Madam not know that Guo Chao's Rising Moon and Sea was fake?

How could Old Madam not see that his bronze bracelet was real?

But what was the point of all this?

It didn't matter whether the item was real or fake!

The most important thing was the person who delivered the gift!

He was only a mere Chen Family excess son-in-law. In terms of status, he was not even comparable to a dog. Even if he gave Old Madam gold today, it would be said to be sh * t by Old Madam.

And Guo Chao, he was Chen Mengyu's boyfriend, the successor of Guo Family, a typical rich second generation. Even if he gave Old Madam a pile of sh * t, Old Madam would still call it gold.

Chu Fann laughed self-deprecatingly, completely disappointed in his Chen Family.

"Hurry up and f * ck off, trash." Guo Chao smiled mockingly with a smug look in his eyes.

"Wait a minute!"

When the two security guards were preparing to push Chu Fann out of the hall, Chen Mengyu took two steps forward.

"Grandma, please don't say that your granddaughter is willful. Your granddaughter wants to formally end the engagement today, and completely break off the engagement with this good-for-nothing."

When Chen Mengyu's words came out, everyone's interest was piqued. Today's show was one after the other. These two people's scenes simply overshadowed Old Madam's.

"The three year agreement will end soon. Mengyu, aren't you in a hurry?" Old Madam asked with an expressionless face.

"Yes, I can't stand it any longer. This good-for-nothing will only throw my Chen Family aside, he will only make me feel embarrassed in school. Anyway, sooner or later I'll kick him out, so I might as well cancel the engagement as soon as possible."

"It just so happens that today is grandma's birthday. Dissolving the marriage agreement is a double blessing. Besides, this guy actually dares to use fake goods to deceive you. Who knows what kind of despicable and disgusting things he will do in the future. Grandmother, what do you think?" Chen Mengyu said impatiently.

Below, Chu Fann only felt a lump of air in his throat. As he had accumulated this air, he felt more and more uncomfortable and was unable to breathe.

Old Madam pondered for a moment before looking at Chu Fann again.

"Chu Fann, do you have any objections?" I'll give you the right to express your opinion. If you also want to rescind the engagement, then today you will not rest until you've done so … If you still want to rely on my Chen Family, I will naturally fulfill that agreement from three years ago, and let you stay a while longer. After all, my Chen Family is also a trustworthy merchant family. "

"Since you said it like that, can I still stay at your Chen Family?" Chu Fann said expressionlessly.

"Hur hur, you're quite knowledgeable." Guo Chao lowered his voice and couldn't help but smile.

"If I were him, I wouldn't even have the face to stay here for a second longer." Zhong Ting teased.

Ninety percent of the people in the hall had the attitude of watching a joke. This was a matter of the Chen Family family, so outsiders would not interfere, and of the people who had a good relationship with Chu Fann, there was only Chen Mengyao.

Chen Mengyao's face was ugly, her two small hands were tangled together, she did not dare to look up at Chu Fann's expression. She knew Chu Fann was embarrassed, but she did not have the ability to help him out.

"So you mean?" Old Madam looked at Chu Fann.

Chu Fann laughed at himself and took two steps forward.

"I am an outsider, so this bronze bracelet that is worth a million gold coins, regardless of whether it is real or fake, is fake."

"Chen Mengyu is your Chen Family's direct descendant, so even if you were to use fake goods as recompense, it is still true. I can understand that your Chen Family would protect me, but … I don't understand how you can trample on a man's dignity in public. "

Chu Fann smiled bitterly. He took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. Then, he took off the ring on his ring finger and threw it in front of the hall.

"Today, the marriage contract can of course be dissolved, but the three year agreement was made by both of us, and since the time is not up yet, your Chen Family has abandoned the agreement and ignored it. Adding on to that, Chen Mengyu did not follow the lead of a woman during the marriage, did not respect her virtue, and kept up with other people, so today, it is not she who is withdrawing from me, but I am going to divorce her!"

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