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Great Son-in-law/C6 Smack in the Face on the Spot
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C6 Smack in the Face on the Spot

The moment he said it, the entire hall was shocked!

Everyone in Chen Family explained with their mouths agape. No one would have thought that this good-for-nothing who had endured in Chen Family for three years would actually be so sharp-tongued today.

Everyone had an expression of disbelief on their faces.

Only Chen Mengyao bit her lips and looked at Chu Fann with a pained expression. She didn't know how far a man had to be forced to go to let out such an angry roar.

"Trash!" "Trash!" Unlike Chen Mengyao, Chen Mengyu wished she could kill Chu Fann on the spot!

Chu Fann scolded her in front of dozens of people, how could she put her face back on? Large families valued etiquette the most, and could not tolerate things that disrupted the family's reputation the most.

As for her colluding with Guo Chao, everyone was also paying attention to her. Therefore, Chu Fann was not slandering her.


Old Madam scolded angrily, "Throw him out! I don't want to see him again!"

"Take your trash and get lost!" Chen Mengyu was so angry that she couldn't take it anymore. She picked up the bronze bracelet on the table and was about to smash it on Chu Fann's head.


At this time, a berating voice came from below the stage.

Chen Mengyu froze.

In the next second, a middle-aged man wearing reading glasses rushed up to Chen Mengyu.

"Miss Chen, you can't throw this bronze bracelet away. It will break if you smash it on the ground." The middle-aged man wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and said.

"Who are you? What does it have to do with you! " Chen Mengyu was furious, so she did not understand what was going on.

"Mengyu, don't be rude." Old Madam shouted in a low voice, "This mister is Master Zhang."

"Master Zhang?"

"Could it be the one on the Treasure Exhibition?"

"Seems to be true. I saw him on the Treasure Appraisal program. He's a special guest."

"Special guest? I remember! His full name is Zhang Guiyan, he's a famous appraiser in the world of antiques. "

"Right, right. He has a nickname called Ghost Eye Zhang. It's said that he can tell the age of antiques with a single glance."

"Why is Master Zhang so interested in that trash's bronze bracelet?"

"Could it be..."

The crowd couldn't help but turn their gazes towards the bronze bracelet in Chen Mengyu's hand.

"Old Madam, if you don't like it, I'm willing to pay one million to buy this bronze bracelet." Zhang Guiyan cupped his hands. At this point, he had no way to hide it anymore.

Actually, the moment Chu Fann took out the bronze bracelet, he already noticed that something was wrong with the bronze bracelet, it was too old!

It could very possibly be a cultural relic from the Warring States Period of Spring and Autumn!

Absolutely priceless!

Old Madam had thought that Old Madam would be beaming with joy upon receiving such a precious gift.

However, she didn't expect Old Madam to be so blind as to not only fail to recognize the treasure, but also chase out the person who gave it to her.

Furthermore, what was even more outrageous was that Chen Mengyu even wanted to smash the treasure. How could he endure this?

Buying a bronze bracelet for a million yuan?

The entire stadium was silent. Everyone was petrified as if they were statues.

This was especially so for Old Madam, whose old face was burning with pain. She had said the bracelet was a fake in front of everyone just now.

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Gui's Ghost Eye appeared before her.

At this time, even a fool could understand that Chu Fann's bronze bracelet was real.

"I didn't expect that this piece of trash would really give grandmother a treasure."

"What kind of dog shit luck did this piece of trash get?" Why is his life so good? "

The crowd's discussion made Guo Chao lose a bit of face. He did not expect Chu Fann to accidentally give away something that was actually worth a million yuan.

Chen Mengyu was not convinced. "So what if his lousy bracelet is real? The 'Moon in the Sea' that we, Brother Chao, gave you is not any worse than his lousy bracelet. "

"Something with over eight hundred thousand points?" Something over eight thousand dollars is about right. " Zhang Guiyan scoffed. He could not bear to listen any longer. He had never seen anyone as shameless as Chen Family.

"What does Master Zhang mean by this?"

"What's over eight thousand dollars?" Is Master Zhang talking about Guo Chao's painting? "

The people from Chen Family were all stunned.

"He knows what I'm talking about." Zhang Guiyan glanced at Guo Chao with disdain. The people he hated the most in his life were people like Guo Chao, who only knew how to cheat.

"Qing … "Clear on what?" Guo Chao's tongue was tied in a knot and he was sweating profusely.

"What do you mean? Are you really a fool in front of all these people? " Zhang Guiyan sneered.

"I don't understand what you mean." Guo Chao denied it.

At this moment, Zhang Guiyan took a step forward, lifted his finger, pinched and pulled.

Crash! *

The so-called eight hundred and fifty thousand yuan of "Moon in the Sea" was instantly destroyed by Zhang Guiyan.

Everyone's mouth was agape.

Guo Chao was shocked and angry.

Zhang Guiyan ignored everyone's gazes and pulled out a thin line from the painting, tossing it onto the table.

"Do you understand now?" Zhang Guiyan sneered.

"nylon line!"

Everyone could not help but cry out in alarm, and then a strange expression appeared on their faces.

Anyone with the least bit of common sense would know that artificial synthetic fibers such as nylon thread were born in 1983, and have been around for over 30 years.

And the true art of the Moon and the Sea, drawn by Wu Daozi over eight hundred years ago.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Guo Chao's expression turned ugly at this moment. He would never have thought that Zhang Guiyan would suddenly appear and kill him.

Chen Mengyu's face was flushed red. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. She did not expect Brother Chao, whom she was so proud of, to give a fake painting to her grandma.

"Master Zhang, what do you mean by this?" Old Madam's face was burning with pain. Zhang Guiyan had not only slapped Guo Chao's face, but also her face.

"Nothing." Zhang Guiyan pouted. He looked at Chu Fann, who had a calm expression from beginning to end, and said, "I can't stand to see you bullying this little brother like this."

"Master Zhang is being a bit too generous, this is our family's matter." If not for the fact that Zhang Guiyan had some background, she would have had Zhang Guiyan expelled long ago.

"Family matters?" Zhang Guiyan sneered. "Old Madam, it's related to the bronze bracelet, so it's not a family matter."

"Do you know what the consequences would be for your Chen Family if I don't stop your granddaughter today and let her break this bronze bracelet?"

"During the Spring and Autumn War, only three pairs of mother rings were produced. As for the other two pairs, due to war and history, they have long since disappeared into the river of time."

"Now, there is only a pair of mother rings left in this world."

"That's why it's not an exaggeration to say that mother rings are the most valuable treasures of a country."

"Old Madam, tell me, if this grandson of yours were to break the country's most precious treasure, would the country punish her for this crime?" Zhang Guiyan asked with a sneer.

Old Madam's face turned ugly. Of course they would, not only would they, even Chen Family would face a sky-high compensation.

"Mengyu, bring the ring." Old Madam issued her order in a low voice. The panicking Chen Mengyu hurriedly nodded and respectfully handed the bracelet to Old Madam.

At the same time, he hated Chu Fann to death. Why did he give such a precious thing to Old Madam?

Old Madam kept her bronze bracelet and Zhang Guiyan knew that there was no hope. He looked around the crowd and tried to find Chu Fann, but he realized that Chu Fann had already left the hall.

At night, following the end of the banquet, the Chen Family tide gradually dispersed. In the inner hall, at this moment, there were only some core members of the family.

"There's only one month left before the end of the three year period, and now that he's been kicked out to attract attention, Mengyu, you're not doing the right thing, you shouldn't be so close to other men before the marriage annulment, although the Guo Family is indeed not bad." Old Madam pondered for a moment before speaking up.

"I'm just a bit wronged. Why would I have to suffer the wrath of that good-for-nothing?" Chen Mengyu was slightly unconvinced.

Three years ago, the old man who sent him to our Chen Family was an old man from the martial arts world. He once helped us pick the Feng Shui lines for our Chen Family, and through his connections, we even linked up with it. This is why our Chen Family is at its peak today.

Old Madam said, "How about this, there's a project between us and Mingzhu Group in the near future. Grandma wants you to be the person in charge of this project as compensation for the grievances you've suffered for the past three years."

Everyone in the room was envious when they heard this. The person in charge of the project? This oily water would probably allow her to take off in an instant!

Even Chen Wenjie felt a bit sour.

Chen Mengyu jumped up in joy. She ran up to Old Madam and held her hand, shouting 'Grandma' one after another so sweetly.

His resentment and grievances towards Chu Fann were instantly swept clean.

On the side, Chen Mengyu's parents looked at each other and laughed. If it wasn't for the solemn atmosphere, they would have jumped up and cheered.

In this way, these three years were definitely worth it. When they completely kicked that brat out, and made a marriage alliance with Guo Family, what awaited their family was glory that could sweep the clouds into the sky.

Chu Fann naturally did not know what the Chen Family was discussing in private, but since things had already come to this point, he had made his own decision.

Now that the clan rules had been lifted, there were many things waiting for him. First, there was the issue of taking over the Yunhai City.

Not only was Chu Family unrivalled in wealth, in this business world, there was really no one who could match the business empire of the Chu Family, and the world's top hundred guilds were also far from enough.

This also caused the Chu Family people to be extremely prosperous, and the descendants all had to go through three years of experience, so that they could inherit part of the property control.

In the center of Yunhai City, at the top floor, when Chu Fann pushed open the door and entered, the executives of Tianmen Mansion were already waiting there.

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