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Great Son-in-law/C7 Tianmen Mansion
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C7 Tianmen Mansion

"Second Young Master, congratulations on getting rid of Fang Hua Long!"

"What the clan's development requires is a group of stable young leaders. Second Young Master has passed the test, and in the future, he will be able to freely channel the economic strength of our Chu Family to fulfil all of your ambitions." The person in charge of Tianmen Mansion was a slightly fat old man who was only about 1.6 meters tall. When he smiled, he squinted his eyes, and the flesh on his face squeezed into a ball.

This old man was the person in charge of Tianmen Mansion, whom Chu Fann called Butadiene.

Butadiene continued.

"That Chen Family also really doesn't know what's good for them. They actually tried to renege on the three year agreement and cancel it earlier. It seems like they feel that their good days have come to an end!"

Three years ago, in order to quietly send you into the Chen Family, we entrusted an old mister to explain the situation, to conveniently disguise your identity as Second Young Master, and in order to achieve their goal, we even promised them that we would form a cooperative relationship with the Chen Family. Under these conditions, the Chen Family agreed to accept you, and agreed to set a so-called three year engagement.

Butadiene snorted coldly after he finished his sentence.

"Boss, when I get back later, I'll cut off all collaboration with their Chen Family and let them have their own way!" Amongst the executives below, a stout middle-aged man appeared and said with a sneer. He was the boss of Mingzhu Group, Cai Fu.

Tianmen Mansion was the gathering center of Chu Family industry. There were countless companies and groups under their jurisdiction, and Mingzhu Group was one of them.

Chu Fann looked over, and saw that almost every single person present was a group leader and CEO, and these were all the strength of their Chu Family.

Listening to their conversation, Chu Fann silently sat to the side.

The asset takeover meeting was actually a meeting for the public, and it was Butadiene who wanted to let the managers under his authority know Chu Fann.

An hour later, the meeting ended. Chu Fann declined the good intentions of Butadiene to send him back home as he drove back to Chen Family.

Thinking that it was Monday tomorrow and he had to go back to the dorm again, Chu Fann was a bit irritated. Although his senior year was on the same level as a prospective graduate, the school task was not over yet, and he was not allowed to leave school without permission, even if he wanted to stay.

Therefore, Chu Fann would only come back on Saturday and Sunday to stay, so he could be a bit more alone.

After all, a university was a small society. Rumors about him being in Chen Family had already spread, and he was also a small celebrity in school.

He had an engagement before graduating, so he was, after all, one of the minority. Being chewed on so much that he vomited, every time he heard these words, he could only choose to avoid them.

I might as well graduate in a few months.

"Chu Fann, stop right there!"

He really did do what he was afraid of.

From afar, Chen Mengyu's family was bustling over, looking in their direction … It was obvious that they had come from the Chen Family Academy.

"What's the matter?" Chu Fann was expressionless.

He knew that these people would not stop from cursing and swearing. He had said something like that in the banquet hall earlier, and although it was refreshing, it had completely offended them. With Chen Mengyu's vengeful personality, how could she just let it go?

"Why didn't I see it before? How can you be so capable?"

"Ah?" "Chu Fann, tell me, who taught you to say that?" Chen Mengyu walked over while sneering. Behind him, Mengyao winked at him, but Chu Fann knew that some things still had to be resolved.

But before Chu Fann even finished speaking, Chen Mengyu actually smiled to herself, "However, today, I do not have the mood to argue with you. To tell you the truth, I am currently the project manager of our Chen Family and Mingzhu Group, and will be a rich woman with a worth of ten million in the future."

"That's right. It's forbidden to harass Mengyu in the future. Before, you just had to look up and daydream. But now, even if you look up, you can't bear it." Chen Mengyu's mother, Bai Yulan said in high spirits.

After saying so, the group of people stormed around Chu Fann and entered the building. Only Chen Mengyao was left behind.

"Chu Fann, don't mess with my Sis in the future. Since she was selected by Grandma as the project manager, she will definitely have a lot of authority in the future. You can't beat her." Chen Mengyao lowered her voice.

"Don't worry about me, quickly go back. If they see you talking to me, they will inevitably scold you again." Chu Fann smiled helplessly.

"Mhm mhm, be careful then. Worse comes to worst, you can just go back to school." Chen Mengyao waved as she ran.

After they left, Chu Fann's expression turned strange.

Chen Family actually made Chen Mengyu become the project manager? Compensation? But what had she suffered for the past three years? Even if there was, it had already been vented on his head. Chu Fann and Mengyao had been the ones to bear the most humiliation and humiliation.

… ….

"What?" Cooperation cancelled? Why? We've already been working together for three years, so why should we just cancel? It's not right for your Mingzhu Group to do this, right? "

Inside the old house in Chen Family, Old Madam Chen's expression was terrifying as she tightly gripped the phone and glared at Qin Lie.

"Where did all this nonsense come from?" Do you think that your Chen Family already possesses the qualifications to compete with our Mingzhu Group? I advise you to be kind! " The person on the other side of the phone snorted in disdain.

After hanging up, Old Madam Chen was so angry that she was trembling.

"Notify Mengyu, Mingzhu Group Cooperation has been cancelled. Her project manager is also gone." Old Madam said after a while.

At this moment, Chen Mengyu's family had just opened a bottle of Lafite Wine worth five or six thousand, and the three of them were sitting together, drinking wine.

Mengyao, you went to secretly help Chu Fann, it's not that we don't know, you are also our daughter, it's not that we don't care about you, but we warned you to stay away from Chu Fann. Although your future is not as good as your sister's, you can still find a big family to marry and enjoy wealth.

"Chu Fann is already in trouble, why did you guys treat him like that?" Chen Mengyao's voice was like a mosquito.

"I'm happy today. You'd better not mention his name again." Chen Mengyu's expression could not help but turn cold, scaring Chen Mengyao.

At this moment, there was an intense knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Bai Yulan got up to open the door.

"Little Zhang?" Have you eaten? "Come over and have a drink." Chen Mengyu's father, Chen Shouguo, laughed heartily when he saw that the person who came was one of Old Madam Chen's trusted aides.

"No need." Xiao Zhang smiled awkwardly, "I came to pass a message for Old Madam."

"Mom, if you have something to say, why don't you just call me? You even asked Little Zhang to come over personally. Hahaha, what good news has happened?" Chen Shouguo stood up and walked towards the door.

"Yeah, let's have a drink first and talk slowly." White Yulan said warmly.

"Um …" Old Madam said that Third Miss would be removed from the management. " Little Zhang braced himself and said.

He then glanced at Chen Mengyu. Before she could finish his sentence, her hand suddenly softened and fell to the ground. "Pa da". The smile on her face froze.


"Grandmother will cancel my identity as the person in charge? Impossible, she promised me! Our Chen Family can testify! " Chen Mengyu lost her image as she questioned with a stern voice.

"It's not that Old Madam cancelled it, it's that the Mingzhu Group cancelled the collaboration with us, the Chen Family, so …" Xiao Zhang explained.

"Mingzhu Group, cancel … "Cooperation..."

That sentence seemed to drain Chen Mengyu's strength as she weakly sat on the bench.

How could their Chen Family compete with Mingzhu Group? They were a celebrity business and a group of celebrities in the Yunhai City area, receiving great support from their superiors.

Seeing the family in a daze, Xiao Zhang sighed and left.

This was what was meant by 'the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment'. This Chen Mengyu had only been in charge for less than two hours, yet she had been beaten back to reality without even being able to get a single profit.

"Sis … Elder sister, there will be another opportunity in the future. Don't be sad. " Chen Mengyao couldn't help but walk over to comfort him.


Angry, Chen Mengyu slapped her on the face, "Scram!" Don't bother me, it's all your fault, jinx! Everyday, I mess around with Chu Fann, but all of my bad luck has come to our house! "

Bai Yulan was also depressed to the extreme. She sat on the sofa silently while Chen Shouguo puffed on his cigarette.

Chen Mengyao was struck dumb by Chen Mengyu's slap. She stood in front of Chen Mengyu, biting her lips as her eyes turned red.

"Weeping … Weeping … Do you have any backbone, Tian Tian?" "You make me upset when I see you. I told you to scram!" Chen Mengyu was so angry that she kicked her in the stomach, causing an excruciating pain to assail her.

Chen Mengyao got up from the ground and ran out of the house while wiping away her tears.

Downstairs, Chu Fann stood at the door and saw this scene. His heart sank.

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