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Great Son-in-law/C8 The Most Sinister Thing Is the Human Heart
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C8 The Most Sinister Thing Is the Human Heart

"Mengyao!" "What's wrong with you!"

Chu Fann quickly caught up from behind, but Chen Mengyao acted as if she didn't hear him and just ran forward with her head down.

Only after running to the quiet lake one kilometer away from the Chen Family did she squat down and stare blankly at the ripples on the lake's surface. The two streams of tears that hung from the corners of her eyes were very clear.

"Brother Chu Fann, you said … Am I really that bad? I feel that I am always unlikeable, my grandmother doesn't like me, my sister doesn't like me, my parents also don't like me, I am in Chen Family … So unnecessary. " Chen Mengyao's two hands lightly gripped the corner of her skirt. Her voice was faintly audible, resembling the sound of mosquitoes.

"How could that be? Mengyao is the person with the gentlest Chen Family." Chu Fann said subconsciously.

"Really?" Lili looked up.

"Of course it's true."

He didn't know why Mengyao would ask such a question.

However, when Chu Fann saw the red handprint on Mengyao's face from the side, he seemed to understand everything and his expression instantly turned ugly.

"Who hit you? Your parents? " Chu Fann lowered his voice.

Mengyao shook her head.

"Your sister? Chen Mengyu? "

My parents are also not in a very good mood, I can understand that. Originally, my sister was already determined to become the person in charge of our Chen Family and Mingzhu Group, but who knew that Mingzhu Group would suddenly cancel the collaboration with our Chen Family, and my sister lost the chance to soar into the sky. If it was me, I would also be very angry, and very disappointed. Chen Mengyao pursed her lips.

Hearing that Chu Fann understood, could it be that Mingzhu Group Elder Cai Fu really cancelled his collaboration with Chen Family as soon as he got back? He was the boss of a large company.

"Let's go back to school first. Everything will be fine." Chu Fann pulled Mengyao along and stood up, wiping away the tears at the corner of her eyes. "She's like a little kitten. She's so adult. She's crying every day."

Chen Mengyao's tears turned into a smile as she rolled her eyes at Chu Fann.

Then Chu Fann sent her to school, and Chen Mengyao, who was now a sophomore, stayed at school most of the time, except on Saturday, and when Sofia was settled, Chu Fann called Ming Xi directly from his business card and got Cai Fu's contact information through her.

"Boss Cai, it's Chu Fann."

"Second Young Master? What made you think of contacting me? "

"I need you to resume business cooperation with Chen Family, but on one condition …" The person in charge named Chen Mengyao to do it. " Chu Fann said.

"This …"

"What is it? "It's not easy to handle?" Chu Fann's heart sank.

"It's easy. I'll have my subordinates deal with it!"

After hanging up, Chu Fann gritted his teeth. For the past three years, Mengyao had taken too much care of him. As a human being, it would be a lie to say that she didn't have any feelings for Mengyao. The difference between her and Chen Mengyu was too huge.

The efficiency of Mingzhu Group was not something to be reckoned with. After two hours, Chen Family Old Madam received a call, although the special requirements for Mingzhu Group were very strange, for the development of Chen Family in the future, she immediately agreed without even remembering her previous hatred. If they really had to fight Chen Family, they wouldn't be able to compete with Mingzhu Group, this was something she was well aware of.

"Zhang, I'll have to trouble you to come again and tell this news to the Wu and Steel family. However, the person in charge of this project is Mengyao. Remember, it's Mengyao, not Mengyu."

After Zhang left, Old Madam was left alone in the room feeling depressed. Did Mingzhu Group know Mengyao? How is that possible? But why did they assign the person in charge to be Chen Mengyao before they agreed to continue working with her?

… ….

Chen Mengyu was in the room feeling sad, so no matter how Chen Shouguo and Bai Yulan tried to comfort her, it was useless.

The two of them could understand, if it was anyone else, they wouldn't have been able to take this blow. Originally, Heaven's Step would have made him into a millionaire, and after the project was done well, he would even have the chance to split the Chen Family's wealth with Chen Wenjie.

"Dong, dong, dong!"

"Open the door. It's Zhang. Good news is here!" A sound came from outside the door.

"Zhang? "Good news?" The three people in the room were startled, then Chen Mengyu rushed to the door and opened it, "Uncle Zhang, did Mingzhu Group cooperate with our Chen Family again? "Isn't it?"

Hope ignited in Chen Mengyu's eyes.

Third young miss, you guessed correctly. Just now, Mingzhu Group called, and we worked together to continue. Zhang was also genuinely happy.

"Yay!" I knew it! " Hearing this, Chen Mengyu, who had been holding her breath all this while, jumped up abruptly.

"However, the person in charge has been changed to Miss Mengyao. You are family anyway, it doesn't matter who is in charge." Zhang chuckled.

However, Chen Mengyu, who was standing in front of him, had a gloomy expression on her face. Her smile gradually froze.

"What did you say?" Wasn't I in charge? Changed to Mengyao? Why? Whose idea? Mengyao personally went to find Grandmother to tell her about it? "

"This slut!" I must have hit her just now. She went to cry to Grandma, who sympathized with her and gave her the seat of responsibility. That slut! Slut! Slut! Why didn't I see how cheap she was! I should have killed her! "

"No, I have to go look for Grandma!"

With that, Chen Mengyu ran out of the room, shouting crazily.

"This …" Zhang, who was standing at the door, was completely confused.

"Let her go. Mom did indeed do badly. What ability does Mengyao have to do business? She's only in her sophomore year, so her education is more important. " Chen Shouguo said.

"That's right, Mengyu is also about to graduate. It's time for her to take over the family business." Bai Yulan interrupted.

Chen Mengyu rushed into the Chen Family courtyard full of resentment, and started shouting at the top of her lungs the moment she entered.

"Grandmother, you're not fair!"

The Chen Family guards and nannies in the courtyard looked at each other.

Why is this Third Young Miss crazy? Wasn't it happy to leave before?

Inside the house, Old Madam looked as if she had expected this and rushed in after seeing the wronged expression on Chen Mengyu's face.

"Grandma, you said that the person in charge would give it to her. Why did you give it to that girl Mengyao now?" "This is obviously biased. I've suffered so much in the past three years and I can't even raise my head in front of others. It took so much effort for me to get the chance to stand up. How can you do this …"

"Besides, what does Mengyao know about projects? How could she be worldly? How would he know how to negotiate with Mingzhu Group? If we hand the project over to her, who knows what kind of outcome she will make. If she makes our Mingzhu Group feel ill, then cancels the collaboration, wouldn't it be a huge loss? "

Chen Mengyu's mouth was bursting with words.

Old Madam Chen let out a faint sigh.

"This request was made by them. They wanted to resume cooperation with our Chen Family, but the person in charge changed to Chen Mengyao."

"What?" Did they come up with the idea themselves? " Chen Mengyu opened her mouth in disbelief.

"On what basis? Did they know Chen Mengyao? "Why would they assign Chen Mengyao?"

"I'm not sure about that. In any case, they only requested this one, so I can only do it according to their request." Old Madam Chen was expressionless.

She seemed to be a little tired after speaking and waved her hand. "Go out. Grandmother has to rest. Mengyao and the rest of you are a family anyway. Don't get into a fight over this kind of thing. There's no need."

Chen Mengyu left the Chen Family courtyard with a dejected and dejected expression. Her face was filled with hatred and puzzlement.

When Bai Yulan and Chen Shouguo found out about this, they were also a little speechless. Who would have thought that the Mingzhu Group had personally requested for this?

"Let's wait for that girl Mengyao to come back and ask her. This matter definitely isn't as simple as it seems!" Bai Yulan said.

"No, I have to find her now and ask her. This bitch even dares to rob me!" I have to ask her, who gave her the guts! " Chen Mengyu had just returned home. She was a little angry after thinking about it for a while, so she rushed out again and went to school by car.

Chen Mengyao was indeed at school right now.

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