Great Son-in-law/C9 Have Chu Fan Attend the Banquet
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Great Son-in-law/C9 Have Chu Fan Attend the Banquet
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C9 Have Chu Fan Attend the Banquet

"Guo Chao, come and take me to school!" Chen Mengyu yelled into the phone.

"What's the matter, my little one?" Guo Chao shouted.

"If I tell you to come, then come." Chen Mengyu hung up the phone.

About ten minutes later, a BMW stopped in front of Chen Mengyu's house.

Chen Mengyu cursed out loud as soon as she got in the car.

"I really don't know what kind of eyesight that Mingzhu Group has for actually making my sister the project manager? Originally, I was the one in charge of the project, did you know that? Grandmother had already promised, yet someone had interfered! I'm so pissed off. " Chen Mengyu took out her high heels and placed them on the center stage. She lowered her chair and lay there huffily.

"Sigh, without hiding the truth, that Mingzhu Group has indeed been strange recently. The collaboration with our Guo Family has also been cancelled, and it's just like a fit of anger, causing our Guo Family to lose several million. My dad has been worrying about this these past few days." Hearing Chen Mengyu mention this matter, Guo Chao couldn't help but complain.

"Is there such a thing?" What the f * ck! "

Many of their enterprises in the entire Jing'an area lived off the large ship called Mingzhu Group. A single project together was enough to feed them for several years, and they were all trying to curry favor with them.

There was no other way. Who asked him to make his Mingzhu Group a star enterprise in the Jing'an region? It was the perfect bridge for their small businesses to develop.

But now that the collaboration between Guo Family and theirs had been broken, they couldn't take even a single step, much more so than when they were in charge of Chen Family.

"When I get the person in charge of the project over here, I'll contact the higher ups of Mingzhu Group and see if I can help with Guo Family." Chen Mengyu said.

The two of them drove to school while Chen Mengyu directly called Chen Mengyao to get her to come out.

Chen Mengyao didn't know what had happened. When she went out of the dorm and saw Guo Chao and her sister, she subconsciously tensed up. Especially when Chen Mengyu walked over with a murderous look. It was scary.

"Speak, what method did you use?" You actually managed to take away the person in charge of the project from my hands. How come I haven't realized that you have the ability to do so after all these years? It really grew wings and became hard! "

"Sis, I …" I don't know what you're talking about. " Chen Mengyao quickly shook her head.

"Don't know what I'm talking about? Hahaha, what a joke, and you're still putting on an act in front of me? Right now, the person in charge of our Chen Family and Mingzhu Group is you, how could you not know? " Chen Mengyu snickered. This girl's acting skills are quite impressive. How could she not know about such a big matter?

"I really don't know. I bumped into Brother Chu Fann the moment I came out. Brother Chu Fann brought me to school and then you called me. How would I know about this?" Chen Mengyao explained anxiously.

"Chu Fann? The two of you are truly a match made in heaven, why don't you just stay with him? You two bastards, I really don't know how to describe you two! " Chen Mengyu couldn't help but sneer.

"I'll give you one more chance, and you have to be honest with me."

"What did I say? I really don't know anything. You should ask Grandma about this sort of thing! "

Chen Mengyao explained anxiously, but what she got instead was a slap on the face from Chen Mengyu, hitting her senseless.

"You really don't care about face. Ever since Chu Fann came to my house, your lowly appearance has been exposed. Who do you think you should be so merciful to?" Give it to that ungrateful bastard? Now you even dare to lie to your sister? In a few days, will you be able to directly reverse our Chen Family and establish your own sect? " Chen Mengyu said with a cold smile as she pinched her ears.

"It hurts!"

Chen Mengyao cried out in pain. Seeing that there were more and more of her classmates gathered around her, her face flushed red.

"Come come come come, everyone let me see. This woman is my sister. She stole my job and even got together with my fiance. Everyone look, let's get to know her well!"

After hearing Chen Mengyu's shout, the surrounding classmates were unable to walk anymore. They stood nearby and pointed, all sorts of obscenities making Chen Mengyao unable to raise her head.

It was fine to just watch the show, let alone the fact that they were all students. Some of them were even at the same level as Chen Mengyao, so they all knew her.

"Usually it looks quiet and gentle, but I didn't expect it to be this dirty."

"That's right, there are many men who have chased after her. Turns out they like their brother-in-law, tsk tsk …"

"No, it's not like that, it's not like that. I'm not like that!"

Chen Mengyao cried out, but was kicked to the ground by Chen Mengyu.

Immediately after, Chen Mengyu squatted down and put her mouth close to Mengyao's ear.

"My dear sister, I will give you three days. You only have two choices.

Try to find a way to hand over the person in charge to me. I don't care what method you use! "

"Or, you can work properly for your sister and hand over all the money you've gotten. In addition, if you don't listen to me, I will have many methods to deal with you, just like today."

With that, Chen Mengyu patted her face and left with Guo Chao.

Mengyao didn't know what she had done wrong. She curled her legs and buried her head between her knees, unable to hold back her tears.

She didn't have a choice. When Big Sister Chen Family was more spoiled than she was, fawning over her grandmother, fawning over her parents, and she, Chen Mengyao, was more taciturn.

Therefore, Chen Mengyao could only follow her sister's instructions.

However, when Chen Mengyao went back to find her grandmother, she was speechless. Mingzhu Group had told her by name to be the person in charge, and other than her, no one else could.

Chen Mengyao really didn't know anything about business matters. What she studied was fine art, and her family had never allowed her to gain any experience with business matters.

But according to the instructions given by Chen Family, she still went to negotiate with Mingzhu Group … The person in charge at the Mingzhu Group department took great care of her, and that care made even Chen Mengyao feel that the other party had some ill-intentions towards her …

Because of this, the family's attitude towards Chen Mengyao also changed. That night, there was a celebratory feast. Bai Yulan and Chen Shouguo laughed heartily. Since the first project was a success, Grandma directly gave them a million yuan for the project.

Just their family alone was worth tens of thousands of dollars.

However, Chen Mengyao didn't take a single cent, but Chen Mengyu did bring him several tens of thousands.

"Good sister, it's like this. Do your job well in the future. If you have money, we can open our own company." Chen Mengyu was exceptionally happy.

This taste was pretty good, so she didn't have to worry about it. Taking the money while sitting was equivalent to her being the boss. Her sister becoming a worker for her was just too great.

"Oh right, did you bring up the matter regarding Guo Chao's Guo Family that I told you to talk about?" Suddenly, Chen Mengyu turned her head and looked at her dangerously.

"It, it was mentioned, they said that they would resume cooperation with Guo Family …" Chen Mengyao pursed her lips.

"Huh?" He's quite capable? Did you die? Why are the Mingzhu Group taking so good care of you? " Chen Mengyao was astonished and a trace of jealousy flashed across her eyes.

"No... I, I don't know either. " Chen Mengyao frowned and lowered her head.

"Hur hur, not bad. I'll tell Guo Chao about it later."

"Oh yeah, tell that brat Chu Fann that Guo Chao and I will treat him to dinner tomorrow. Let him come as well." Chen Mengyu's eyes flashed with a strange light.

"Why? "You …" Mengyao was confused. Did her sister let it go? No longer trying to make things difficult for Brother Chu Fann?

"Cut the crap? If he doesn't show up tomorrow, you know the consequences! " Chen Mengyu acted tough but was actually weak at heart.

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